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  1. I was just wondering, how true is it that schools in Finland give out pretty much no homework?

  2. I posted a new video! I made this video a while ago (Last year actually, I think), but was only able to upload it recently.


  3. I'VE REACHED 1,0000 


  4. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos del foro!
    I'm just here to tell you that Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day, but rather celebrates the Mexican army winning the Battle of Puebla during the French-Mexican war, although France ended up winning the war overall. 


  5. How did you make your PFP? 

    1. Admiral Fluffy

      Admiral Fluffy

      It came from this thread.

      It is locked now, but hopefully will come back.

    2. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      Ah, thank you. If I really wanted to, I could try to make my own, or ask someone like OrdinaryKerman to make it (He did a really good job making me a Kania logo), but I would want to describe my appearance so I don't need to share a picture. 

      Dang, I just missed that thread!

  6. I'm thinking of changing my PFP to either a Liebherr G-BKF or G-LTM. Do you think I should, or should I keep the MK 140?

    liebherr-g-bkf-terrain-web.jpgRheinmetall Defence - Archive 2019 Liebherr ships first mobile and recovery  cranes to the Bundeswehr

  7. I think I accidentally deleted my partially completed Kania/Kiebherr truck mounted crane.

    Is there any way I can get it back?



  8. Hello! I just wanted to ask you if you could make 2 Kania logos for me, based on the Scania logo. I thought you could help me because of the magnificent job you did making that KTM 1070. I would like it in grey/chome-ish looking (just the word Scania without the griffin) and the normal purple (with the words and griffin next to each other, if that's not too hard)

    I could try to do it myself, but it wouldn't be  very good. Thank you very much in advance! 

    P.S.: I need the logos in KSP flag aspect ratio please. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you do a really good job on things like this.

    P.P.S.:I already made the chrome-ish looking logo, I just need the purple one now.

    1. OrdinaryKerman


      Just copied the logo from wikipedia and made a K for it (sorry for not reading until today)

      And arranged in a line:

    2. OrdinaryKerman
  9. Here is my newest video!

    I know it's not KSP, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

  10. Good night!

    Gute nacht!



  11. Hi! I'm back.

    Sorry I was inactive for a while, but I was doing stuff. Mostly, I have been working on 4 models: a Dassault Mirage IIIC (100% finished), an F-19 (Finished, but the decals are old and all fell apart), an F-14A (very close to done,), and a 777-200 (almost done, but I lost the American Airlines decals for it so I am just painting it with stripes)

    Pictures coming soon, I promise!



  12. Congratulations on 12,300 reputation points! 

    Wow, that's amazing. I only have like 700-something.

  13. I finished my video! Watch until the very end of the credits.

    I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Dientus



      Two questions, one, why so many shots at night? Viewing on mobile and its hard to see. Two, I assume you use the ore containers as a counterbalance correct?


      Great job! Will wait for your next showcase!


    2. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      Thank you!

      Why so many shots at night? I don't know, I guess it's partially because I want to show the lights of the crane, partially because I haven't fixed the problem where my laptop screen brightness is always at 100%, (so the dark makes it a little easier to look at), and a little for no real reason. Sometimes I realize it is dark, but I am afraid to timewarp the crane. Yes, I always use ore containers as counterweight, except on the 500 KC-H 30 tower crane I used Mk. 2 fuel tanks as counterweight.

  14. I am pretty much done with my crane video! Pretty much all I need to do is upload it to YouTube. (Which might take a while)

    1. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      I just noticed I used "pretty much" 2 times in that last status update. Eh, it's pretty much OK :D

      Already 9% uploaded! Because it's HD, 10 minutes of video is 600 MB, and combined with slow internet, that equals "long time to upload"

    2. Ben J. Kerman
  15. I am now an MK 140. Do you like it?

    I will probably go back to the LTM 1070 (It might have been an LTM 1090, I don't remember)

  16. Thinking of using this music in one of my next YouTube videos. What do you think?

    Yes, that crane is made almost entirely out of Legos. I want it SO bad, even more so than the R9800!!!

    The creator of that awesome crane is Dawid Szmandra. He has instructions for it so you can build your own, but he wants like 25 euros or something, the SBricks used (I think it's a lego remote control receiver so you can make RC lego stuff) cost $100, and it has almost 5,000 pieces total, which would cost almost as much as buying a real crane.

    Crane rant over. Just so you don't forget why I posted this here: Do you like the music?

    1. catloverjerrygarcia


      Love the music.  Just be careful about DMCA stuff.

    2. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman


      But yes, I will watch out for copyright stuff, but all that happens if I make a YouTube video with copyrighted music, it just means I can't monetize that video, but it will be a very long time before I am eligible to monetize videos, so I think I will be fine.

  17. I made a little firework truck with Grounded Modular Vehicles. When I do a lot of fireworks at a time, it slows down KSP a lot, but it's worth it if you are looking at them.  They are awesome!! I will make a video later.

  18. Check out my new KSP video series! 

    1. Singhnaut


      Add a story too pls.

  19. Good night, everybody!

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    2. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      I think it's a Liebherr LR 11350 lattice boom crawler crane.

    3. Singhnaut


      It had to be Liebherr. They are my favorite too. John Deere and CAT tie for second.

    4. Singhnaut


      Also, could you share some of your crane craft files? (If you already have, can you tell me where they are?) Thanks.

  20. I found these on the internet, and I will put them here for you to read. I hope you enjoy them! 
































    Just to clarify, I did not make these comics.

    1. Dman979


      @Capt'n Skunky
      made those, I think.

    2. Admiral Fluffy

      Admiral Fluffy

      I saw those. They are great

    3. JB182


      i seen the episode 10 before, where do you get those?

  21. I only recently realized that you are not "The Dressian Explorer", but instead "The Dressian Exploder"


  22. I am thinking of using this music in one of my next YouTube videos. What do you think?

    EDIT: I accidentally posted the wrong video, now the right one is posted.

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    2. peridoot
    3. JB182


      i  love the song

      EDIT: changed "like" to "love"

    4. HyperDraco


      It's incredible

  23. I have reached 500 rep points!

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    2. Rhode_Enterprise_By-Matt


      I’m always late to the party, but great job! ;)

    3. Singhnaut


      Awesome! Sorry, my relative is a physisist and he's visiting so I couldn't log on for the past few days.

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