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  1. Yes that was the plan, but, I've yet to come up with any particularly good ideas/shapes to be honest. I'm pretty busy with a secret collaboration at the minute but i might get back to updating the freighter in a month or two. If you have any ideas of what you might like to see i'll look to sort something out.
  2. Are you still un selecting all the tick boxes on the animation tab when exporting?
  3. Really? Because if i wanted to use IFS for mesh and fuel switching in my own mod and i followed the current instructions within the OP i'd most certainly have have all those resource definitions included as they are within the InterstellarFuelSwitch folder that you state should be included. Where is this core version you mention?
  4. I still have this on my list to give a full model and texture overhaul, for my own career as much as anything, I'd be happy to take on the mod if required.
  5. First step whenever you encounter a problem on a heavily modded install is to recreate the issues with stock and a fresh up to date download of the mod in question with no other mods installed. If that doesn't have the same issues start adding mods back until you get the issues again. There is very little a mod author can do until you've shown it's present without other mods installed. If it turns out to be a mod conflict the author can then quickly decide if it's an issue they want to deal with or not. @Angel-125 I don't recognise the MM format of the patch for the Gondola Habs, i'm not sure if they are correct or not
  6. This isn't completely correct but this diagram will give you a general idea as to why low terrains settings causes jumping basis. The base loads with a section under the terrain and then gives a big kick when the physics kicks in. The higher your terrain settings the less steps there are and so the less chance of the base loading under the terrain.
  7. @vossiewulf Turn up your terrain settings. It should lessen the kraken.
  8. FML! i've also done that hundreds of times, i'd also like to know where this apply button is lol.
  9. Konstruction is now bundled with MKS which is why the space dock page hasn't been updated. Sounds like you haven't installed it properly. You should have this button available. Which will open this screen
  10. Pinging @steedcrugeon The plan is to introduce deep freeze support via REKT Escape Pod Mod there is going to be a 'rack' module that holds a set of Escape Pods, with one of the variants being "REKT mk1C - Single Kerbal Cryogenic† pod with built in RTG."
  11. Yeah they are used just like any docking port but they only grab the ends of kontainers. You can redock them, there are 6 proper docking ports on the truss.
  12. You'll probably need to write an MM patch to put the relevant EPL resources back in. Lol, i named that wrong didn't I? It's a docking port for the 5m Kontainers
  13. Cheers. Yeah I forgot to adjust the atmosphere engine settings before release and then a lot of people liked it so it stayed the way it was.
  14. Cheers, sorry, for the delay in getting back to you. Don't use the pre built craft files, they are currently broken. There should be no weight transfer button, that function is automatic now. If you build the ship using the instructions in the OP it should all work perfectly.
  15. Success!! Thanks to some testing from @Well the issue has been traced to the Example ships, they weren't updated when the USI Dependencies were stripped. I'll release a fixed version this weekend, until then just don't use the pre built ships and you should be good to go.
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