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  1. Location: The waiting place. Hey, is that from Oh the Places You'll Go? That page was my favorite illustration in that book. 10/10
  2. When a Tang Dynasty building inspector spontaneously combusts, it's a job for ancient chinese Batman. Well, actually he's a former Judge. But seriously, I can't think of this movie without thinking of Detective Comics era Batman.
  3. I demand legal action be taken to protect the rights of the historically suppressed gamer crowd! Playing video games doesn't invalidate out rights! Vote yes for proposition 423!
  4. The video game industry suffers under new European laws.
  5. Yesterday it was raining, so I walked home from church. It was nice and cool, and left me feeling refreshed. I also finished the third page of my Touhou [Doujin?] (I don't know what the right word is)
  6. Want inconvienence? Here's a 1920's mobile phone. You just need a boat to stick it in.
  7. The last I googled was Superlative of Special to try and find just that. Turns out, there's nothing better than 'most special'. Unless the zombies appreciate grammar, I don't think I'm making it out alive. Though given that I didn't find anything good, I don't think I'd make it out the other way.
  8. I wish I could see Endgame, but I haven't seen Infinity War yet. I also don't have any money, so it's old episodes of Initial D for me. Today I went to the dentist, and spent an hour and a half getting a cavity filled.
  9. Well, I drew a comic in my notebook. I'm still trying to find a good way to get the pages into image files, as well as where the right place on the internet is for it.
  10. Early this morning, I got home from my vacation to Connecticut. The vacation was mostly nice, but being around my younger cousins made me feel old, and I'm too young to feel old. It's nice to be back home where things are quiet and I know where things are kept. I also found out today about Touhou 17.
  11. This'll be fun to play next halloween.
  12. Looking at my browser history, the first time I heard this song was four days after the creator's death. So with the connection to Osana Reimu, this is about triply depressing for me. It's such a great song.
  13. Today, I went to see an airplane museum in Connecticut, and got to see an Apollo lunar EVA suit and a B-29.
  14. Time? ZA WORUDO! I wish I had some mouthwatering steamed clams.
  15. This week is spring break, so I went hiking with my family in Pennsylvania, and saw some cool waterfalls. Today, I went to Six Flags New England
  16. Cat's don't need coffee, they spend half their lives asleep anyway.
  17. In my (high school) engineering class, we're learning about how flight affects the eyes. With my teacher, this means we're typing 'how does flight affect the eyes?' into google and then wandering about on our own. The only instruction we've been given is a bullet list of vision tests. Instead of integrating the internet into the classroom, my teacher replaced the classroom with the internet.
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