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  1. thank you, will looking another way to fix it.
  2. Yes, is there any way to make split rudder work? Like add a plugin? I can write C# so if there is any chance to make it work, I willing to try.
  3. Any possible let AtmosphereAutopilot controll more than one rudder on one part?
  4. SPOCK v0.2.0 -The NERVA Warning! This Update Will Destroy The Previous Ship Saving! And Make Sure You Removed The Old "shuttle_OV200" File When You Install The New One! The update's Content and features: New part: "LV-N209 "NERVA" Pathfinder Nerva Main Engine". The Nerva engine used on Pathfinder A lot of parts rebalance Landing gears fixing Move the depthmask plugin into plugin folder Remove the "RS-25N" engine Adding waterfall effect to engines Rename the "Saber" engine to "CR-24 "Longbow" Engine" Screenshots: Download: GitHub(Same as above)
  5. Photo by @Talverd SPOCK - Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit [WIP] Stockalike Nuclear Shuttle Pathfinder From For All Mankind Shuttle Pathfinder Orbiter Construction Kit is a mod recreating the Pathfinder, a second generation nuclear shuttle series came from the TV show For All Mankind Season 2 by @benjee10's SOCK art style. Promo video by Matthew Cable Key features: Highly detailed textures Switchable Shuttle names, texture, designations & decals Almost in the same way to construct the vehicle as SOCK Can equip utility design for SOCK's cargo bay Redesign and add some parts to make it playable The drag chute can switch to SOCK type Still WIP: The C-5 air-launch carrier(will make it to a mod) Balance Main engine model (temporary borrow from @Nertea 's ReStock Vector engine) IVA model (temporary borrow from SOCK) Engines effect A lot Dependencies(all in the download file): B9PartSwitch Waterfall Benjee10 Shared Assets (for AJ-10 engine) Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit (temporary) Licensing: Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Download: GitHub
  6. Those problem will be in next update Yes it only support basic operation now Due to my computer is under repairing now, I can't do anything to mod. Next update will take a little time.
  7. DOWNLOADS Github Still a rough mod, but basically playable. 4 types of descent stage appearance: IRL IRL without cover ETS ETS without cover 2 types of Ascent stage docking port base: Apollo LM docking port (from BDB) APAS (from Benjee10) Screenshots:
  8. What version your KSP, KSRSS and Cape Kanaveral you use? KSP1.8.1 -> KSRSS 0.6.1 -> CapeKanaveral-KSRSS 0.6.1 (On GitHub) KSP 1.8+ -> KSRSS 0.7 -> CapeKanaveral-KSRSS 0.7 (On both GitHub and SpaceDock)
  9. Emergency update 1.1.1 is released on github (I can't upload new file to SpaceDock now). My fault. I updated the wrong file.(gosh. I need to learn how to manage my project)
  10. New version of cape Kanaveral is released. It can fit in game 1.11.2 now! And this update come with a new part: Launch Pad 1. Enjoy!
  11. New cape Kanaveral for 1.11 is packing. This update will come with a surprise. Stay tuned!
  12. Make Baikonur Cosmodrome or Edwards Air Force Base or rework my shuttle-c mod. Those are possible options.
  13. I didn't touch it for a while. Because modeling a mod with few low quality pictures is a painful thing and it spend more time than I expect. So I turned to revamp Cape Kanaveral which I made it for fun last year. Konstellation program won't be abandoned .I will back to work on it someday.
  14. Current KSRSS doesn't support game version above 1.8.1. Maybe using 1.8.1 version KSP will fix your problem. And KK and kopernicus might need to replace to old version, too.
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