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  1. It maybe would be handy to have a imgur album with only the pictures of the discriptions you see in the VAB/SPH
  2. Given that the parts are HUGE, maybe you should make some extra large launch clamps to fit the size
  3. That is looking very very nice, but I kinda dislike the big airplane, I like to build it myself and tweak it myself, the animations are very beautifull. You maybe should make a album on imgur and embed that in the forum, in that case you dont have a long list of pictures. Also you should make an album with the part discriptions you see in the VAB/SPH and put those in a seperate album
  4. Could you maybe in the next update include a small module for the missiles, I mean that in the VAB/SPH, if you hover over the parts that there is a block with trust, flight time and target type.
  5. 28 (+) can it wait a bit, I am in the middle of calebrations
  6. 28 "Stand in the ashes of a million souls and ask them if honour matter, the silence if your awnser"
  7. 12 lets make sure we dont do this 10+ post, i dont want a medal of dishoner (this is the 6th post)
  8. 10 we are all a positive pc master race!!!
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