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  1. Hello, sorry it took me so long to reply, thank you for the tips. I did some testing with small hops at launch pad with this craft, i replaced the legs, started a new save as well. https://imgur.com/JEp9fGf The previous version can withstand even 9 m/s hop sometimes the newer above 5 it seems to be poofing.
  2. Hello!Thank you so much for the update!The jiggle was fixed but... unfortunately the crash tolerance was drastically reduced in this version, like drastically and even the lightest bumps evaporate the legs. I hope you can fix it or improve it, i love this mod...its one of my favorites and right now i use a previous version to be able to land my rockets. After i land it i reduce the spring to zero to stop the jiggling(on the previous version). Thank you again for your time and this brilliant mod!
  3. [snip] It's not about your opinion but this is no way to critize a development team. [snip]
  4. I truly admire your positivity and optimism, i wish, i really do, you get a reward for it with a solid KSP2 and that would also be a great thing for all KSP/space fans. I am super happy you replied to my post and yeah i am not trying to make this another thread ''Locked for moderator review. ''
  5. My best guess is the game had to be released eventually and when the day arrived they started removing features and aspects of the game until it became ''somewhat'' stable. I have seen some posts discussing about this and it seems like a very plausible scenario just because removing incomplete parts of the game until it can run would/could cause all this ''obvious'' issues since there would be side effects from the oh we have to release get it ready.
  6. You know how easily hope and fear mingle? I hope to get a great game but if i judge its problems i fear i will never get it. That is the scenario many in these forums currently inhabit. It's literally, oh oh don't say anything, we might lose the chance to get our favourite game. If you love, hope and fear in a balanced way then your praise and critism should be balanced.
  7. It's unfair to diminish the value of KSP1, especially after all the ''KSP2 will be better'' ''KSP2 will fix the broken aspects of KSP1'' I wish i could be more constructive and ellaborate but i can't, what i am reading the past few days in these forums have left me dazzled. I uh, really?
  8. My fears were confirmed, except the UI which i really liked, all the rest are a downgrade from KSP1, good luck to anyone delving into this mess
  9. I sincerely wish the best to everyone involved in this potentially upcoming disaster. I will be so happy to see this sequel thrive but i will not ignore all the warning signs. Hype has a tendency to put them in sideline First Full release then switch to Early Access with zero new content, only revamped UI and some bloom enchanced graphics Extremely short and quiet media campaign, mostly i believe to lower the expectations as much its possible. A ''framey'' release trailer, gameplay that is meant to show the game at its best. There is so many more, many have made longer threads that explain it so much better. If you actually read what i typed, not clouded by the fog of hype i appreciate it and yes i do really want this to succeed, that's the best case scenario for everyone.
  10. Hope some hype fuels this train before it fully derails.
  11. Here are couple ideas...good luck...first step backup saves --Try different graphic drivers version, hopefully newer have released or older ones(I heard one of the new nvidia drivers had problems) --Disable Steam Cloud Saving for Kerbal and Verify Files, see if that fixes it, or even a clean install AFTER disabling cloud saving.(Cloud Saving can keep bringing back bugs sometimes) --Not really a solution but maybe you could try Scatterer its a graphical mod that could solve what you going through. --Did you explore the v-sync/g-sync problems if you have it ofcourse....turn vsync off --Lastly give this a try, its a fix for shadows flickering, a different bug but who knows it might help... Open with notepad the settings.cfg file(main game's install folder) and change the values below SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 0 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 0 To: SHADOWS_FLIGHT_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_KSC_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_TRACKING_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_EDITORS_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_MAIN_PROJECTION = 1 SHADOWS_DEFAULT_PROJECTION = 1
  12. A very pleasant surprise, thank you for the update!Any fixes we can get are very welcomed.
  13. When you are in an active flight and not in main menu and you hit escape->Settings are they really turned off? cause sometimes the main menu wont save the settings.
  14. Hello, i found two possible ''solutions'' that might help. 1)Turn anti aliasing on and then turn off Highlight FX and Part Highlighter Enabled in Flight and see if that fixes it, At least if that works you will have anti aliasing and you will just lose the highlighting of the parts your cursor is on. 2)I read something about G Sync fighting V Sync might cause that so turning off Vsync might help as well. Good luck!!!
  15. In part you are right but see one of the biggest problems it creates is optimization. Everytime they add a major feature there will have to be a cycle of optimizing it and then breaking it again until the completion of the next feature. Not to mention that there will be the constant we will truly optimize it when all the major features are in the game, now its not the correct time to deal with that. What you are saying about the big publisher that's another beast subject to tackle with. Hahah very interesting, i like that , another food for thought post.
  16. Your post is great, this last paragraph is hard to think about but i am trying. I would say though here is more like ''Your co worker is seeing all the car crashes and keeps saying i will be there in 5 minutes to his coworker and when he finally arrives the car has less than four wheels'' First of all always take content creators opinions with a grain of salt.You have to remember that when a source of income is in play the opinion will not 100% reflect the reality. Secondly my endless complaining is a cry of please stop promising things you can't and won't deliver at least not in the window you are suggesting. The more we ''endlessly complain'' about this fact the less we will be disappointed and this already happened because the early access version will not include almost any of the major new features. About how optimized it will be i have my thoughts on it(red physics) but with all this content not present on the first release it might be uhhh acceptable.
  17. The key to your reply is ''at worst''. Everything in life can be worse hence if we follow that sentiment we should always be happy and never look for something better and stop trying to improve the world around us and seek for more since in retrospect the reality is yes it can always be worse. You know this is a paradox right? Because if you are satisfied with what you have because there is always worse you would never have what makes you satisfied at the first place. Our constant drive to not accept that is what actually brought us here, with games that have multiple planets to travel instead of 2D, because hey even in 2D it could be always worse, you could have no games at all. I agree with your post but i can't see it relate too much with this current situation. Kerbal 2 was being promised to have all these shiny features and the ambition to overcome the problems of KSP1 development and even at some points maybe diminishing how hard they were to tackle with and how it can be done better. If the approach was different, like ok we have an ambitious project lets release this in early access and slowly work to an amazing triple A game i would be completely fine with it, fighting the bugs all the way and that's it. Also the complexity increases for everything, not only the game itself but the tools available to create those games. We can see individuals creating games which scope would require a studio a year or more to create. I know you didn't mean it that way just a side note from me that the justification that games are too big now to be ''light bugged'' doesn't hold much value since the tools that exist now didn't exist back then not even close(and the knowledge).
  18. Very well said!There were many moments where being critical about the hardships of KSP 1 development was edging the too much area. You expressed it in a way that resonates so much with me!
  19. So let's think about this. The only time we should be judging a product's quality is when we can personally make something at least as good. This does not hold any logic, every single product you can't make at your home workshop would be of flawless quality and instant buy. When we stop complaining and we start accepting and overhyping you know what happens? A stream of hundreds of games, unfinished, unpolished, overpriced, overpromised. That's what's the current state of games so when i see the tape playing all over again that's where my frustration comes.
  20. I don't know how much smaller it could possibly have been. The roadmap is literally every single new and exciting feature that was advertised for the sequel. You have to scrap the bottom of the barrel to find any new exciting feature that justifies what you are saying. I would say lets hope i am wrong and everything goes well but that moment is gone for me, we going to see another early access troubled development cycle as we have seen already with so many games.
  21. You misunderstood. The game will have to come on consoles and that will mean taking an unstable/kinda stable version of the game and spending a huge amount of development time and resources to make it acceptable with the strict console rules. It will lead to remove or stalling features and updates and every single major update will take weeks or months of work to make it valid for a console update release.
  22. I don't understand, i am not joking, its what will happen with absolute certainty at this point i am sure of it. Except a worse case scenario where the game is never really fully completed.
  23. This is the outcome i was most afraid. A complete barren early access game, as someone said a ''remake'' of Kerbol system splashed with bloom and godrays to make it look half as good as some of the beautiful visual mods they exist out there. Total heartbreak for a game that i love and those who say if you don't like it don't buy it i answer that ignoring things you love and enjoy in life is painful and its not an adequate ''solution''. What is ahead of us? Years and years of development hell, with bugs, content getting thrown out of the window, multiple performance and technical issues. HUGE delays to bring the game on consoles, huge revamps of systems, promises, bug hunting, bug solving, community patching, mods getting outdated, modders yet again will be exhausted trying to catch up with every update that changes fundamental things and breaks their mods. This is a repeat we have seen too many times and after all these delays and promises seeing this ''early access'' which it doesn't even have colonization is a disrespect to the Kerbal universe.
  24. How can this be, early access after all these delays? All these features it will take years for a ''stable'' release and many of the features will be slowly and silently get cut down. Eventually the pressure for a full release will be too much and they will have to call it 1.0 no matter what. So disappointing after all this time and delays, now we will have to fight through bugs for years with the hopes the modding community will help fill the game with life and all the development changes and troubles. And that's the best case scenario at this point....
  25. I like how the slow stream of new information leads to some very interesting and extremely in depth analyses of various subjects that otherwise would be sideswiped from the hype. So i guess there is always a uhhh bright side to everything...
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