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  1. Is the Something More???/??? (the final image) the homeworld for the precursors from the abandoned storyline/easter egg narrative for ksp from NovaSilisko?
  2. I might have missed the victory message (message that puts the CN at 70 or -70), but i am the one to start a new round C 0 (i think we start at 0 right?)
  3. Wrong (and im sure nobody expected this) I predict that @RevanX_LSR is the next person to reply.
  4. Go check the kerbals' defintion of intelligent life, and see if they could also count. I hope that no "rapid unplanned disassembly" occurs to the rockets carrying said kerbals.
  5. Made celestial objects using kopernicus Nih (outdated) Nih (left, still outdated), Seloa (Right) Xyloh (right), Vastu (left, somewhat outdated) Azdaw (left) and Vikirana (right) (the quality in the image above has been made bad intentionally)
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