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  1. I played about 8 hours after the release, but there's just not enough there for me to keep playing. Once the "Science Mode" is available I plan to start playing a lot though.
  2. Could be; as far as I know, G Hub is the way to go. I bought my Logitech keyboard/mouse/headset in March 2021 and it said to install G Hub - I never installed "Logitech Gaming Software" or any other Logitech software.
  3. Weird; I had the same issue but I already had G Hub installed. I had to go into the "Games and Apps" settings in G Hub to turn off the integration for KSP2 and then I had all keys lit up normally instead of just the keys that the game decided I need lit up.
  4. After about 8 hours of playing I feel like I'll give them a month before I answer that question. If they can't get things together a bit better than this, and rather quickly, then I'm going to be worried.
  5. I don't get how the fuel priority is supposed to work either. I assumed we'd be able to change it like before, but... well hopefully they add option back in. I'd argue that currently there's no way to make the game "guess" correctly 100% of the time for everyone's needs.
  6. Hmm alright I guess I'll keep at it. Does autostruts help much? I could swear I heard they're planning on adding that to KSP2 as well. Interesting, I'll try that as well. Thanks!
  7. So I guess I began using the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod for KSP1 right after I started playing it and needless to say, I forgot about how "floppy" rockets can get in these games. What do you all do to stop that? Do you really just slap struts all over the place, or is "autostruts" basically the same thing as KJR and I never knew it?
  8. THIS. I was thinking, "It's alright, as I see a bug here and there I'll note it and report later so I can keep playing".... no. The performance is fine but it seems like every other mouse click doesn't do what it's supposed to or, even worse, does something else.
  9. +1 to all of these issues. It's bizarre to me that anyone thought this was an improvement over - or even as good as - KSP1 maneuver nodes.
  10. I mean... technically, they said you're getting a smashed burger right now but eventually they'll replace it with a Big Mac. If you don't trust them to finish the game that's one thing but they never said this release would be finished or even properly functioning.
  11. I wonder if maybe there will be a SPH, or maybe the VAB we have now will be able to be upgraded to something larger in the future? That's a big plane but it doesn't look that big, not enough to warrant blocking a launch in my opinion.
  12. Sweet! It's certainly the mildest of annoyances and I'm not a "content creator" or anything so I'm not too worried about it, I would definitely rather have Parallax with flickering city lights than no Parallax at all. I have a new gaming PC and I'm starting a new KSP game after a 2+ year hiatus so I can't wait to see what it looks like on the other planets and moons!
  13. I get the same flickering on my city lights as well, only when the camera moves. Using EVE-Redux, tried both AVP and BoulderCo configs/textures (one at a time of course), and the flickering only happens if Parallax and its Stock Textures are installed. It's much easier to notice with the AVP city lights because there's a large area of them very close to the KSC.
  14. Sorry, I'm confused - JOOL Space Program?! Are we able to land on Jool again? Or is it this mod that's giving Jool a surface?
  15. I'm not sure this is even possible in MM and assuming it is I don't have the slightest idea how to do it, but; how can I change the "Manufacturer" for all parts, as seen in the VAB/SPH editor, so that they match the name of the mod folder (within GameData folder) the parts are contained in? For example, any parts from MechJeb would have a Manufacturer of "MechJeb2" and any parts from B9 Aerospace would have Manufacturer of "B9_Aerospace". EDIT: Nevermind, I found this mod called PartInfo
  16. I could never get the advanced transfer to another planet to work well for me. Obviously this is a problem with my brain and not Mechjeb, but yes - instead I always left Kerbin SOI then did a Hohmann transfer. Which of course didn't work very well either unless I first matched or came close the the target's inclination, but the bi-impulsive transfer takes care of all of that much better. I realize my orbital maneuvers could be far more efficient, but... I'm no rocket scientist, what I do "works" in the end, and I have fun doing it!
  17. The new bi-impulsive transfer is great! I'm regularly saving 700-1000 deltaV on each trip to Moho compared to the old transfer method. Can't wait to go moon-hopping around Jool
  18. Now THAT takes me back! The glass is half-full though; at least we no longer have to see posts on modders' threads along the lines of "when will this be updated for 1.x.x pre release?". I always wanted to punch my monitor when seeing those comments.
  19. I've been using this mod for years, I love it. There used to be an option to change the icon that shows up on the map to indicate anomalies, but it seems that's either no longer possible or I'm too inept to find the place to change it now. To be clear, I'm referring to the "question mark" icons that show where anomalies are on the map, I used to be able to select a different one from among several choices. Is this option truly gone and if so, was that intentional?
  20. Why? Because it works and I achieve a circularized orbit using less Dv... I suppose if I was that worried about how things should be in the game I would install RSS, RO, FAR, etc. For what it's worth I do also usually set it so that it doesn't begin to pitch until it's reached about 200m/s. Oh I never even considered changing it during flight, I always set it before launch. I'm no rocket scientist so sometimes they flip with a 10 degree limit but don't at 9.
  21. I've found that when using MJ for ascent guidance, you can "gain" a lot more Dv during launch by increasing the "Limit AoA" setting to 8 or 9 degrees, sometimes as high as 15 (basically as high as I can set it without the rocket flipping over during ascent). I often leave everything default except for that, but as others have said those default settings shouldn't necessarily be considered recommended settings.
  22. This is super helpful! Clears up a lot of things I wasn't sure about regarding MM, but never bothered to ask because I was always able to get things working. I was putting lines in there like ":FOR[SomeMod]:AFTER[ThisMod]:BEFORE[ThatMod]", now I see the error of my ways!
  23. The IMPORTANT warning makes me think that if mods such as OPM Galileo aren't specifically updated for v1.3.1-3 that updating Kopernicus now may make things behave strangely, is that accurate or do I worry too much?
  24. ... which proves that this Mun landing was faked, of course. Obviously staged on a movie set in Kollywood.
  25. You just sold me on this mod gonna download when I get home!
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