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  1. Updated configs for screwdriver, golfclub, cardboard box and fallen kerbal to work with latest KIS. Tested in 1.5.1 and 1.6. I'll bung you the code on Discord. Will still need a proper recompile for 1.6 though.
  2. Colour me interested. This is essentially what I've been trying to achieve with a combination of USI MKS/USI-LS, EPL, Kolonisation and Nehemia's Orbital Science - a modset intended to create a Purpose™ to the carear game. I've had to RP quite a bit, setting myself rules such as Civilians cannot go on long trips until they've had a month at the Orbital Training Facility and a minimum of 6 months at the Offworld Training Kolony on Minmus. A lucky few get to join the Space Pioneer Programme and explore distant worlds. Recruiting trained Kerbs is fiercely expensive, so 'converting' civilians and training them in the MKS Akademy is preferable. Perhaps you might consider taking an idea of low-g / zero-g experimentation and tie that into the stats of the different bodies to unlock new tiers. For example, something like a certain number of experiments are required in a Zero G environment to unlock Tier 2 (an Orbital in LKO will do the trick); but to unlock Tier 3 you need some experiments in a Low G environment (this would suggest a Mun base) AND some research outside Kerbin SOI (Space Station in Kerbol Orbit should do)...or you could skip them and go for a Moho base like a pro but it's going to be harder to get the results back to Kerbin. Tier 4 is going to require some proper alien world experimentation, with demonstrable results from High G, alien atmospheres. Essentially each Tier has an increasingly complex (yet abundantly clear) number of gates to achieve before you can unlock the Shinies and upgraded kit that your Kerbs need if they expect to build sustainable offworld habitat.
  3. There's a MM patch for Station Parts Redux floating around already. It's in one or the other threads.
  4. Very nice. I am no rocket expert and know very little of the history, but after installing BDB over Christmas to have a quick play, I ended up losing many hours of sleep rebuilding every rocket and learning all about the different variations, then putting ridiculously optimistic payloads on them and developing some comprehensive lithobraking skills.
  5. I just ran into this problem as well (KSP 1.5.1) . In some cases the RFBR (aka Timberwind) reactor stops generating Thermal Power - Reactor Status in the Reactor Control Window shows Active (0.00%), whereas a normal working Timberwind usually shows (0.020%) when idle, producing a steady 12KW of TP. If you shut the reactor down, the decay heating kicks in and starts generating thermal power for a few days until it cools off. Unfortunately I can't reliably reproduce the issue after various tests of reloading, warping, switching vessels etc . If I can figure out a way to do so and catch it in the logs I'll update the post.
  6. I'm divebombing the thread because I have a somewhat related question. Is there a mod available to transfer science data? I have a space station with two science labs - one rather rubbish one and second super duper shiny plush lab with actual snack storage that was added later. Unfortunately anytime I dock a probe and unload the science results, all the data goes into the rubbish lab. I suspec the answer is no, and I'll have to ... "constructively disassemble" the science orbital.
  7. I had a poke in the configs and can see where UvSII Greywater tank is set to contain fertilizer if USI is installed. For some reason this isn't happening in my game - think something else is overriding it. I'm not an expert at reading logs but these may shed some light on where the problem lies. If anyone is able to help me interpret them I would be most grateful. Logs here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cyCA9xH5LPs11mR95Qg-FTXoL9F19C_o
  8. Really shouldn't let Jeb use that Engineering tool. He's not safe with it. Thankfully he can only do this when he's playing in his sandbox. Serious career Jeb is serious. Many thanks Enceos!
  9. Works a treat in 1.5.1 still. Not tested in the latest version of KSP. I'll do that now. Edit: tested in latest KSP - all works fine. Jeb seems to be able to use the Engineering tool to do engineering things though - maybe that's cos I'm testing in sandbox mode?
  10. Fair call, though sharing a config example doesn't hurt as long as nothing is released publicly. On the other hand, if I/we can fix it up, I'm sure Enceos would be happy to have the updated configs for his next release.
  11. Hmmm, I followed that guide too and tried the same. Still couldn't make it work. I'll try some more. Any chance you could share an example file please? The one that would be particularly useful is the engineer holo tool. That'd save me a speed trip to Jool with a just screwdriver in the cargo!
  12. Ref my question above, there doesn't actually appear to be a Fertiliser wedge in UvSII - the website suggests there is one but it's not in the code. I may have missed a post about it somewhere. In the meantime, USI fertiliser boxes actually fit quite neatly inside a UvSII faring.
  13. Anyone having any joy with this? I assume it's suffered adversely from the KIS update that changed the body mesh syntax. I've tried editing the configs to match the new syntax but without success.
  14. Sweet, will do. Terrific mod - really fills the gap between small rovers and giant wheels of doom. And things can go uphill.
  15. I got this too. Running mem graph shows the mono heap allocation spiking when parts from this mod load into the world and the garbage collection subsequently runs every 10 seconds or so, hence the periodic "stutter" (it's unity doing its thing). I can't see anything related in the logs, though I'm not an expert. It doesn't really manifest when running the mods (Foundries+Wheel) alone, presumably as there's sufficient overhead to cover it, but when you add in a couple of parts/graphics/life support things tank rapidly.
  16. Where does the USI Fertiliser tank reside in the tech tree? I've unlocked all the other wedges and the correct USI ones are showing up so everything appears to be in order except...no fertiliser tank anywhere that I can see.
  17. I've been having an issue for sometime with some functions of the Duna modules turning off when I switch focus. Some (but not all) part options are turned off when I reload the scene - recyclers, habitats etc. It seems a bit random so hard to pin down the root cause. Before I go through a lengthy diagnosis to strip out mods and get a sensible set of logs, am I missing something obvious? Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere already, thread search didn't highlight anything telling.
  18. Thanks Snark - I found it on the front page. Either way, many thanks to @xRei for your helpful insights into getting me started. Let's say I've lobbed a 60T or so upper stage into LKO, is there a go to fuel for high ISP to get to Somewhere Else™ or do I just keep hunting for the optimal triumvirate of Fuel Density, TWR and ISP to suit my mission profile? i assume it's the latter approach given there are so many variables and preferences. LH2 does require very...bulbous ships (and no I'm not fat shaming your rocket)
  19. I could have sworn I read a reply to my request for help above. Some very friendly person took the trouble to give useful guidance on how to get started but the post seems to have disappeared. Unless I'm going mad, which to be honest quite likely under the circumstances. Did this get moves to a more appropriate thread that I'm missing? Edit: Nevermind - forum's behaving differently to what I'm used to!
  20. Please forgive my noobishess but I'm struggling to get my head around the basic concepts. Please can some kind soul provide or point me in the direction of some basic craft files demonstrating a few simple setups for mission profiles such as Mun, Duna, Long Range Get Me To Somewhere Else Just Not Here™? I'm about half way through the CTT tech tree and have unlocked the Krusader and Thermal Ramjet nozzle and the Pebble Bed & Open Cycle Gas Core reactors. Other than trying to get any meaningful dV compared to stock Engines with LFO, one of the biggest issues I'm having is cooling. The guides and video tut's suggest slapping on various radiators until the Thermal Mechanics Helper shows green, but it seems to require the world's supply of graphine which I'm sure can't be right. I'm probably missing something really basic but any help would be appreciated.
  21. Couple of stations I've finished so far. First one is a Casino (for the Tourism Plus contracts mod - practically prints funds once it's built) Casino The First Casino The Second (I'm not good at names) I suppose it's not technically a station since it has a big engine to shunt it to Jool and that makes a ship but it'll be a station when it gets there. Imaginatively called The Jool Orbital. Comes with detachable ScanSat and fully-qualified lithobraking lander (evidence of a successful landing was inexplicably lost in transmission...) I quite like this one. I needed a lot of science after installing CTT, NF and KSPIE (which I still haven't figured out how to use). It's a minimalist design using all the NEOS labs and sufficient USI support to keep a team of 10 trained monkeys supplied with peanuts indefinitely. Ish.
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