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  1. I just want to thank you for keeping this and all the other discontinued mods alive. Great work!
  2. It's very new. Only came out today I believe. It's literally called Konstruction. Link:
  3. I must say that this does look really great.
  4. May I ask what program you use for texturing and modellling?
  5. Looks nice. Is the tower on the right retractable? Because that would be difficult to transport.
  6. Duna is for me the most fun place to visit, so I would really like this.
  7. Is there a way to turn off the wheel blocked function? Cause it's nearly impossible to drive my rover like this. It's not even blocked! Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I think the Pinza Fasciati (top right) would be an excellent choice for removing old (round) parts. And a Forca Pallet Extra ( left middle, second collum) for cube alike-parts. Also I'm really pumped to hear that you're working again.
  9. Well I respect your opinion. ( Those are some real rare words right there) On another topic, @valis, why did you post the same picture with the same quote twice?
  10. I know it's the same, that's what I meant. I didn't know it represented itself as a different mod.
  11. You could also use Simple Construction, a more lightweight mod. It does the same thing but with less parts. You can use the docking port as a spawn and just build your base around it. However you will need to transfer resources between the KSC and your station to be able to build ships. Also the ships will still be designed in the hangar.
  12. Well I dont know if you just forgot to mention it, but USI Life Support is a separate mod. Maybe it was included with USI kolonization but I dont think so.
  13. I dont think there are some big ones, but you could use the crypod from deepfreeze continued. Its only a bit weird to install that mod just for that.
  14. Well apparently I'm the only one who would like this.
  15. What do you mean it doesn't work? More details please.
  16. Im always amazed at how few people know tweakscale. It is so handy. Need smaller RCS blocks? Tweakscale. Need bigger fins? Tweakscale. Think the adapters are too small? Tweakscale. Want to know the reason why we are alive? Tell me when you find it. No but seriously, use tweakscale.
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