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  1. You maybe should put all the pictures in a imgur album and embed it in the page, it makes it look a bit cleaner. another shing you should add: changelog helpfull for you and people who download it
  2. *sings sleeping song* just go back to sleep -29(+)
  3. 5(+) Reinforcements have arrived dont forget the operation you use
  4. up to 5 that coincedence alright up to 4 then
  5. 6(+) *High Fives back* - - - Updated - - - Oups again, lets actually get it up to 5
  6. Up to 3 I have, it is very good - - - Updated - - - oups, lets do it up to 4
  7. Alrgith, I will keep on looking for them and make sure I include the math in my posts
  8. Alright we start over again, but we start at 0 so the down to 1 is not actually a valid post...... but I wont be a nitpicker about it so we continue if we add one to one we get the second number that we get if we keep adding one to zero so it would be two
  9. shall we just continue? 66+1+0+0+0+0+0+0+0 = 67
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