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  1. I only plan on adding stuff to the stock system, not taking away or moving around anything since I don't want compatibility issues. And besides, I'm planning on adding a little something to Dres later
  2. List of mods i've made:


  3. Hello all, and welcome to the release thread for Low Quality Planet Packs! Low Quality Planet Packs are small planet packs made for low-end computers, or for people who do not care about fancy graphics. The only dependencies these mods will ever have is Kopernicus (And all of its dependencies) and ModuleManager. Some will be interstellar, and some will add to the stock system. These mods contain: -Low quality textures (2000x1000 or less) -Small, compact systems -No sciDefs, ground scatters, etc. I decided to make these after playing many planet mods, with many being so well made that they'd lag my game even on the lowest graphics settings. RELEASES: LQPP: Truyot Please send bug reports through the discord server so I can actually see them. You'll also be able to see upcoming content, screenshots, and other things through there.
  4. "And the kraken sayeth: Let there be clicks."
  5. I checked my watch, and it is infact soup time maybe @Maria Sirona will stop by for soup time?
  6. Finally get to click! haven't been able to the other times since i'm developing... something
  7. Stopping by once more
  8. Time for soup Maybe @AlamoVampire will show up?
  9. Wouldn't placing it 24,000 light years away create tons of lag? If you do ever make an interstellar version then i'd recommend one of those config files that lets you set distance, a setting for canonical distance, and a setting for it to be much, much closer (Then pray to the Kraken that the other stars don't orbit too close to eachother or kerbol ) Since this is a huge star mod, it'd probably be a sort of end-game destination, needing warp drives to get to it (Like blueshift)
  10. I meant a version of this that doesn't replace the stock system, maybe placing the stars like 10 light years away as an end-game challenge
  11. Hey, found a bug where the Orion and medusa drives don't load ingame, yet all other parts do Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mcWaldZOCQtxdVtTx7fwUcsFRJdCkARu/view?usp=sharing Not sure what's causing it, I installed on a fresh install and it worked fine but one day the two pulse drives just stopped loading ingame, no matter what version of the mod I'd use. The pulse unit and NTR's load, though EDIT: it seems I've found the problem, it was a mod conflict with Simple Repaint. I'm not sure how it made the Orion and Medusa drives not load, but deleting it seems to have fixed it
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