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  1. I personally love the waterfall effects of Blueshift.
  2. Great mod. I like the love and energy, that was put into this mod. I got some thoughts on the actual plume designs... You may consider or ignore them. the plume particles (the big glowing things).... aren't they moving way too slow ? Especially at higher speeds it looks kinda ... ... unexpected. You leave behind a long smoke trail but drop those glowing particles, which kind of accelerates with your ship, what the shouldn't. They should almost stay in the place where they where dropped, like smoke clouds. Or am i wrong? And the usage of an SRB in vacuum looks also a little bit strange. (I made a single use escape system, that uses cheap SRBs for deorbiting...
  3. Found the issue... Real plume stock was missing. It was not mentioned in the dependencies, so found the hint here in some post.
  4. Update: I took the github repo as a whole, and extracted the Gamedatafolder (and the things in it) and placed it correctly in the gamedata folder (like any other mod)... The SWE/RSMP-Effects show up, but also the old stock effects.
  5. I wanted to download it from your github repo, but it says no release available.
  6. Tired of not being to able to refuel your ship by connecting directly to an ISRU and Oretanks (without pumping from other tanks into the vessel), because the dockingport is at a capsule, that is connected to a heatshield, that does block fuelflow through it? I got you covered: For your immersion: Imagine ablator covered hatches and quickly disconnecting pipes in the heatshields, that close rapidly upon decoupling. QoL Patch:
  7. Yeah, but you said and showed those strange blue and black artifacts caused by too high brightness and told this issue would still be there at the moment, if nit combined with tufx
  8. Alright... so I will blow up those stations and build smaller ones, dedicated to certain ressource production sub-chains. Goodbye to my mega-complex "Cochrane Station". TAC Selfdestruct will do the job... Preparing an Evac mission ... that's sad.... really sad.
  9. I guess this is rather easy by making up a new config for a part, using the a copy of the s2 parts. Then give the part a new name, edit the rescale factor in the config (you will have to experiment with it), edit the mass, edit ingame name and description and you should be done.
  10. Any chance to get a small jet engine in the radial style of the wyverns to make a SpikeX plane easier to land? Just enough to make a powered landing?
  11. Any chance to may get a tufx-not-required version of RSMP in the next weeks ?!
  12. Alright... I built a space station with a big convertotron (patched with many far and near future and also cryo fuel recipes by nerteas mods. Also there was a nova facility and a vulcan smelter from nerteas mods (Far future in that case)... and some fuel tanks to store fuel for Ion engines (for orbit control), oretanks, fission pellets (FFT-mod, by nertea), some graviolium tanks (Blueshift), a antimatter container. Also there were uranium storages (from Near future by nertea) for enriched and depleted uranium, deuterium and He3-storages for a big fusion reactor from FFT.... I can provide the craftfiles and a complete modlist.
  13. I think I found a new ksp-bug/limitation: Setup: heavily modded installation with several ressource converters and many ressource types. All those nice converters work nicely if you test them seperately in reasonable small vessels. Buuuuut: If you try to build a massive multi-fuel-station which can produce any kind of fuel (stock, near future, far future, blueshift, cryo engines etc.) which has also tanks for resources and intermediate products on board, some ressource converters glitch out: in my setup the stock convertotron produces monoprop correctly and fills up a docked vessel. But as soon as I switch to LF or Ox production it says all tanks would be full and doesn't produce anything - even with an empty vessel docked (the same vessel, that received monoprop just before). There must be some kind of limitation or overflow in the internal ksp ressource handling if you build big stations with many converters and many ressource types on board. Even removing some converters by undocking parts of my massive fuel station did not work, because the main (undockable part) had so many fuel tanks for ore and intermediate products .... then I went back to setting up a small much more specialized fuel station, everything worked... Maybe this is an issue, that might be of interest of the KSPCF-Team, because I guess, there is some kind of issue in the KSP ressource handling, that glitches if you have too many ressource types on the same vessel, prohibiting to find the ressource converts to find all empty tanks to be filled up. @NathanKell @Gotmachine I could provide a savegame, that has this issue - but it would require you to install dozens of mods. So I guess, you don't want it.
  14. This blur can be found in Stock waterfall effects mods configs e.g. for the juno-engine.
  15. Which mods are used foe this, especially for the cockpit, the gears and the engines?
  16. Thanks for that. I am looking forward to the fix. Thanks for all the efforts
  17. Ah okay... I'd really like to use your mod - but I saw the artifacts on the previous forum pages. So I guess I will have to wait for this fix, if there is one. I guess, you will advertise it, when you found a way, I guess? I set this thread to my observe-list and keep an eye on it, in the hope that you or someone else also waterfall experienced find a way. Unfortunately TUFX is a fps-heavy mod, that would steal my last fps reserves for pleasent gameplay - so I'd be really really pleased, if you could find a way to repair those issues without needing TUFX to fix those strange artifacts. I guess, the root issue is in waterfall/the config and not in smokescreen parts of your plumes. Maybe it's a good idea to ping the other masters of waterfall, lets see: Maybe someone like @Knight of St John (how does stock waterfall effects) or so could help with a pinpointing, whats causing the issue... or one of the waterfall makers themselves could give a hint... like @Nessus_ or @Nertea.
  18. Is this an issue that will be fixed in the next days, so that it is worth waiting before first installation or rsmp, or will it take longer so that the advice is to go for it (without Tufx)? (TUFX isn't an option for me due to the performance impact.)
  19. What kind of issues? I am just thinking of the srb plumes for stock (this is what I would use). Are there any really bad looking issues without usage of tufx? And what does rsmp stand for? Haven't found a translation and am curious
  20. Does it now without Tufx? Is saw, that it is nit present in the depencies anymore?
  21. There are infos in this thread to make NKD not use anymore the NKD dll and make it use BDA+ plugin features. Just go back a few pages.
  22. Is this mod fully compatible with KSP 1.12.x ?
  23. Right now KSP2 is far away from a semi-stable state to build upon. And i think it will stay so for at least one or two more years. What I saw was a performance eating game, that doesn't even look as good as my heavily modded Ksp1 install.
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