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  1. And... now it's UNmissing, without my doing anything. Must be Halloween-related.
  2. I checked in at KSP yesterday, intended to download some science from my orbital lab aboard my space station... and the station was gone. I mean really gone-- not deselected in Map view or anything like that. My blood chilled as I wondered briefly if I'd inadvertently wiped it out while cleaning up debris, and I went into the astronaut center to see if the crew were listed as missing. But no-- they were there, hanging out, waiting for their next assignment as if everything was normal. (!) I began looking through .sfs files to see just when it happened-- haven't gotten it exactly nailed down yet, but I definitely see the VESSEL entry in .sfs files from just a few days ago. Would I be messing anything up if I simply copied the VESSEL block from one of those files and inserted it into a more recent .sfs?
  3. Just a general observation: I found the rescue contracts were excellent practice for when I needed to do it to retrieve a mission gone bad!
  4. Yeah, that's sort of what I had in mind... basically to identify a landing zone with three or four flags, calculate the mutual center, and aim for that. Just trying to figure out how big I should make the zone and how far away from the base.
  5. When trying to land at an already-established site, such as a Munar base, how real are the chances of accidentally coming down on top of something that's already there? Given that trying to hit an exact point is difficult, so it shouldn't be an every-day occurrence... but if I were to, say, mark off an area for a landing zone, how far away from the established base structures would I want it to help avoid accidents? I'm thinking primarily in terms of the MechJeb autoland targeting, but also in a larger, non-MechJeb sense...
  6. The question is, how to recreate the moment where Clooney Kerman loses his grip on Sandra Kerman and flies off in defiance of physics...
  7. Originally I was a little bemused by the amount of attention paid to water transport, but after a while of playing KSP and realizing that in many ways Kerbin is one of the most challenging places to explore, I understood! Looking forward to 1.05.
  8. He has apparently escaped from that situation and has shown up in my campaign!
  9. Okay... I rescued a male Kerbal ("Dodos") yesterday, so I can now say that the fix appears to have worked.
  10. :: sigh :: My wife is beginning to say I play KSP too much. But I haven't even put a Kerbal on Duna yet!
  11. I've been working it out. I should keep some notes and write up the "for dummies" version... one thing that was not helping me is that sometimes when I right-click on something it doesn't "take." When I know it ought to, it's annoying, but I know I can keep trying-- when I was right-clicking while trying to figure out KAS, it was more of a hindrance, because I couldn't tell if there was any point in right-clicking!
  12. I saw a male kerbal name in an offered contract (and the contract description called him "him"). I didn't take it, but it's a good sign.
  13. If this is the incorrect location for this post, I apologize. I'm having difficulty using KAS-- most likely 'operator error.' I'm attempting to link up two vessels with a fuel line, but I can't get the connector to stick on the side of the vessel... I have a power screwdriver in my Kerbal engineer's right hand, take the connector from inventory, place it where I want it, it's green, hit H... and then the connector falls to the ground and is debris. I must be missing a step... what am I doing wrong? Update: Never mind! Figured it out-- I was not clicking after hitting H. Also was unaware of G (grab) mode... the documentation on this is not very explicit on all of the "how tos." Can someone recommend a good tutorial for the KAS-clueless?
  14. Frustratingly, I haven't gotten a rescue contract since I installed the patch-- so I still don't know if it worked or not!
  15. I docked two vessels that had been independently launched in LKO and sent them to the Mun. The trans-Munar-injection was taking a LOT more deltaV than I had anticipated... I happened to rotated the view (which had been to the rear of the main booster stage) and discovered that the main engine on the docked vessel was firing too, fighting the main thrust and wasting fuel! I right-clicked and deactivated it, with plenty of muttered oaths... is there a way I could have avoided this? I'm sure I had "control from here" selected on the correct command pod.
  16. Still trying to get the Munar Orbital Refinery up and running... small problems are adding up to become larger ones...
  17. They do get more exacting to a certain degree. Later contracts are more apt to specify exact coordinates of apoapsis or periapsis, or different inclinations; and as you visit more moons and planets, you get contracts for those as well. So, there is a bit of a progression of difficulty, but it's not an even one. (You also have to watch when they throw something extra into the mix, like having a thermometer or materials bay on board; if you glance past it, you won't complete the contract without that/those items...)
  18. I managed to dock two very heavy and high-part-count (=laggy) vessels in LKO. Manual docking, too. (Congrats are due to Kathsy Kerman's piloting skill, obviously...) It was an unplanned rendezvous and docking, but a necessity as one of the vessels was rather low on fuel. Also successfully drilled for ore in the Mun's East Crater. The operation did reveal some weaknesses in the Munar Prospector spacecraft; Munar Prospector Mark II is in the design process.
  19. Placed my Orbital Refinery in equatorial Munar orbit, and landed the Munar Prospector in East Crater. A little worried about the amount of deltaV left in the Prospector lander after landing; I might have cut it too close. We will see. A third launch will carry empty tanks to fit out the Refinery and more kerbonauts to fully staff it.
  20. Quiet day... couple of satellite launch contracts and measuring temperatures near the Mun. Designing my first Mun surface base.
  21. Scouted out a likely position on the Mun for a surface station/drilling rig, and fulfilled a couple of satellite launch contracts to keep the money flowing in. (What are the units of money called? I've been thinking of them as "kerbits"....)
  22. I had some fun in Sandbox mode playing around with some rockets. I made a first stage that consisted of a SRB-KD25 solid fuel booster with four BACC solid fuel boosters on radial decouplers, just for the heck of it. It went like a bat out of #3!!, though it was virtually uncontrollable. Fun, though!
  23. When a Kerbal on EVA bumps into part of the spacecraft and severely (and unrealistically) damages it. On the Mun, a Kerbal's helmet bumped the command pod and it (the pod) went whirling off into the non-air. ?!?!?
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