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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of a mod to help align an orbit with the KSC? I don't have the most spectacular eyesight in the world, and I do have trouble being able to tell when an inclined orbit I have to launch a satellite into is directly over the KSC. Thanks everyone.
  2. The rogues over at Rusty Star Rockets made a huge scientific discovery today which has thrown everything known about the Kerbol system into total chaos! Initially when they released this groundbreaking disclosure, the scientific community and indeed Kerbals worldwide, scoffed at them, with "those snobby <profanity>" over at the KSA levelling particularly virulent sarcasm and ridicule in their direction. Some of this is understandable as RSR's reputation throughout Kerbin in general has always struggled to get out of the toilet, but in this instance they were subjected to particularly vicious attacks. The laughter stopped however when the data gathered by RSR was examined and scrutinised by the experts over at the Kerbin World-Firsts Record Keeping Society. After much debate and argument, they had to confirm the findings and issued a monetary award and certificate to RSR, confirming the fact that Minmus has an atmosphere!!! What next, aerobraking and parachutes to land on the Flats?
  3. Well I suppose it isn't much, I mean we're not talking about making orbit from Eve's surface or completing the Jool 5 challenge, but after four years of playing I actually planted a flag on the Mun's Poles for the very first time! Not a particularly difficult thing to accomplish I admit, but it was always something I didn't attempt. Those Poles are seriously mountainous and with some pretty steep slopes, and I guess I didn't want to risk stranding or even killing my Kerbals trying to set down on them. Indeed before this three Kerballed vehicle landing today, I've only ever landed two probes successfully in the biome, a third attempt ended splattered all over the place, so I'm feeling a wee bit chuffed with myself right now. This is part of a Rusty Star Rockets career play through, and currently there is another three Kerbals heading out of Minmus towards a Kerbol orbit on a flight to put them up to Level 3. Meanwhile in another part of the Kerbol system, two vehicles are speeding towards Duna, one filled with the bits and pieces required to complete five contracts, the other to complete a milestone contract of orbiting Duna and returning to Kerbin Oh and I only need to unlock five more nodes to have completed the tech tree. RSR is a FANTASTIC mod BTW...
  4. Great stuff and thank you. I'll have a look at them later.
  5. Something I'd really like would be a mod that would add camera equipment to the available science equipment. In real life cameras played, and still do play, a huge role in space exploration, but apart from RSS/RP-1, seems to not be a thing in KSP as far as I know. Does anyone know if such a mod exists?
  6. SERIOUSLY cool! I'm looking at that Lunokhod and have no idea how you put that together, mods maybe?
  7. I added it to totally clean install of 1.8 and it seemed to work fine. I can't comment on 1.9.x as I never tried it, and I've no idea how it would react to other mods in 1.8.
  8. I haven't been online for a few days, thanks very much for taking the time to reply. Hopefully these things will be sorted out and my favourite game will be able to run one of my favourite mods.
  9. Just to check before I install this in KSP 1.9.1, will it work?
  10. Does it mention anything about having a certain amount of fuel on it? or maybe you might need to have a scientist actually on it for it to complete. Because my space stations are always such ugly affairs I tend not to do very many of these contracts, but the few time I had it was something simple like these that give me trouble. I'm pretty sure you'll have checked this already but just in case, there isn't any limits to how high the orbit has to be, or maybe a specific part such as a science lab?
  11. I think things are pretty good as they are. Minmus is perfect for new recruits to the Kerbonaut Korps to practice aiming for a "far away" destination which can be a little fiddly for them to encounter, but yet isn't so hard as to frighten them off or make it impossible. Matt Lowne did a series on Youtube in which he limited himself to grabbing science from just one biome per celestial body, and I really do think that doing this should help more experienced players who think getting science on Minmus is too easy; after all, nothing's forcing you to grab science from numerous biomes in one trip. In addition, you can reduce the amount of science you get from each biome in the settings, don't use labs (which I seldom do), indeed I reckon you could make the game a real pig if you really wanted to.
  12. I could send you the installer, how would you like it to be done?
  13. I was wondering if anyone can help me obtain copies of the two version of the Demo listed in the title of this post. I already have the 0.18.3 and 1.0 versions, and would really like to acquire the last two to complete my collection. I contacted Squad hoping they may be able to help but unfortunately they no longer have them on their computers. However they did say if I could find them elsewhere, I could ask for copies, and I do have the email which I can show to proof this to be the case. If anyone can help me with this I'd be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  14. Vanamonde answered for me. I use Sandbox to test things, then transfer the craft over to my career game.
  15. Believe it or not, but in the four years since I first played KSP I've never used a Mobile Processing Lab until now. I normally don't bother with them, but the game I'm playing, a career using based around the Rusty Star Rockets mod and keeping non RSR parts to an absolute minimum, combined with only accepting contracts offered by RSR or SETI, and suddenly it's getting really hard getting more science. So an RSR space station was launched with an MPL being an essential part of it, but now I've just realised I have to transmit the science produced in it, I can't just shove them into a capsule when I'm doing a crew rotation, and bring them back down. My question is, what happens if I've too much science to transmit for the amount of EC on the station? Can I set the antenna to allow partial for science, will it simply transmit what it can automatically and then stop until the batteries have time to recharge, or do I need to send a "power pack" to the station to boost the EC sufficiently to let me transmit all the science? I suppose this is a stupid question, but like I said, I've never used this thing before and had planned to just take it back down to Kerbin on a capsule. Thanks everyone.
  16. Hello! I'm using KerbalEDU 1.4, but it has an extremely annoying bug that changes the screen resolution to a setting which is much to small for me to be able to read properly. Does anyone know if there's a way to stop this? Thanks.
  17. I had visitors drop in unexpectedly so only just got a chance to try KSP. And the good news is verifying the files with Steam solved the problem! So once again you guys pulled through, and once again I thank you!
  18. I'm at work right now and will look at it agsin when I get home. However I can say that when I tried it yesterday, when I clicked on the shortcut on my desktop, literally nothing happened as far as the game loading was concerned. There were no messages, timers it was as if I hadn't tried to open the game.
  19. I've got a laptop built by a UK company called Cyberpower Systems. It has an Intel i7-6700HQ CPU operating at 2.6GHz and a GTX 1060 graphics card.
  20. Mine updated automatically via Steam, and now KSP won't load at all!
  21. OK everyone, first I want to thank you all for taking the time to respond to my initial request for help, all messages, comments and suggestions were very much appreciated. I have say this has been one of the most frustrating and time consuming missions I've ever attempted in KSP, when Fierce Wolf said I'd waste ten hours trying to st this up, he wasn't exaggerating! I'm playing a career game using the Rusty Star Rockets mod. I have imposed a few rules with keeping the use of non-RSR parts to an absolute minimum and only accepting contracts offered by the Kerbin World-Firsts Record-Keeping Society and RSR, being the two that have been the most challenging up to now. This wasn't helped by being offered this contract immediately after fulfilling the World's First contract to plant a flag on the Mun; I haven't even been to Minmus yet! This has meant there isn't much of the tech tree unlocked, so technology I need to control vessels on interplanetary missions is still unavailable. Therefore to pull this off, I had to insure the encounters at Duna and Kerbin (return) were achieved by the initial transfer burn out of LKO, with a mid-course correction very shortly after entering Kerbol orbit if necessary. So finally after much cursing and swearing, I hit upon the manoeuvre that would achieve this, and the Duna probe finally blasted out of LKO tonight! I haven't a clue how I found this, even with all the help from you guys, I'd have to say it was down more to luck than judgement! There will be a slight correction needed, but for now everything's going splendidly. After so much time and effort, I decided that after completing the transfer burn, I'd complete a few simple RSR contracts that were outstanding, and then call it a night - completing the Duna flight tomorrow. If all goes well I might post a few images showing how it all played out. Anyway, thanks once again everyone, and "Fly Safe" as a certain Scotsman would say!
  22. OK guys... after playing KSP for three years, and while by no means a Scott Manley, I do feel I've made real progress in this game. Initially I'd run here as soon as I hit a problem looking for help, but gradually this became less and less, until now! However after four days of frustration, cursing, swearing, and almost putting something solid through the monitor of the computer, I have to admit on this one I'm beat. I'm playing a career in which I'm trying to stick only to "World First" type contracts, keeping private contracts to an absolute minimum. And things were going great, right up until I got a contract when I didn't expect it, requiring a science gathering flyby of Duna and return to Kerbin. For a number of reasons I don't want to enter Duna orbit, not least because I haven't unlocked powerful enough antenna to make communications to Duna possible. Also, if I were to enter orbit of Duna, I would then not be offered the contract to do so at a later date, loosing money in the process. So what I'm trying to do is a two year orbit which would see my vessel just skimming through the Duna SOI for a very short time, maybe an hour or two, before continuing it's Kerbol orbit, ending back encountering Kerbin two years after setting out. I know it's possible, I've seen screenshots of it on various forums including - I'm almost certain - this one. However I can't find any with a guide explaining how to perform this manoeuvre, such as timings, angles, etc. So can anyone talk me through how to do this? Keep it as jargon free as possible as there is so much of it and as I've already said, I'm no Scott Manley. Thanks all.
  23. It looks like there are some headline grabbing plans coming up. Really enjoying this so far.
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