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  1. Beats me. I think it got pulled in relative to the discussion of the variability of Tiangong's orbit due to the condition of the upper atmosphere from solar activity, but I didn't entirely follow the reasoning.
  2. For general reference: Science: "The climate is changing." (presents evidence) Politics: "So-and-so is the reason the climate is changing/not changing/etc." (endless arguments) That climate changes over time is an observed fact and is not political. The whys, wherefores, and do-we-do-anything-about-it? is the political part. This has been a public service announcement.
  3. Aerospace.org was showing it going down some (considerable) distance off the Chilean coast. Nobody disturbed but some fish, presumably.
  4. Phooey. I was trying to do this myself by hand not long ago, but this image is much better than what I could do!
  5. Oh, I like that image! Is there a bigger version?
  6. And weight, by not quite half again. But again, agree with the above that there's being much hay made of comparatively little. I just didn't want to see "Progress" unnecessarily smeared.
  7. The comparison with Progress is incorrect. Tiangong-1 is larger than Progress, and Russia is quite scrupulous about maintaining control of Progress and deorbiting it in a planned manner. I agree that it's been over-reported, though. As I pointed out to the kids, the chances of even spotting it going by in the sky are pretty remote (assuming they look up from their phones), and the most likely scenario is a bit more dust in the mid-Pacific.
  8. Spent part of the evening rolling back to 1.4.1... will re-upgrade once mods catch up (though maybe I should wait to see if there's a quick 1.4.3!) Also sent Val for a lap around Kerbin to make sure the planet was still there. It was.
  9. Strike that. On a closer inspection, the specific (mis)behavior I am observing appears to be linked to KAC/Kerbal Alarm Clock, rather than KRASH. That said, I provide this section of my log in case there's anything of value in there. (I don't speak this language...)
  10. I ran into this too, but in my case it was because I hadn't installed click-through blocker and toolbar controller, which are dependencies as of 1.4.1 update. HOWEVER, that said, when I tried it after patching to 1.4.2 last night, after exiting the simulation and VAB, KSP still seemed to think it was in sim mode and wouldn't let me save "in this scenario." I didn't have time to test extensively last night, though-- will give it a more thorough look this evening.
  11. Had no time to do anything except say, "What the-- another update?", download it, patch my 1.4.1, and sigh.
  12. Well, whaddya know? Works fine now! I'm thinking now that, when I started playing back in the 1.0.4 days, there were some mods that I was interested in that weren't on CKAN, and I simply never got into the habit. (Not defending the position... just analyzing it.)
  13. Hm. There was a reason I was staying clear of CKAN, but I can no longer remember what it was. Maybe it's a sign I should change courses.
  14. I won't argue the point. Though you might have to give it up to get compensation money.
  15. A bit I read made the interesting point that the chances of actually being struck by a piece of falling Tiangong are virtually zero (not zero, but statistically about the same as zero... I think it said about ten million times *less* probable than being struck by lightning), but that there could potentially be some risk in approaching a piece of fallen Tiangong on the ground, due to a small chance of persistence of hydrazine or other toxins. Those are realistically expected to be gone by the time anything strikes the ground, but they're toxic enough that it's still a risk. Local emergency authorities should be alerted in the unlikely event someone finds something; and a reminder, it still belongs to China, fallen or not...
  16. Still not showing up... will try reinstalling it this evening. Two questions: 1. Since I'm in the early part of the tech tree, is there an event or tech I need to discover before the sim button appears? In which case, the mod is probably working fine after all and I just haven't gotten there yet. (I should probably look in sandbox mode-- if the button's there, then it's a tech tree thing.) 2. If there is a problem, what the heck part of the logs would I send for a missing button? .... Or, maybe I'm just an idiot. I did not install either Click Through Blocker or Toolbar Controller (I don't use CKAN, so I'll need to do these manually).
  17. Jeb and Wally almost made it to orbit in Akhet 1, based on the "Pea" capsule. Something in the aerodynamics and/or COG made the capsule and its service module tumble during the final boost-to-orbit. They landed safely halfway around Kerbin. Engineers are looking into the problem. 1.4.1 is 95% completed with my favorite mods; I can proceed without the others for the time being. Onward to Duna!
  18. Oh, I caught the joke. Though that video has it clearly rotating much faster than 2.2 degrees a second!
  19. Definitely non-trivial. (To be clear, I wasn't saying that they should be reboosting or trying to control it now. I was wondering why not several months ago... but if they don't have the capability, then it's a moot point.)
  20. This might be part of the issue: I've noticed a few texture-loading problems, where a texture is dropping out and a neutral blank gray is showing instead. I have observed this with both engine shrouds and with flags; I am not clear on what could be causing it. When the engine shroud is that sort of flat neutral gray, it looks quite odd on the rocket (tolerable, but odd, and I'm of the opinion that it's some sort of bug).
  21. Well, I know that the DOS-6 (Salyut 7) reentry mass included the Cosmos nth* add-on module (think of it as a prototype for the Mir expansion modules, because that's part of what they were testing), so it would have been significantly more massive than previous Salyuts. * need to look the number up if it becomes necessary; there's no way to keep all the Cosmos numbers in one's head Okay, this makes more sense. They may very well not be capable of docking a tug with an unresponsive/uncooperative target. As is known from US and Russian experience, it's far from easy.
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