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  1. We don't randomly attack primitive tribes or even other animals. I'd hope that a society which has advanced enough to travel those distances would have also learned to value scientific curiosity and studying over warmongering and destruction. I'd expect them to appreciate life, having had many more chances and better technology to detect it, having a better grasp of how rare it actually is.
  2. "he never even knew was related to their problem, and would never have thought to look up on his own" This is exactly why we shouldn't give people trouble for asking sensible science questions.
  3. A pure oxygen atmosphere would probably be the product of life on the planet (that or it's a white dwarf) so I'm not sure what exactly would happen, but if a sapient race lives on that planet, they'll be very disappointed.
  4. If Mars is red because of all the iron oxide on its surface, can we spread whatever it is that you also need over it and then create the coolest thermite ever?
  5. My understanding of "interplanetary" is outside the Earth's SoI. Sure, the Moon has its own SoI, but it is contained by Earth's SoI unless I'm mistaken.
  6. Why is this subforum so obsessed with combat?
  7. Just imagine the disappointment when an intelligent race emerges in such a planet, gets sufficiently advanced and then calculates the Delta-V requirements for pushing through their thicker atmosphere and 2g.
  8. Drop a monolith, make them develop their world further than a colony of ours could develop, then incite a religious revolution to take over. Then sell their spices for mad skrilla.
  9. Because some men want to see space stations burn. No seriously. I was too young for Mir and I believe that's the most recent space station that was de-orbited.
  10. I think mythology names are just overused at this point. I'd like to see them less, not more. But I can see why they're preferred, not likely to cause a controversy.
  11. Man just don't do it. Let your dreams stay dreams. For now.
  12. Don't, you're going to get yourself hurt. The engine is one of the more delicate parts in a model rocket and you should just leave that to professionals until you get really, REALLY good at amateur rocketry.
  13. This reminds me of when in KSP I'd make it to the moon in an oversized rocket and then try with a smaller, more "efficient" rocket and end up short.
  14. Doesn't matter if this is, say, a ground station on Mercury.
  15. RTGs aren't magic, they aren't used for high power output, they are used for lack of a better alternative at distances. It's solar panels or bust here.
  16. Barrage fire! Plus you would probably stay at least 1 light minute away from the sun lest you get vaporised. Or you know, harness the power of the sun and melt those silly Martians. Your ion cannons on the ground can deal with the enemies shadowed by your planet, we have decent ASAT missiles already.
  17. Giant solar powered laser station very close to the sun so its masked well and so it can fire rapidly.
  18. So, the sun constantly vomits material that could be used for solar sails, but as most of that is hydrogen, would "hydrogen farms" where ionized H from the wind is collected over time be worth it? Is there any merit to this idea or would the collection rate be too slow? I'm not talking about bussard ramjets, I'm talking about a station that generates fuel over time.
  19. Definition of planet: Everything more massive than Pluto the general public is familiar with. But not Pluto.
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