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  1. "Why in the Hell would I do that? And why would I agree?" Sting- Dead Man's Boots
  2. It is recorded that the Babylonians were making sap around 2800 BC and that it was known to the Phoenicians around 600 BC. These early references to soap and soap making were apropos the use of soap in the cleaning of textile fibers such as wool and cotton in preparations for weaving into cloth.
  3. Try the following expiriment: But a tennis ball. It looks round right? Now steal a road roller and drive over it. This revels the true form of the tennis ball, which is flat. This experiment proves that round objects are actually flat objects that are being looked at wrong.
  4. "You're a payphone is disguise" A 4koma I did a few weeks ago.
  5. Does anyone know a good geometrically defined image editor? I need to make a 4 panel comic template.
  6. Today, I finished the last bit of art I need for the comic I've been working on since May. In just another week or so it will be ready to release.
  7. Today I spent the entire afternoon and evening working on this.
  8. I have 万 Cirnos (pardon my weebness) In this scenario, I'd promptly freeze to death.
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