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  1. Please don't edit your posts so much, I've written 3 responses that I've had to go back and change so far because you keep editing it every 2 minutes. The Nvidea plug in works in Elements by the way. I don't see why there would be a need to flip the green channel in PartTools. Just crate the correct map to being with. i'm not sure what you mean in regards to spec channels, if your calling for them to be automatically generated i'd hate that, auto generated maps rarely look good and most of the time they look down right terrible.
  2. You can't fix in unity/part tools. Photoshop should do it. If you can export bump maps instead of normals I'd can highly recommend the nvidea photoshop plug in to create fresh normals which has the invert options.
  3. With a lot of help on the coding side I've manged to get animated docking ports working, a little proof of concept below. http://i.imgur.com/BEFjqFT.gif
  4. I think you're right about the search. Best thing to do us add any requests/suggestions as issues on github. This allows organised discussion and I can plug the issues directly into my road map.
  5. That's a bug I've forgot to fix the atmosphere thrust after doing some part testing. As the engine is so powerful i wanted to be nearly useless in atmosphere to try and balance it. This will likely be fixed in the next release. The Kontainers are all provided by USI Core, you can store Karborundum in the Kontainer Tank - Clusters I don't think any of the other form factors provide storage for Karborundum. These ones
  6. Finally! I've been waiting for weeks for you to start a thread here. I love this ship and I plan on using it as a support vessel for my Cargo Freighter.
  7. Yeah it's all worked out now, it was included in the last few releases, for me i had actually set it up slightly wrong and had used a a box collider in place of the hanger space mesh.
  8. EVA. . Boring! I can't wait to fly a ship into it!
  9. I'd highly recommend taking a look at Karbonite which achieves everything you are trying to do. This would be a great place to find all the answers you're looking for.
  10. Final progress shot before i have to go back to real work.
  11. Here's the 3.75m version, i'm going to put two nodes on there with a dynamic mesh so you can also mount a on a 2.5m stack. I've also been trying some new painting techniques to create chipped/scratched and worn paint (the blue paint on the struts), I quite like the effect. The rest it just block colours with an AO bake at this stage in the process, lots more detailing to go.
  12. Some progress on a new docking connector for the Kontainers
  13. I've been working on incorporating docking connectors into the rear truss and the 5m Kontainers, i'm quite happy with the results, with Hanger support added in the last release you can now carry a tug with you and then undock and deliver the Kontainers at your location. You can even re-dock empty Kontainers to take back on the return trip. Once I've finished with some appropriately sized docking connectors to use on the tug side i'll get a new release out.
  14. Cheers for the report, I've taken a look and it seems i only added in the Productivity Modules and not the actual converter (slaps head) Here's a hotfix, just download this file and replace it with the same file in the mod folder, i'll include the fix in the next release https://github.com/dboi88/CSI-Cargo-Freighter/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/EPL.cfg
  15. I see you sorted it, i was going to say the storage modules have always been 25tons empty and haven't changed.
  16. That's right, but there are parts planned that will allow this.
  17. Latest Release v0.2.2 v0.2.2 Fixed slight misalignment on Hanger Bay Added Crew Hatches & Ladders To Recyler, Workshop Fixed missing side panels on greenhouse module Crew Transfer Fix
  18. I couldn't replicate the issue at all on a clean install so the next step before I look into it any further is always a request for the GameData folder, so it does make sense, it takes a few seconds to do so when you are looking for support and someone asks the polite thing to do is just provide it, it makes the process that much easier. However, that being said I did manage to replicate the black windows on a different install, but just copying my exact GameData folder to a clean install fixed the issue. I'm pretty sure at this point the BlackWindows is a KSP bug, the shader i use is little used. In regards to the rest of the post, i'm not sure what you are telling me.
  19. Cheers, and don't worry about it, i wouldn't want you taking time away from your stuff to debug the issue. At least with the mod list i can cross check if anyone else reports.
  20. @JPLRepo sorry for bothering you, on further testing I've now been able to recreate the issue without JSI.
  21. That,s really odd because i seem to have traced the issue with the Black windows to JSI which is included with a number of mods. Can you send me a copy of your gamedata folder? I have traced the crew transfer issue, it isn't anything to do with IVA's it's being caused by a stock bug in relation to physicsless parts. I've found a work around for now which will mean crew transfers will work properly with the next release.
  22. Ohh I know its not enough info I just didn't want to investigate any further if it was a known issue with a known solution. As it's not I'll put together a full report. I'd also agree that it's an incompatibility issue rather than a bug. Apologies if that wasn't clear to begin with.
  23. @JPLRepo This mod seems to be breaking my transparent windows, it turns them all black, i can only recreate the issue with JSI installed. Before i do any further digging/investigation and put up a full bug report i wanted to just check this wasn't a known problem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is and you can point me in the right direction (my mod has no JSI configs). Cheers
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