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  1. Actually I'm just old and would like to play the release version before I die.
  2. That's right. I haven't played since I wanted to see what progress has been made and as far as I can tell things may have actually become worse. In the VAB, rotating and translating anything not installed on the cardinal directions is quite an adventure. I don't recall it being that difficult before. In flight an unmonitored vehicle may do almost anything. Today it decided to use up remaining fuel thus climbing it to a higher orbit before running out. All the tell tales say it was not powered. Engines were shut down, throttle was not left accidently cracked a fraction. I then remembered to shut of SAS. I like to do this when a vessel has no need for control and thus uses no electrical power for that function. Well apparently SAS was the only thing holding the craft's orientation. Once disabled it began pitching, faster and faster... and faster. I wonder what would happen if I just left it running like that? Would it eventually crash my computer? What would it look like? Would I discover some heretofore unknown effects when reaching light speed? Buggered if I know. Anyway, I guess KSP2 is not yet ready for prime time. Kindergarten seems to be about the right speed for it. I will wait a little longer and try again. Maybe around Christmas. See y'all then!
  3. What did I do today? Increased my frustration level. Watched the game do whatever it wants. Gave up trying to control items that have no intention of being controlled. Watched critical trajectory information disappear and/or randomly change just when needed. Did I mention frustration? I think I will wait for at least two more updates in the hope that by then it becomes somewhat playable. You win this round Private Division.
  4. Oh, I agree! If this was a RL part I would say the feedback system is flawed or still experimental. What I have found is that if your reaction wheel is over powered, it will steady down almost immediately; if it is under powered, it will take a ridiculously long time to stabilize.
  5. I've found the best workaround for the oscillations is to disable rotations in RCS. Use only reaction wheels for rotations and only use the RCS for translations. This smooths things out tremendously but by no means is it perfect. Also saves on monopropellant.
  6. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 No mods This has been persistent since the initial release. When orbiting a moon or planet the AP and PE can change, usually downward, especially at lower altitudes. It is as if there is an atmosphere slowing your vessel. This can really raise hob when trying to land especially with tight fuel constraints. The only temp fix I've found is to time warp. Even the minimum warp is sufficient to stop the degrading orbit.
  7. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 No mods This has happened with 1.1 and 1.2. First on Ike then on Minmus. If a Kerbal EVAs some distance from the ship, the ship simply disappears. The distance appears to be at least 2 kilometers. I don't know if it sinks into the moon or just vanishes. So not only is one Kerbal marooned with limited oxygen, but two others have been swallowed up by the multiverse. Seems like a pretty shabby way to treat innocent little Kerbals.
  8. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 No mods The Poodle engine has control problems. Instead of stabilizing on your intended trajectory with SAS enabled, it wobbles. Usually the direction you are pointing revolves around the intended trajectory but not evenly. Usually it favors one direction thereby pushing you off your intended course. You can control this quite well but not perfectly with manual inputs. I have not tried disabling gimbaling. That may be the best temporary fix.
  9. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 no mods Although returning from Minmus is fairly easy, the maneuver planner suggests it is impossible. A retrograde burn will drop you back toward Kerbin and can easily be fine tuned on the fly, but the maneuver planner says you will go into a nearly circular orbit around Kerbin once you leave the Minmus SOI. If you continue burning, the planner says you will enlarge the orbit around Kerbin and eventually exit the Kerbin SOI and go into orbit around Kerbol. This of course is nonsense and no such thing will actually happen, this is just a bug in the maneuver planner for Minmus alone (are there others like this?). This has been persistent since the initial release.
  10. I found that not going directly from flight or map to the VAB is a good temporary fix. I go to KSC first, then to the VAB. I then have no issues with the "M" key.
  11. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 You cannot set the Communotron to toggle in the Action Group Manager. You can set it to extend and you can set it to retract, but not toggle.
  12. If you move directly from Flight or Map to the VAB and then eventually save a vessel, pressing the "M" key will return you to the map for that last active vessel. You can lose your save if you are not careful, but mostly it's a PITA. Workaround: Go to KSC then to the VAB.
  13. The wrench icons can persist on your screen in the VAB. They are independent of their proper location in the VAB but instead stay locked to your screen so no matter where you look the icon persists. Not only that they highlight blue when you mouse over them but are otherwise ineffective. When you do need to access a wrench icon it can be difficult to find the live one instead of the persistent one.
  14. "Fixed issue where game switches to Fullscreen upon entering the Graphics tab in Settings" Setting/Graphics reverts to full screen upon loading. It seems this setting is not saved so that when you start a new session you must manually change it.
  15. Furthermore, it can read one value in VAB and another on the launchpad.
  16. The rover I just designed-- a fairly simple one-- my first, reacts in unexpected ways to my inputs. By pressing "W", it pitches up and in fact flips right over. If I press "S", it pitches back down and moves backwards. "A" and "D" do almost nothing to steer the beast but they do try. I tried the "IJKL" set of keys and they do nothing, same with "Shift" and "Ctrl". When I touch nothing, it sits nose up about 30° and jitters like a crack addict. SAS seems to make no difference either though it should with this model.
  17. Version: Windows 11 Pro 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-12600K 3.70 GHz NVIDEA GeForce RTX 3070 No mods The bug: Vessels disappear usually from a save when starting a session. Replication: I am uncertain how to replicate this. It may be one of two things apparent to me but I am not qualified so it could be something else entirely. 1. More than 15 vessels in play. As unlikely as this seems, it appears to be a consistent limit. 2. A vessel with insufficient EC. Yes my mistake for building it this way but it shouldn't cause a vessel to disappear from the save. 3. Just thought of another. Max Persistent Debris. Could this be the culprit?
  18. I would like to see complete and independant sets of inputs of translation and rotation for each of Flight, EVA and Rover. As is, some inputs are unique and others carry over from other areas. Currently flight is complete, but the others are reliant on Flight for some of the inputs. This makes it impossible to fully customize each situation. This will be critical when HOTAS and gamepad support is added. Oh! I guess I should suggest the addition of HOTAS and gamepad support too.
  19. Actually I can't. I am only able to have one Vessel, the latest one, in each Workspace. The way you suggest is how I thought it would work but it doesn't-- at least it doesn't on my first day using Patch 1. Combining launchers with payloads is no problem, works pretty much as you describe.
  20. I'll go one step further and say the workspace concept is of no use to me as you describe it. I'd rather split them into types. For instance, launchers, landers, communications, etc.
  21. Better still would be the ability to use a console type controller or flight sim controllers. Finer control and much more intuitive.
  22. I too was baffled by this element of the game, then I finally saw someone use it on YouTube. After you open the action groups, move your cursor back to craft you are building and click on the part you want automated. It will turn blue. Click on an action group you want to use and a list of options appear which you can click on to activate and deactivate. After that it's pretty straight forward.
  23. Maybe you're right 5thHorseman. I don't think we are on the same page. I'll try to described it better. In the picture I provided the symbol I'm referring to is about 1/4 the height of the picture down from the top and 1/4 the way across the width from the right. I say the symbol is yellow but most say it is green. It's near the limb of the planet immediately to the left of the word rendezvous in the KER app. Scott Manley's video on how to rendezvous has it too. It first appears at 15:54 on the left side of the screen and has no numbers indicating distance. At 15:57 he mouses over it and the distance appears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kJ-z0t_CY0&t=944s Edit: As I play today, the target marker is back. Don't ask me, I just drive it, I don't know what makes it go. There of course was a price to pay; an unrelated element has stopped working. *Sigh* I'm getting used to this kind of flakiness in today's games.
  24. I know I'm a noob-- started playing with 1.8.1-- but I definitely had that when I started and in 1.9.0. Now in 1.9.1 it is gone. I am watching a YouTube series done entirely in stock and he definitely has it too. I have never seen a vid that doesn't have it. I'm confused.
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