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  1. Last week I started my first job, which makes this my first real weekend.
  2. Yes, it is. It's an alternate costume sketch of Cirno cropped from my current project.
  3. 7/10 The colors are nice, but it lacks texture. Or maybe I'm just missing the point.
  4. Tipsy Duck's latest video, Motivation to Motivate, has some real good ones.
  5. My doujin just hit the two month mark, and the end is coming. Just need to finish page 9, create an epilogue, and then it's editing time.
  6. I'm an obsessive Touhou fan. In way too deep. Even learned some [extremely] basic Japanese to experience it better. Also, the other day I realised that GTA 3 was released the day after I was born, and it made me feel weird. That was the first game I played that had any real driving mechanics, and I first played it last fall. Sometimes I feel that I don't quite belong in my generation.
  7. Lately I've been playing Touhou: Luna Nights. It's a short little metroidvania with fun gimmicks and great boss fights, and I just love how ridiculous it is when you take a few steps back. Also, yesterday I finally got DOOM for pc. I'd tried playing the SNES version, and that port is truly inferior.
  8. Glad you like it. The project is currently at 6 and a half pages, and it should be done in another month or so.
  9. But without the given key, movement in the left direction is impossible without redoing the key bindings. Or so it is for the modern FPS.
  10. I need help finding an image editor. I've been working on a [graphic novel?] in my spare time, and I want to replace the handwritten text in an image editor. I'd been planning to just use MS paint, but I just found out that you can't center text in MS paint. So, does anyone know any free image editors with good text support?
  11. I call the water east of the KSC scrap heap bay. And congrats on pulling off this madness.
  12. Well, it's now been one month since I started my current project, and the end is not in sight.
  13. Today, after 6 months and 92 attempts I finally cleared Touhou 7.
  14. Today in school I took one of those big standardized tests. I don't know which one it was, but after I finished I started messing around with my pen. After a while I ended up with this.
  15. Why is middle school painful? In my experience, it's because the student body is awful. For some reason, between elementry school and high school all the delinquents acted up. It was horrible. For me, the very worst was in my 8th grade science class. Usually about half the class would be wasted trying to silence the students. By the end of the year the teacher had given up on teaching anything. TLDR: Middle school is horrible, but High School is worth it.
  16. The natural enemy of long computer processes:
  17. Today, I took my younger siblings to the middle school play. It was okay. I also finished 3 panels on my project. I should be able to finish page 4 tomorrow.
  18. It's my High school engineering class. The Teacher's been out all week, so not much has been happening. In other words, it's exactly the same as it's been all year.
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