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  1. I can see some BDarmory rocket pods, and i think it's safe to assume KerbPaint was used for coloring. Besides that, i don't know.
  2. On it right now. I'm not the best at SSTO's though, so i'll need time.
  3. Usually SSTOs are fast and lean. Those two things do not go well with 'flying boat.' However, i have to give you points for originality. Maybe a modified Sea Dart lookalike could work?
  4. Well, if you really wanted something that could SSTO off of, say, Duna, you could just use a mining craft capable of refueling itself. Although, it does somewhat limit landing sites.
  5. Nah it's fine, i actually forgot about this thread and i kinda wanna keep it up if the mods are okay with that.
  6. Looks like an Ork creation out of 40k. Doesn't mean it looks bad, though! He's kinda cute, like Wall-E.
  7. It's high noon... All joke aside though, this is pretty cool! I myself have been trying to make a weapon tht uses non-self-propelled projectiles, but this is still a huge inspiration.
  8. Nice "Small" craft! Maybe not the most... traditional... of ships, but i can't say she's not pretty!
  9. Nice oil tanker, reminds me of something i saw on a video on youtube once. Nice battleships too, they look pretty formidable. Nice, with that huge deck i bet you could either land a Harrier on it, or try and pull a SpaceX and put a rocket on it.
  10. Wow, definitely unconventional, but who says that's a bad thing? They look like something out of Halo.
  11. Ooh, nice! Reminds me of my old U-boat! I could never get it to sink in stock though. I might have the file on a google drive, so i could quite possibly, resurrect it. EDIT: Yup, U-534 was recovered and (surprisingly) still works! Here's some pics next to the previous two crafts for a size reference- http://imgur.com/gallery/JrwWW Oh, and one last thing: She has 504 parts. Might need to work on that, as even while running a i7 and 1070 i got a significant frame drop.
  12. So, after downloading SM Marine, I've gotten obsessed with Kerbal naval enterprises. So, i'd like to see what the rest of the forums have in their shipyards! They can be stock or modded, peaceful or "peaceful," it doesn't matter! I'll start with some of my ships, particularly the two i have finished. One: The flagship of the Atlas Defense Industries fleet, the Falco Maxime. A titan of the seas, she carries three 155mm cannons mounted on the bow, six Bushmaster 30mm cannons, and 8 AMRAAM missiles for anti-aircraft purposes. Two: The Striate-class patrol ship. The Striate is a smaller, more shallow-water oriented vessel. She carries one bow-mounted Bofors cannon, Twin Hydra-70 launchers, twin laser-guided TOW launchers, 4 AMRAAM missiles, and a 30mm CIWS cannon. Striate is meant for shallow-water patrol, and as such is geared for that role. PICTURES: http://imgur.com/a/xVJ9N So, what have you built, ship-wise! Let me and any other corporate spies friendly shipbuilders take a peek!
  13. Nope, i actually just downloaded them to see what the bearings were. I've been trying to make a stock chopper myself to no avail, and i needed some inspiration. These definitely helped, and don't worry- i read the manual
  14. After downloading and flying this, i can safely say one thing: Azimech is a vape god, or at least his choppers are.
  15. Nice idea, i'll do some testing and make a few prototypes, and get back to you on what i find.
  16. https://kerbalx.com/The_Narwhal/U-534 Here you go. Also, what's the mod in the first picure? I'd like to download it.
  17. I was waiting until someone asked, so here's a download: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/19671 Have fun!
  18. Hello everyone, today i have something quite interesting for you all! In my years of lurking on this forum, i have never once seen an actual stock low-rider. Of course, IR would be a viable option for actual hydraulics, but that's not very kerbal, is it? Now, with a rocket-powered lowrider you have to have SOME safety precautions, right? Well, i have just that! The vehicle comes with semi-optional* rear struts to prevent the bumper from impacting the ground. Anyways, i've been rambling on for long enough. Here are some images! EDIT: After some safety tests, i've concluded that this thing must have had some sort of divine intervention from the gods of Volvo, for it is the safest care i have EVER built. At crashes approaching its top speed of 60 M/S (With rocket boosters active) Almost 100% of the time, all 4 kerbals survive. In the event of a high-speed rollover, they'll survive less of the time, but still one or two will reliably live. *We already welded it onto the chassis, but with a circular saw and some determination, you should be able to remove them. Image link: http://imgur.com/a/AO2ge
  19. Looks good! It kind of reminds me of my first craft ever in KSP, back in the old days (pre-Porkjet MK2) when i made DOZENS of these things, all mediocre at best. But you've nailed the design, and with a few tweaks and maybe a custom cockpit and it'd be spot-on.
  20. I have a few ideas, a series of insect-ships. Are you interested?
  21. I have a replica of U-534 for you to test, and if possible make submersible. Download: https://kerbalx.com/The_Narwhal/U-534
  22. The only reason i haven't got the railing is because they're incredibly hard to make good-looking, and i just gave up after a few hours of trying. If i had Tweakscale i would use it (I do, but this was a stock build) to make the railings, but again, this was supposed to be stock.
  23. I have a craft for you to review. It's my replica of the U-534, and if you could while you're reviewing it, could you make it submersible? If you could, i would greatly appreciate it.
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