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  1. Great News! Yeah i thought it'd be useful, i forget that everyone else hasn't spent the last 3 months playing with them lol. Yep KSPedia entry is on the roadmap and i actually have a lot of experience on that front (have you seen the entries for USI?)
  2. We've all had one of those moments!
  3. You can leave those objects separately. You can export them all together and unity will be fine with that.
  4. Latest Release v0.1.4 - Beta v0.1.4 Change Log Laid out the basics for all the part cfg's and MKS/LS functions for all the modules. Moved parts to relevant catagories. Added proper licence and version files Known Issues - Small greenhouse doesn't have correct nodes or colliders
  5. After over 3000 hours in game i went to jool for the first time!
  6. @RoverDude I just ran my first habitation module through the balance spreadsheet, i'm super impressed. (i don't pretend to understand the math) The first attempt through out what look to be absolutely perfect numbers, the resulting mass suggestion was even within 5% of my own estimations. Mine were based on nasa data. And it made setting up the converters an absolute breeze
  7. Yep, the blender .mu exporter is MUCH more useful for importing than exporting
  8. Bullying? Intimidation? those are some strong accusations. I was just curious about getting the chance to work with a senior game artist. Peace Out
  9. 'Senior Artist' is a job title what games can we see your work in?
  10. Latest Release v0.1.3 - Beta v0.1.3 Change Log Added Interchangable Modules, models, textures & basic configs Fixed craft breaking issues with breakForce settings, craft can now be launched under their own weight without cheats - thanks @Sassenach Fixed minor typos and did some further work on the configs Known Issues - Small greenhouse doesn't have correct nodes or colliders
  11. Part Installation Guide Hanger Bay EVA Prep Space Rear Truss Engine Modules
  12. Yeah i was thinking about CCK initially too. Well the useable space for each module is around 4 times the size of a large tundra module so initially i was going to copy the tundra module stats and increase to be 4 times as useful. I need to take a look at RD's spreadsheet. But generally i just welcome any input you might have, i will mention you if i have anything specific to discuss Ohh and apologies i forgot to reference back to your PM, i'll update with the extra configs.
  13. You know what, i've always looked at the Strategy Building and thought something was up, now i know why, it looks like one of those temporary classrooms at the bottom of the school yard.
  14. I think you're right. I'll take a look at both options, i'd expect a dll would be pretty simple and i can at least get simple plugins working. Good plan, i'll go with this until i can get a custom set up done. I've just about polished off the basics for the modules, i've got some work left to do polishing the module textures and a few normal and spec maps to finish. Then configs . . . @DStaal @Merkov you're wisdom and input would be greatly appreciated . With the help of @Sassenach i've also managed the squash the joint breaking bugs that were breaking the craft in certain situations. It can now be launched with no support and no hacks under it's own weight! I didn't even think that was going to be possible.
  15. What are peoples thoughts on part categories? If i wasn't going to share the finished product they'd all stay in 'pods' because i'm lazy. . . Custom? or spread around the stock categories?
  16. I like your 'bumps' Real nice job on the textures, i'll download for a play when i can.
  17. dboi88


    Check the scale in unity as well, sometimes mines change of their own accord. Looking good though!
  18. On the expense side of things. It's the massive amount of karbundrum that puts the cost so high. I haven't looked at part cost yet but launching it fuelled will always be insanely costly for this reason.
  19. No problem at all, I've already added it as an issue on github and will try and get that included in the next release. Next release should be tonight and should include all interchangeable modules as i manged to get all the colliders and attach nodes completed last night.
  20. Latest Release v0.1.2 - Beta v0.1.2 Change Log New attachment nodes on the rear truss/hull attachment, will now only attach when the truss is orientated correctly. - thanks @DStaal Fixed some issues with overlapping colliders on around the rear truss attach node fixing some craft breaking issues -thanks @Sassenach CLS support Further diffuse texture updates to complete the Rear Truss/Hull/Engine/EVA prep space & Hanger Bay Further light tweaks, now includes full exterior/interor lighting + Emissives for windows
  21. A mesh change at this point is pretty much out of the question tbh, the tolerances between the interior and exterior meshes plus colliders is cutting it very fine to begin with, i probably couldn't do much to it now without redoing a lot, but adding in a new panel with clear instructions to the dynamic node is easily done.
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