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  1. DBeqTzD.jpg

    My speed boat. Made with the Feline Utility Rovers mod. Check it out!

  2. The Classical PC Gamer


  3. Scoured the wiki... Korlon is getting a few outer planets (I think.) Look at the trivia Area. http://kerbal-star-systems.wikia.com/wiki/Korlon_System Also, got more errors. Show I post them on PasteBin? Also, I saw the planned features page... I've tried to code gas moons for ages now. P.S: There's a moon called Aras?! Based off me BTW?
  4. [Deleted, I fixed it myself. It was a problem with the game.]
  5. I know. I'm not the best at art. I call this one glitterworld summer
  6. After installing KSP the only thing that squad made is the base game . I love this mod. The quality of it is immense.
  7. So... How are things going. I have returned! I'm definitely not dead!
  8. Titanium Skies. My first pixel art piece. (I'm not dead by the way)
  9. So I know I will be ridiculed for this, but I have some ideas for the game that I think would be cool. A realistic impact and parts system. I mean having parts welded together and if a fuel tank is hit, fuel will drain and there will be a visible hole in the side of the craft. Also, crystalline spacecraft fuel will be seen venting out of the craft. If an engine is fired on a craft, visible melting and loss of function in part would be cool. As always, a visuals overhaul would be nice. Clouds, DoE, Planet shine, sunbeams and atmospheric scattering would be easier on the eyes. Also, if the parts were welded that might have a possibility of improving the games' FPS. Feel free to say what is on your mind if you dislike as I honestly don't care. Tell us whatcha think!
  10. The hostile grip of Terraria has taken me to be one of it's own!


    Anyway, baffled my maths teacher with one of my favorite things in the Universe (and beyond, prepare my mind to ripped apart with metaphysics! Leave yer common sense at the door) the Kardnashev Scale or something like that.


    My hours of exercise has also payed off. I'm skinny as (again!).


    Still got a weird music taste, still annoying people.

  11. I managed to ask a few orbital mechanics questions at school that the teachers didn't know.

    Being smart is fun.

    But anyway, back to the update, I have a problem of the email I signed up with. It got hacked and I want to change my password before the hacker gets it. Is there anyway to change the signed up email address without accessing the email address?

    1. UranianBlue


      use your recovery phone NOW!!!!!

      I almost got hacked by the russians last month, that's what I did.

    2. AR3S_TGL


      Yea, I nearly got hacked. But this was by cosmic entities to get the formula of dark matter. I like Rick and Morty and I hate phones.

  12. Woop! I reached more rep than content!

  13. So is this still in dev? It seems like a cool idea
  14. I'm still thinking. I just wanted to know if you charge anything for your work.
  15. I am a modder that is terrible at texturing. I have heard that you make textures. Do you charge anything?
  16. Today I discovered it was a year after I started modding Minecraft. It was in the same summer in which I started modding KSP. Now I am on route to modding other games. I am going to start modding Unturned and make a full mod for Minecraft. It is called Elemental Rockets. It is like Galacticraft but simpler. If I get enough support, I will add KSP planets to the mod or make a KSP mod!
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