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  1. Only if you were going to emulate the Stockalike look, no organic steampunk stuff. . . Yes, i know why that is, an easy fix, will make sure it's included in the next release. You mad man, no seriously what are you doing!?! pics please! On a serious note i've taken a look and it looks like i've not upped the joint strength on the Engine module, only the rear truss and hull. I'll do some play testing tonight, i think i can make it so that the engine doesn't break. Keep in mind however that this is way outside of the intended use
  2. You are correct, I'll take a look at the reactor tonight for you, see what's going on there. Yes i'd completely forgot about docking to be honest. I'm going to add a node to the front of the command bridge for a docking port and will have a think about integrating one somewhere with a mesh/texture adjustment.
  3. Ahh I see. The Med has been sorted already. I'll make sure that passenger cabin is too. Cheers
  4. You're right, i hadn't noticed, they are off slightly. Will get that fixed in the next release. Cheers
  5. Some further progress on the engine FX
  6. Wow, that speed build is really fast! Hope you find some man hours to put these in game at some point.
  7. I've been learning the Unity particle system tonight
  8. poster by @DiscoSlelge Latest Release v0.1.7 Download Links Introduction The Cargo Freighter was born out of a desire to move LARGE amounts of cargo around in sandbox and late game career saves. With a max part count of only 20 parts the days of building CPU breaking 300 parts ships are gone. While the Cargo Freighter performs its main role amicably it can also be set up to provide a variety of different configurations, including Arkships, passenger liners, debris removal and recycling, mobile construction centers and many more Examples and craft files available below. Features Asymmetrical Design. Rear Truss & Main Hull Have Automatic Weight Balancing Feature. 5m Kontainer Docking Ports Integrated Into Rear Truss. Deliver Kontainers at your destination and bring back empties. Range Of Interchangeable Modules In Two Sizes. Internal EVA Prep Space With Small Kontainer/Storage Rack. None Career Game Breaking (parts are at the end of the tech tree and extremely expensive) Fueled By The Insanely Expensive Karbundrum/Karbonite, You Will Need Mining Operations In Place. Custom Engine FX Has To Be Built In Situ (If you manage to reach orbit with this please let me know :D) Custom CSI Freighter category for all freighter parts. Hanger Bay & Cargo Bays Support @allista's hanger mod allowing you to store crafts and re-spawn later. Dependencies FireSpitter - For Resource and Texture Switching (Bundled) CRP - For Resources (Bundled) CKK - For Custom Categories (Bundled) Module Manager - For MM Patches (Bundled) USI - Core - For Kontainers and Weight Balancing Features (Bundled) Mod Support Road Map For Further Mod Support Snacks Continued TAC Life Support Assembly Instructions Licences All models and configs included within the Coyote Space Industries folders are All Rights Reserved. This mod redistributes Firespitter, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes ModuleManager, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes CRP, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes CKK, which is covered under its own license. This mod redistributes USI-Core, which is covered under its own license. NOTICE: This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Donation Info I spent around 500 hours creating this Mod. If you like what you see, and want to help out (or just buy me a coffee!), please consider donating to the cause, either via PayPal or Patreon.
  9. Ok i've tested and tested and can't find anything wrong, it could be it was something that I happened to fix in the last release, or there could be something else. I haven't had time to check with all the mods in the list but i've checked everything i thought could cause a problem. I mean come one, where else is Bill going to hang his coat? I don't mind nitpicks, i've added it to the list of things to fix before the next release. Cheers Latest Release v0.1.7 v0.1.7 Change Log Minor career fixes.
  10. Latest Release v0.1.6 v0.1.6 Change Log Complete overhaul of CFG's and MM Patches Added Descriptions For Parts Added New EL Parts Added More Texture/Normal/Spec Map Improvements
  11. Thanks for doing this for me. I'll take a look when i get home from work later
  12. You've not by any chance got something big and heavy in that hanger bay have you? So it looks to me that it isn't after burning but actually happening while burning which would suggest the COM and COF are misaligned. It'll probably make sense when i take a look at the save. If you do a quicksave (F5) then go to Kerbal Space Program\saves\[Your Save Name]\ and then send me the 'quicksave.sfs' file, for your mod list i can deal with just a screenshot of your gamedata folder. Yes the relevant game objects required are already in the models i just need to take a look at the configs. The Hanger Bay and Cargo bay's will be supported.
  13. This is when you KNOW you've done a good job! I'm happy for you bud.
  14. Cheers, i'd like to take a look at the issue even if it is due to conflict with another mod so i can try and resolve.
  15. Hey, thanks for trying it out. Yes the cost isn't actually the freighter hull, it's the insanely expensive fuel. If you empty the tanks you will see the true cost of the part. I'm unable to reproduce the problem with the craft spinning, are you using any other mods? and could you send me a saved game to investigate? Thankyou for the kind words
  16. Yeah i think you are right about the physics side of things, it's things like having the ground cut through the top of your IVA scene,, or the IVA camera being forced above ground, things like that. Hopefully it'll all work fine but it's best to run a proof of concept now just to avoid having an IVA that can't be used.
  17. That's look amazing! One thing i wanted to make sure you'd investigated was that there wouldn't be an issue with placing the IVA under the surface of a planet?
  18. Cheers, i'll probably get another release out tomorrow once i polish off the final piece for the EL line up of parts, the grinder, and that'll be about ready for release once i finish the configs.
  19. I'd posit that you'd end up actually using that shield in KSP exactly never. I doubt anyone would ever take the time to implement a system like that.
  20. @Kobymaru I'm so glad you got that worked out and wrote up, it's going to make including the corrections in the KSPedia loads easier. I've been play testing some parts this week and i'm 9 version behind on USI-Tools So yeah, lots of new USI goodies to play with then i'll get the KSPedia updated
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