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  1. Usually only 2-3 hours before I get bored, but I’ve had a few times where I’ve played for 7-8 hours straight to complete a mission I was working on.
  2. Yes, it’s tidally locked, but the heat on the day side isn’t a problem as long as I don’t EVA; the Cerberus has enough radiators to survive there. If I break a wheel or crash, I can just load my last save. The problem is more so that the terrain around the terminator line looks like this: So yeah, not exactly conducive to roving.. during a test it took me a while to even get over one of those mountains, and they go on for hundreds of km before eventually smoothing out on the day and night sides. An Elcano would probably take several weeks at the very least just because of this.
  3. I have finally done it. I've landed on Ernus and returned safely, something that, to my knowledge, has only ever been done once before. One thing that I'm almost sure of, though, is that I'm the first to do this mission with no ion engines, thanks to a plethora of gravity assists from the ever-so-generous Moh and the aforementioned refueling at Moho. I'm also the first to land with multiple kerbals and the first to bring a rover, at least as far as I can tell. Valentina, Bill, and Tatiana Kerman emerge from the Sisyphus lander after safely touching down on Ernus's night side (on the day side, it's so hot that Kerbals will pretty much instantly die, so landing here was my only real option). To my own surprise, I actually pulled off this landing on my first attempt, which is quite a feat considering Ernus has a surface gravity of 1.65G, over twice that of Tylo. After the flag had been planted, the rover, Cerberus, was then undocked from the Sisyphus lander, with a neat IVA view to boot. I don't know why I don't drive rovers in IVA view more often; it's way more fun and immersive than in third-person. Rover Expedition: Launching back to Orbit: The Journey Home: Home at last
  4. I finished my ridiculous chain of Moho landings with a total of 17 landings to refuel my mothership, the Icarus, to full for the trip to Ernus. Landing 16: ended up in this horribly craggy area after overshooting a nice flat plain just to the east of it, which I called the "Promise Lands". Despite my best efforts and my (usually) up to scratch piloting skills, I'll still make a silly mistake like this from time to time. Or I'll just hit a mountain on the way back up, as happened on one of the landings (I believe it was landing 8). Luckily though, we made it to the Promise Lands on the next landing with no issues. (barring Valentina almost overheating again) After all 17 landings had been completed, and the Icarus had been fully refueled, Bill and Bob decided to make an expedition to a place few Kerbals dare to even mention: the Mohole. Bob grinning maniacally over the rim of the Mohole After leaving the Mohole after an "unfortunate" incident, (official sources state that he absolutely did NOT shove Bob into the Mohole to prevent him from taking over the world) Bill made a refueling stop along the way back to Moho's equator, and, well, that's quite a sight to behold! Once the Moho Mole had been reunited with the Icarus and then promptly left behind in Moho orbit (o7 we salute you for your great service), the journey down to Ernus began... I'm not scared.. haha.. No way! Beginning the burn over half an hour in advance, because actually starting the burn at half the burn time remaining with such a low TWR would result in us just flying straight past Ernus. Also, you can still see Moh from here, as it's big enough and close enough, at only 1 million km or so away! 11:40 PM, Ernus orbit reached. I've been playing since 3:40, I think I'm done for the day...
  5. "How many times do you want to land on Moho?" "Yes."
  6. I landed on Moho 10 times. Why? Well, I'm currently refueling the Icarus, my mothership of choice for a mission to Ernus in the New Horizons planet pack. In order to get there, we need a truly astronomical sum of delta-V, and, as such, I've decided to stop off at Moho to refuel, in order to not need to bring the 12 km/s or so required to get to Ernus in one shot (at least that is what I found in my reconnaissance missions. I'm also not using any ion engines, and have 3 crew members, as well as a decently sized rover, on which one of the wheels exploded for literally no reason). Of course, though, in order to actually land the whole ship on Moho, I'd need a bunch of big heavy engines, which would greatly reduce my overall delta-V, and hence I decided to use a smaller "miner" vessel instead, that goes down to the surface, refines some fuel, returns to the ship, and repeats this process, over and over again. And, on top of that, it also means that I can just leave it around Moho once the refueling is done, instead of carrying all of the equipment that would be dead weight with me afterwards. The innermost planets of the New Horizons planet pack, Ernus and Moh (of which Moho is a moon) The Moho Mole, the mining module I'm using to (slowly) refuel the Icarus for the trip to Ernus Moho Mole taking off for the seventh (or eighth?[ninth?]) time. The views of Moh and Kerbol from here are quite something to behold (and very dynamic, because for some reason Moho isn't tidally locked to Moh). Icarus arriving at Moho with a 40-minute-long insertion burn
  7. I discovered why playing old versions can be a bad idea... bro WHAT More seriously, I'm working on a new mission that uses the New Horizons planet pack, which, as far as I know, only works up to KSP 1.3. I'm not a huge fan of 1.3 due to the constant stuttering that my game would seem to experience while playing it, and, as such, I'm using 1.2.2, which sort of held a special place in my heart as 1.2 is the first major update to come out after I started playing; I remember being so intrigued by the UI improvements, the addition of CommNet, and, of course, the faster loading times. Well, it's not quite as good as I remembered it, that's for sure. In this mod, I'm trying to get to Ernus and back, which, as far as I know, has only been done once before, in this video from 2015. Which definitely won't be easy, as Ernus is located just 1 million km from Kerbal (almost 5 times closer than Moho in stock KSP), and has temperatures reaching over 1,000°C. I remember sending a probe there back in 2017, and just doing so took something like 10 km/s of delta-V to reach its orbit, even with several gravity assists from Moh (the next planet out). And, of course, me being me, I want to send a rover as well, the Cerberus, shown here in a HyperEdit test. Driving here is going to be almost impossible in some areas- this endless ridge terrain straddles the entire terminator line Now, obviously, we need a pretty powerful lander, as Ernus has 1.65G of gravity and a 400 km radius, resulting in you needing about 3 km/s to land, and 3 more to return to orbit. For this, I have developed the Sisyphus lander, which is chock-full of radiators to keep the science parts from overheating. I might actually have to land on the night side in order for this mission to be possible- in testing, on the day side, kerbals would die the second they went EVA. Oh yeah, and I also still have DLC parts, as it turns out they still work even with versions from before they came out. In order to get this 96-ton lander to its destination, though, we need a powerful transfer vehicle, the Icarus, which I plan to use to get to Moho for refueling (Moho in this mod orbits the aforementioned Moh, a Hot-Jupiter type planet and the second from Kerbol). After leaving Moho, it'll take the lander and crew to Ernus, and, after the surface mission is complete, the center core will detach and take the crew back to Kerbin. On one nuclear engine. Yay 0.03 TWR. And, finally, the Moho mining module, which will have to make something like ten Moho landings to refuel the Icarus. Fun. I'm getting reminded of @king of nowhere's refueling process in his Whirligig World mission with this one.
  8. That thing sounds like it would be almost impossible to control.. I love it!
  9. I killed two kerbals by teleporting them 4,000km below the surface of Jool.. apparently they died so hard that they died a second time...? (for legal reasons I cannot show the name of the vessel)
  10. I've been playing some Lethal Company recently (because it seems like everyone and their mother has), and I couldn't resist... (also please don't tell me I have a monopoly on KSP memes, now!)
  11. Neat to see this thread pop up again 3 years later.. I’m now at 2,499.9 hours according to Steam. I guess I’ll compare my current stats to the stats I had at the time of my last post on this thread, 3 years ago. According to my last post from 2020, I had 1,630 hours logged in KSP. Since then, I’ve added 870 hours to that total, over the course of 1,210 days (the last post was made on August 17, 2020). Put another way, that means that, between now and then, I’ve spent an average of 0.72 hours per day playing KSP, or roughly 43 minutes per day, which is definitely a significant decrease from the average of over 1 hour per day that I had then. The story is the same when you account for my total play time, which is 2,500 hours over the course of 2,744 days, or about 54 minutes per day.
  12. I decided to turn the Maverick, the SSTO lander for my upcoming grand tour mission, into a space shuttle instead, because, let's face it, that's cooler. (and also it may or may not have just barely failed to reach orbit over and over again and I really didn't feel like making it heavier to accomplish its goal). In the test flight that this screenshot was taken, I used the RAPIER engines during ascent, but I later removed the need for this by increasing the angle of the outer Vector engine on the bottom of the main tank. I then painted the main tank orange to give it more of a Space Shuttle look, and added some custom flags again. Including our.. sponsors!
  13. That is actually insane that Gregrox managed to modify the temperature of the Lava biome on Yalthe/Yokane to melt your rovers, I had no idea that this was even a thing when I was doing my grand tour last year. When I went to Yalthe myself, I thought it was the most boring place in the whole Reander system.. guess I should have inspected it more closely! Also, I don't remember seeing any of those "fault lines" on Yokane when I was there... that's certainly an interesting terrain feature... same with Dakkon and Totooa! I might have to go back and do a more comprehensive mission to Reander and its moons some day; ever since my grand tour attempt failed due to endless game crashes, I've sort of stopped playing this mod.
  14. I began to realize how much I've slept on mods all these years... especially Kerbal Konstructs!
  15. Completed construction of the HEFF-3500, a ship I plan to use for a grand tour of the Alternis Kerbol mod for an upcoming Youtube series. (this will include Tylo, but the lander is going to be launched and sent there separately). It's a new and improved version of the HEFF-1000, the ship I originally made to celebrate 1,000 subscribers, and wanted to use, but scrapped due to the cargo bay being too unstable (piston doors are way more Kraken baity than hinge doors). It's inspired a bit by Gargantua, a ship from a series by ShadowZone from years ago. Total mass: around 990 t Total part count: 1,208 HEFF-3500 on the surface of Minmus in a landing test. The wide cargo bay makes it impossible to use regular landing legs, so I instead used extra-large landing gears mounted on pistons, which seemed to work pretty well. Cargo bay opened in orbit before an engine test. Inside, there are two landers: the Kangaroo (top), which will be used for all landings besides Eve and Laythe, and Leonardo, the Eve lander (bottom), which makes use of propellers to make the Eve ascent easier than it otherwise would be. Behind Leonardo are also two 1.875m fuel tanks, which will be attached to the Kangaroo for its Eeloo descent: landing on Eeloo in Alternis Kerbol is almost as hard as landing on Tylo in stock KSP. More on Kangaroo: As for Laythe, we have another lander/SSTO, the Maverick, which will be launched separately from the HEFF-3500, carrying the crew to LKO and docking with the main ship. After it has landed and returned from Laythe, it will then return to Kerbin on its own, hence the name Maverick. I also did quite a bit more interior design/finer detailing on this ship than I did on its predecessor, which I quite like: The original ship, the HEFF-1000:
  16. I discovered that the 5 meter structural tubes make for quite good interior spaces.
  17. Got down to 27°F and a hard freeze the other night here in New Hampshire, winter is coming…
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