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  1. I dont know if chaff is the same as flare because then it would only work against heat-seeking missiles.
  2. I dont know why your game crashes. All I can tell you is to make sure all mods are 1.1.3 compatible. But I can help with replace files part. The best idea would be if f.e. two mods use Firespitter, that you just go to that mods page and download the latest version from there. What can also happen f.e. with the USI mods is that they all use Umbra Space Industries as main folder. Meaning that you should always merge them so that every mod is installed in that folder.
  3. I was able to remove the RCS Thrusters but now they are just lying on the ground. How do I save them in my inventory.?
  4. 1. Thats what Deepfreeze is. 2. And that is what EPLP is for, altough you will need some heavy machinery. A less part-intense mod would be SimpleConstruction, which allows you to do that, but with stock parts.
  5. I would help you but I have no idea myself. I usually just slam every module the mod adds on my ship and hope that it works. If you are using LS I would recommend Deepfreeze Continued. My favourite colonization mod is Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. And a rover mod like the malemute or Karibou Expedition rover. Oh and tweakscale. It's not really a "colonization" mod but it's very handy. Just like Kerbal Inventory and Attachment system.
  6. Thanks for the response. Looking forward to the fix, but first, enjoy your holidays.
  7. Well it took me 225+ hours to start building and almost 2 days to write back so yeah, you could say i live up to my title.
  8. First of all I absolutely love this mod. The texturing and modelling looks great and I really like the flatbeds. But those flatbeds gave me an idea. I use KPBS a lot, but i hate to move those parts around. My idea would be to make a truck work like those cargo cranes in harbours. See for yourself: http://imgur.com/a/372Nf The parts shouldn't go over the edge right on the start like real cargo cranes to maintain compact. They should only go over the edge when you want it. I don't know if it is already possible with parts that are included right now. Also i don't expect you to have time or motivation to do that. It's only a suggestion. However if you would want to try to make some parts that would allow that, I would really appreciate that. I hope for a quick response. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well it's not near done yet so you will have to wait for that.
  10. @evileye.x, @Speeding Mullet I was indeed thinking of Kaboom, but since that is outdated, I will use KIS. Thanks for the quick responses, really appreciate that.
  11. I have built a base on Minmus which i assembled using RCS ( because of the low gravity). Now that I'm done those RCS thrusters are just ruining the look. I remember that there was mod which just allowed you to open the UI and explode the part, but I don't what the name of the mod was. If anybody would know what it is called, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance
  12. I think the mod for question number 1 would be Throttle Controlled Avionics. I don't remember exactly what it does but I think it adds all the functions you need.
  13. I believe that that is Lack Luster Labs
  14. You could use tweakscale (mod) to adjust the size of the parts you need
  15. I dont know exactly, but i can tell you that red numbers probably dont mean anything good.
  16. Personally, I really like using Kerbal Planetary Base Systems for my civilization needs.
  17. I don't know if it's just me, but one of the propellor blades looks a bit off-centred.
  18. Is the new inflatable heatshield that will come with 1.1 not enough?
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