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  1. When I used to use this mod a while ago (KSP 1.3 ages), it quickly ate my RAM up to 14 GB until it crashed. Has the extreme RAM consumption been fixed?
  2. Please, do so. This mod is one of the reasons I'm still on 1.3.1
  3. Forgetting the crew and only realizing it when you’re already around Minmus
  4. All done, cheers! https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/DangIt/issues/12
  5. That's very nice of you I sadly stopped using the mod since it slowed my game down badly and caused the RAM to climb up to over 12 GB for KSP alone.
  6. It might be nice to disable the part failure (as option) above 100x or 1000x (or anything else) warp rate?
  7. Pretty much how the internet works most of the time.
  8. Rip mods, again. I'd love to launch from another pad though!
  9. I have been summoned! Apologies, you should have version is 0.2.22 and I have corrected this mistake on the website. Here's a download link btw: http://lunamultiplayer.com/redirect?p=download&v=0.2.22
  10. Update 0.3.28 Luna MultiPlayer 0.3.28 has been released! Build version Changelog ### Seventh BETA version of LMP - Compatible with KSP 1.4.1 - Added a nicer mod control file (check the wiki for instructions on how to use it) - Simpler chat system - Other vessels should be really immortal now - Restored the colliders for other vessels - Optimizations for server (Warp file and GC mode) - Added a clear vessels command for server - Some UI fixes - Added a "precision ground positioning" setting that uses the orbital parameters, bear in mind it's unstable - Several fixes for master servers (they now include a generated website) - Now vessels outside of safety bubble are displayed Full changelog is available at our website: http://lunamultiplayer.com/changelog Download The latest version is available for download at our website http://lunamultiplayer.com/download
  11. Considering 1.4.1 is planned to be released under 24 hours, I doubt that any mods will be updated to 1.4. Just wait a week or so, then you'll have nearly every major mod updated.
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