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  1. Cat headphone vice is hatching in the city of Bye. Frodo is starving, but luckily Pluto is made of hardtack... you filthy animal.
  2. Today, I copied an image of Wriggle Nightbug into my notebook. I couldn't get the hands to look quite right.
  3. Something. I don't know what, but something happens. There's no concrete evidence, but that's the point of faith. I hope to be able to see my mother again in the next life.
  4. Magic books capable of rewriting destiny are no match for the power of the CAMPFIRE! (That's canonical, btw)
  5. Get that tiny handheld model out of here.
  6. 9/10 It must be nice to be omnipresent.
  7. We need a prison facility, to maintain Astronaut discipline
  8. The king (Rex, regis, m) is full of ded.
  9. I had extra time in school yesterday, so I copied an image of Hong Meiling into my notebook.
  10. How do you change the size of an image when posting it on the forum?
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