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  1. Looking through these olod Devblogs dells like digging through archives
  2. Good morning, ladies and gents. My KSP was getting rather buggy lately, but it didn't really bother me too much until now, as a feature that is most vital to the gameplay, the Delta-V-Meter next to the navball, started adding hundreds of meters/second by every real-time second. Attached here is a screenshot confirming that the maneuver node was not changed, and yet the game thinks that the number is being altered. I really hope that someone can give me advice on how to fix this. EDIT : Deleted BetterTimeWarp, problem got fixed.
  3. "The VengaRocket's coming, and everybody jumping...." (c) Vengakerbals
  4. I met my first MUNolith (or any easter egg beyond kerbin) today.
  5. Listen, I've seen girders explode for no apparent reason other than "Kraken", as Gene from mission control said. There is nothing that can make me raise an eyebrow.
  6. *Shows Kerbin Government-ish Bureau (KGB) ID card* There is no classified information. At least not for me.
  7. Me being russian, I can tell you the following: Y'all are cowboys (that one is true) And then there is the s**t on the Brainwashing machine a.k.a. the telly: Americans are : Dumb as rocks hate Russia Are at fault for political protests in Russia(or any general unrest) CAPITALIST PIIIIIGSSSS!!!!!!111!!!!11 That pretty much sums it all up. This is exactly why I moved to germany in 2007.
  8. I know. I just think that is a bit cheaty.
  9. When I was writing this post, I thought of Single Stage To Moon(which would mean both Minmus and Mün), but I guess that you could stage after reaching LKO/HKO
  10. Sounds rather interesting bruv. Can't wait to see more!
  11. Exactly. If your hardware allows you to record a video AND play the game simultaneously, then, yeah, go ahead. But pictures are also good in my eyes.
  12. I want YOU (yes you, reading this post right now) to create an SSTO only using stock parts up to tier 5, which is capable of: Easy : get into Low Kerbin Orbit Challenging : get into High Kerbin Orbit (>500km) Even More Challenging : Fly by the Mün (or land for extra credits) Hard: Fly by Minmus (or land for extra credits) Extreme : Impress me ... and of course, come back alive. Wait. This sounds too easy. Lets limit the part count to around 45-ish parts. Yes. Sounds much better. Good Luck! ----Alex From WolfCo. Aerospace
  13. As @GoSlash27 said, get closer to the ship that you would like to dock with. Don't be afraid to switch back and forth from both of your ships to ensure the docking ports being alligned. Sincerely, ---Alex from WolfCo. Aerospace
  14. This is quite interesting.
  15. Today I screwed up my staging in a non-revertable save game. Oy vey!
  16. To whomever it may concern,
    Recently I have discovered the following problem. CKAN seems to think that my KSP version is 1.3.1 . However(!), my installed version of the game is, and this causes many problems with mods, which crash my game due to compatibility issues. Is there any way to convince that software of it being wrong?
    Yours sincerely,
    Alex from WolfCo. Areospace

  17. At the start of a new game I always hire 2 female kerbonauts, a Scientist as well as an Engineer to fly along with Val. Having them there by default would be nice.
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