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  1. 7 hours ago, Entr8899 said:

    ...It's in the mod lol. I have no idea if it's from an alt-history thing or just Cobaltwolf's own imagination, but it's just a Saturn V skirt that drops off, leaving only the central F1. I think it's supposed to have an S-IVB instead of an S-II or something.


    If you can think of it, you can  bet NASA thought of it.  They had some truly bonkers paper concepts.

  2. 7 hours ago, slyfox023 said:

    from what I can understand from the page, everything is there, but how to build it is not, for a example, I don't know how to fully build the Cassini probe, or the voyager 2 probe, in a basic sense like that, of course there are some guides for some of the probes, but unless you know how to build every probe the mod offers or know about how the probes were made it's not easy to understand it62795837-87bfc780-bacf-11e9-8861-d27db2d

    Those are from Probes Plus mod, not BDB.  You're better off grabbing the craft files from Probes+, though most of them are fairly straightforward to figure out if you filter the parts list.

  3. 4 hours ago, hgordillo said:

    Thanks everyone..wanted to focus more on flying than building but fair enough...be well,

    There's a complete set of craft files included with the mod download - if for some reason you can't find the folder you can get them off github here.  They match the build guides on the Unofficial Wiki and up to date as of the latest release.

  4. 47 minutes ago, Syczek said:

    Getting error with b9partswitch at GeminiEquipment module : H2O2 and none,the hell that means??

    Are you running Skyhawk Science System and/or Kerbalism or something like that?  They add resources and sometime don't add the correct definitions.   It's not technically a BDB issue.

  5. 6 hours ago, Galland1998 said:

    I was looking at doing a career playthrough that used BDB as the main parts mod, what combo of life support/tech tree mods would you use?  I'd also like to add in the Nertea and Planetside Exploration Mods.    I really like the science mechanics of Kerbalism but I am not sure that  is all that friendly anymore with the current state of BDB and the the other two parts packs.  

    Any suggestions? 

    The typical recommendation right now is SkyhawkScienceSystem, which supports almost all the mods that mesh well with BDB.  I've had too many problems with Kerbalism so reverted to good old Tac LS, though Snacks works well too if you wanted a lighter touch (or add the Snacks optionals with stress for a heavier touch, indeed!)

  6. 1 hour ago, DeltaDizzy said:

    Gotten back into the game recently and have been doing a "visit every planet, land if possible but orbit (for scansat) absolutely" run. Additional rule is no replica payloads and that has made it quite fun indeed! The orbiter program is SUNBEAM and the lander program is FRESNEL.

    Heh, sounds like my usual playthroughs, with the added end game objective of "at least one viable colony on another planet that isn't Duna/Mars," which almost invariably breaks me because of transfer windows and life support requirement.  It's quite a challenge not doing replicas with BDB though!


    10 hours ago, kspbutitscursed said:

    @Friznit can you add an kepler section for the BDB wiki pls 

    It's on my To Do list!  Just getting around to it whilst playing through a regular career game (also BG3 just came out...I know, there are other games apart from KSP, who knew!)

  7. 7 hours ago, OrbitalManeuvers said:

    A few people 'round these parts have given this a go in KSRSS, but so far I don't think anyone has had much success. You can def get to Venus :)


    1. Get KSP TOT
    2. Calculate Venus return window
    3. Launch flyby mission
    4. Forget to account for mass of snacks
    5. Slingshot around Venus into intergalactic trajectory
    6. Send rescue mission
    7. Run out of snacks
    8. Send rescue mission for rescue mission
    9. Kerbals melt from solar radiation
    10. Run goo experiment
    11. Profit...


  8. 21 hours ago, CompetitiveSpycrab said:

    Hi, I can't find the A-USD tanks from the Vostok tutorial on the wiki. Are they a separate mod, or have they been renamed at some point?

    It's possible the name has changed.  But the upper stage fuel tank should be the A-USF and the decoupler is the A-USD.   Most bits should show if you use the Vostok and tantares search tags

  9. 16 hours ago, CobaltWolf said:

    This is really sad, but I don't actually spend enough time in game to have real answers for this. But I did think of one thing - aren't a lot of the experiments mentioned meant to be reset by a Kerbal on EVA? Is it possible the data was being collected without the experiment being reset?

    Or is it just the [X] Science issue?

    It's a long-time known [X] Science issue related to sample-type  experiments with animated parts.  Basically it runs the experiment without running the animation, so the part get stuck in a state where it's run but not run and the game has a hissy fit so you can neither recover the sample nor reset the experiment.  Bottom line is don't use [X]Science Here & Now to run experiments.

  10. 6 hours ago, DeliriumTrigger said:

    From what I understand after searching the thread, System Heat is a dependency, but if I go into the difficulty settings and disable it, that means that BDB will fall back to its old boil-off mechanics.  If I'm doing this anyway, can I just remove the System Heat mod, or will that break stuff?   Not seeing much point in having the mod installed if I'm not using it since the only thing it's doing is adding to my load time and RAM usage.

    Yes you can safely drop it.


    Explorer 6 = Pioneer 5 with a different texture variant on the B9 Partswitch.

  11. 1 hour ago, Sudragon said:

    With regards to the Model 8250  Agena-D Secondary Engine and  Model 8250-B  Agena-D Secondary Engine, with the recent conversion of the XLR81 Series to run on Aerozine and NTO, these were not similarly converted. As a frequent user of this equipment I have several launches on hold waiting for an update on this hardware.

    I'm assuming you're running Skyhawk Science System?  BDB uses stock fuels as standard so it's likely SSS or another mod converting engines to use real fuels and has missed these out.

  12. 1 hour ago, Saturn1234 said:

    Hello, I downloaded BDB and wanted to ask how you manage not to get lost in such a huge amount of parts. I've unlocked Basic Rocketry and I'm already lost in it. Also, do you only use parts for real designs or do you make your own as well?

    BDB has its own part category but Filter Extensions helps too.  You can also use Janitor's Closet if you need more aggressive part filtering.

    The Unofficial Wiki can help get your head around where all the parts go on historical rockets but BDB is built with "legoability" in mind, so making weird and wacky creations is strongly encouraged.  Extra points if you can come up with something that NASA didn't already think of!

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