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  1. Yep, that did the trick! Thanks Jade! I'll take note of this, if I have any issues with FAR in the future, I'll try and create a config like this and see if I can solve my own problems.
  2. Is it just me, or do the Mk2 engines cause weird problems with CoL when using FAR?
  3. I like this! I like this a lot! Thank you! @Nertea Top tier work as usual!
  4. JadeofMaar is back!!! HELL YES!!!! My favorite mod is gonna get some love!!! Glad to see you back!
  5. I got a question.... I don't understand how some of the engines can "work in a vacuum" with only intake atmosphere and electricity? It seems more than just a little cheaty, which normally I'm okay with, as long as it has some sort of research/concept that proves it could be possible in the near/far future, or possible if you can do a hard to do thing, like provide a ton of electricity, or do something risky like irradiate the country-side(LOL), or something.... I mean, I understand that the atmospheric gases are the propellant in this case, which are "shot" out with guass or railgun like technology, which requires a lot of electricity, but there is no atmosphere in a vacuum, and I haven't come across any fuel tanks to store atmosphere yet. Although I don't exactly know how guass/railgun concepts would work with an engine to provide reasonable thrust, unless perhaps with thousands of tiny tubes that the gas is compressed into, and shot out of, so it doesn't just diffuse to quickly and not transfer a lot of it's energy, idk. Although if we did have a fuel tank for atmosphere, and the goal is just to store a high density of any old gas to use in these "guass" like engines that shoot gas out at a high speed, wouldn't having a single gas that compresses to high densities and is easy to store, be more efficient option than a mixture of various atmospherics gases for vacuum modes? Do you happen to have any articles that can at least show us that this guass engine concept has some sort of realistic possibility of existing? I did some googling, but I couldn't find anything, although it seems like a very niche topic, so I'd imagine it'd be hard to google. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea of a guass engine sounds cool as hell, but I do like to be at least hard sci-fi levels of realistic with my KSP engines/thrusters. I know these new engines were just released, and as a modder and game dev myself, I know this is all subject to balance changes, and I hope we can all brainstorm some ideas together to help make the new engines as balanced and realistic as possible. Anyways, I love the models, animations, VTOL functionality, and the form fit engines quite a lot! Great work! I did see some z-fighting(flickering) with the quads used for decals on the Stail 4m fuel tanks. Lifting the quads up even by 0.0001m should remove the z-fighting, easy fix. EDIT: Also, I am now a big fan of configurable containers, thanks for suggesting that!
  6. Thanks for looking into this for me! I'll just remove MFT for now then. I do absolutely love and prefer MFT for all my fuel tank needs, so I do hope you find the source of the issue eventually, but please don't rush on my account. Thanks for the info on the differences between legacy and main OPT. I did notice that these new engines are only in the Legacy version, hence why I am now using both, which I am assuming there is no harm in doing so.
  7. First off, thank you very much for this update! I am crazy excited to try out all the new VTOL engines and see what kinda cool stuff I can make! @JadeOfMaar Note: I am using KSP 1.8.1, like most people, cuz of Kopernicus. And I'm using OPT Reconfig 2.0.2 I am getting an infinite loading bug(Not a crash) at startup, when the game or module manager is trying to patch/load the "OPT/OPT/Parts/hfuselage/h_2m_em_fm" EDIT: I am also getting the same issue if using only OPT Legacy (without the other OPT mod) and the infinite loading bug occurs on "OPT_Legacy/Parts/Avatar/OPTL_A_8m_cockpit/a_8m_cockpit". I don't know if this info helps The relevant mods/things that could impact this that I am using are: - Community Resource Patch (Latest) - Modular Fuel Tanks (Latest) - B9 Part Switch (latest) - Kerbal Atomics and Cryo Engines (Both Latest) - WBI Kerbal Actuators (Latest) (Not using any other WBI mods/tool, just actuators) - Firespitter (Latest) - I am trying to use OPT Legacy and OPT for the first time. As far as I could tell, they should be compatible. (The same issue occurs with just legacy, so I don't think this is the issue.) - I have deleted the wing parts and the humpback parts from both OPT mods. Here's a link to a zip file with my module manager ConfigCache & ConfigSHA file, and the 2 module manager logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12E3ztRKd2IPY-e4AqJ9YBAOL1mpPxMk6/view?usp=sharing Let me know if there are any other logs or data you would need to help troubleshoot this issue. I already read through them, but I couldn't make heads or tails of what the issue is, although I just got out of the ER early this morning, so I'm not operating at 100% mental capacity. I would appreciate some help. Another Edit: Not sure, but, it might have something to do with the "emm_h_fuselage.DDS" and "OPTL_A_8m_cockpit_emm.DDS" files. Maybe this will help. Thanks for the mod update and the assistance! P.S. I always use non-legacy... I am curious about the differences between the two.. Are the legacy parts more up-to-date? Is there a difference between Kraken and H fuselages? etc?
  8. Cool mod! VTOL Time!! Yay! Question time: Do any of these version for this mod work with 1.7.3? I saw versions made for 1.6.0 and 1.8.1... Do one of these work with 1.7.3, without any issues?
  9. @kcs123 Indeed I do not have the arrow. I wondered about that at first, but I just assumed it was a quirk of having FAR. Edit: I just tested it with some stock only parts, and I am still having the "no arrow issue" with the center of lift dot.... Here's a picture (All stock parts too) shows both the no arrow issue and the vertical location of the center of lift not displaying correctly :
  10. Note: I am using the latest version of FAR that is compatible with 1.7.3 (Cuz we're all still waiting on Kopernicus lol) I've been having an issue with center of lift not displaying correctly in the SPH, but once I launch the vessel, and then revert to SPH the center of lift is in a different location (idk if it's the correct location, or the wrong one). An additional issue I'm having with the center of lift display in the SPH is no matter how high or low I put a set of wings, the center of lift always places itself (vertically) on (or very close to) the same vertical plane as the center of mass. This is causing an issue when trying to create center of lift below or above center of mass intentionally. Are these known issues? Anyone know of any workarounds? I'm a game dev(engineering mostly, plus other hats) (Not for KSP), and I work in Unity. Now most of the time I am working 70-80 hour weeks, so I don't have a ton of time to spare, but if this is something I can help fix and isn't gonna take a huge amount of time, I'd be happy to help. It'd help if you can point me at the particular section of code that I need to fix.
  11. @Gameslinx I was just coming back here to say that I answered my own question when I just went to look at the latest version of Kopernicus, but you beat me to it! Well, seem Kopernicus is still my guiding factor, as to which version of KSP I will be using. Some things never change. lol
  12. Just wanted to check, since I saw no one else ask it in the past few months, but this mod is not compatible with KSP 1.8, correct? Also, that trailer looks dope af, I wanna visit that location so bad now!
  13. I looked through a few previous paged on this forum and I didn't see anyone asking this question, so forgive me if I missed it.... I am having a problem where neither of the 2 stars are giving off a "glow" light. There is light in the scene and all, but if you look at the stars, they look like a planet, and produce no light/glare or whatever you call it. Here's a pic:
  14. I've literally been waiting on this mod to update, before moving on to a post - 1.4.3 version. This is one of the mods that I consider essential. This and OPT are the two most important mods for me. Can't wait till Friday, when this gets updated! @Gameslinx Thank you so much for your hard work, and dedication to updating and maintaining this mod, that we all get to enjoy for free. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work here!
  15. A few questions... - Is using the (now unavailable) KJR essential to make the mod work properly? Especially if I am using a non-modified version of KJR? - Can it work, and work well, without a modified KJR? - Is it not a violation of the license to post the changes you made, so we can manually add them, and recompile the .DLL? That way we can still have it?
  16. Okay, I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a new fuel type to the the parts with this modlet. Could someone please help me out? I am trying to add Liquid Ammonia to the fuel tanks, so I can use it with KSPI-E engines. In the OPT_WBI.cfg file I have tried adding this near the top... OPT_TEMPLATE:NEEDS[Pathfinder] { name = LqdAmmonia author = JadeOfMaar shortName = LqdAmmonia logoPanel = WildBlueIndustries/000WildBlueTools/Decals/LiquidFuel glowPanel = WildBlueIndustries/000WildBlueTools/Decals/LiquidFuelGlow description = This kit stores only LqdAmmonia, required by OPT's mighty air-breathing engines and the Legacy ARI-73 rocket engine. templateTags = stowage RESOURCE { name = LqdAmmonia amount = 1800 maxAmount = 1800 } } and adding... !RESOURCE[LqdAmmonia] {} to relevant parts, but still no Liquid Ammonia. I can't find any help for adding fuels on the Wild Blue Industries mod page(s) either. Thanks for any help offered!
  17. I discovered what the problem was that was causing the solid white ring around Gaia. In the most rescently released version I got from the GitHub, 3.4.0, in the "GPO/config/Gaia.cfg" file, on line 116... it says... texture = GPO/PluginData/Gaia_ring.png and should be changed to... texture = GPO/PluginData/Gaia_Ring.png The R needs to be capitalized. Now everything look nice and pretty. I'll make a commit on the GitHub.
  18. I got an issue with a solid white ring/disk around Gaia. I got the 1.4.3 version installed, with 1.4.3 Kopernicus, and afaik I got all the other dependencies installed with the right version. I couldn't find anyone else asking for help with this in recent posts, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks!
  19. @lo-fi OMFG Thank you! I just spent 2 hours pulling my hair out and yelling at my computer! Then I found this post. May the RNG Gods bless you and give you some of that sweet sweet internet karma!
  20. @Shadowmage I was taking a look at the KSPWheelRepulsor.cs file, because I am wanting to add an engine or RealPlume effect to the repulsor, but I don't know if that would mess with the Sound Effect stuff, and I don't exactly know how I would go about it since it looks like a lot of custom code for a part. I wanted to ask if it was even possible, and if you could point me in the right direction. I can write the code and handle it from there.
  21. The Repulsors are what takes this mod from good to great! GJ! Me like!
  22. Hey guys, I have been editing the RealPlume config in every way I could come up with, and I can't get an effect to show up on the RealPlume config for the Thermal Turbojet's non-atmospheric fuels. It works just fine for the intake atmosphere, but it is not there for other fuels. In addition to that, I've also tried to add the "wind" smoke effect for the intake atmosphere,, because it makes sense to me visually, and I can't get that to work either. I've been working on this for 2 days and many hours, and I can't get it to work, so I need some help! Thank everyone!
  23. Hey everyone, I need some help. I can't seem to get the RealPlume config to work for a the Thermal Turbojet from KSPI-E, which is a multi modal engine. The plume works for the atmospheric intake setting, but for any other fuel type, it is absent. This is the code and it is in a sub folder(the sub folder is named Real Plume) of the KSPI-E's Warp Plugin folder, and not in the RealPlume - Stock folder. @PART[TweakableThermalTurbojet]:NEEDS[RealPlume,SmokeScreen] //Thermal Turbojet { PLUME { name = Turbojet transformName = TT localRotation = 0,0,0 localPosition = 0,0,0 fixedScale = 0.45 plumePosition = 0,0,-5 plumeScale = 4 plumeenergy = 5 plumespeed = 3 flarePosition = 0,0,0.7 flareScale = 4 flareenergy = 10 flarespeed = 5 } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { @name = ModuleEnginesFX %powerEffectName = Turbojet } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[#engineID[AirBreathing]] { %powerEffectName = Turbojet %spoolEffectName = Turbojet-Spool } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[#engineID[-hydrazine-]] { %powerEffectName = Hypergolic-Lower } } Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Oh and another thing, I can't get the toolbar for the RealPlume/Smokescreen in-game editor to work.... Some help on this would be nice too, so I wouldn't have to reboot the game(8 minutes process) every time I make a little change!
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