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  1. KSP 2 Feature Videos Episode 5 is here! In this video, devs discuss what interstellar travel means for players, how it changes the gameplay experience & the challenges associated with bringing this feature to the game with scientific accuracy.
  2. It pains us to say goodbye, but after careful calculation, we've decided to remove Dres from Kerbal Space Program 2 so we can focus on other celestial bodies instead.
  3. And the winner of the #NovaCChallenge #Contest is.... @Bubbadevlin Congrats! Out of a total of 160 points, Bubbadevlin scored 157. We had really amazing entries, and points were close! We wanted to give a shout out to these great submissions as well: @N9 Gaming - 150 points @AlchemistZ7 - 150 points @nova-neritum - 149 points Thank you to all the Kerbonauts that participated. You really impressed us with your skills! And now a message from one of our judges: "I have to say, judging the Nova-C challenge was really hard, but in a really fun way. There were so many great submissions! I have to congratulate everyone that participated. I am truly impressed and inspired by what you all did, and it was an honor being part of it. Thank you!" - Jim Peck aka @Just Jim
  4. To log bugs/issues please utilize the Squad bugtracker.
  5. A new part is born! To keep our toasty interstellar vessels cool, we've created an all-new procedural radiator system that allows you to make radiators of all shapes and sizes.
  6. And that’s a wrap for the Intuitive Machines #NovaCChallenge #Contest! Thank you and good luck to all the Kerbonauts that participated. We'll announce the winner on March 31st.
  7. Today is the final day to submit your entry for this contest. Please make sure your submission aligns with the contest rules, and submit your entry before 11:59pm PT today! Good luck!!!
  8. Introducing the Drop + Kerbal Space Program Artisan Keycap! Choose between Jeb or Val in an orange or white space suit for a total of four different 1u keycap options. Now available for pre-order ► https://bit.ly/kspkeycap
  9. The minimum age is 18 (or the age of majority in their state territory of residence if it is greater than 18). Anyone that does not meet the age requirement can not win. (They would be disqualified) Official Rules As long as you're within that 1 degree range, you'll get the full 40 points. Points will be deducted for those outside of that range.
  10. I've noted your feedback and will share it with the team.
  11. Q: Is there a min/max duration requirement for the video? A: There's no hard min/max for this, however if you can submit something in the 5-15 minute range that would be ideal. What's important is that all of the key points for this challenge are fully shown, most importantly the actual landings, and that we get a good look at your Nova-C craft. Q: Cuts vs a single continuous take required? Or is video formatting up to us? A: Formatting is up to you, but make sure that you include all of the important key points from launch to landing to ensure you get all of the points you're eligible for. You can refer to our Perseverance Landing Challenge thread if you'd like to see some examples of how people formatted their videos specifically for that. Q: Is hiding the UI acceptable for producing video clips? It'd be nice to include cinematic shots of the F9/Nova-C throughout the various stages of the missions. A: We prefer to see the UI, but hiding it here and there to get some nice screenshots or video clips is ok. Q: For landing the Falcon 9, does it have to be on the same save, or can we save, land the rocket, then reload the save to before we landed so we can pilot the second stage / lander? A: It's ok to save, land the lower stage/booster as best as possible, then reload and continue, but massive props and respect goes out to anyone that is able to do it (and prove it) without saving and reloading. Q: Can we use breaking ground parts? A: No, no DLC is allowed for this challenge. Q: I would assume that using the Innovative Machines logo within the video via the use of custom flags is permitted. Would this be allowed? A: Yes, this would be allowed. Custom flags are allowed.
  12. Hello all. The ONLY official Facebook page for Kerbal Space Program is https://www.facebook.com/kerbalspaceprogram This is the only page that we will use to communicate any news, announcements, etc.
  13. Here's a couple additional images from Intuitive Machines. I'll add these to the original post for better visibility as well.
  14. - Science is capped at a maximum of 20 points. (2 points each across the board) If you have 20 thermometers your max possible points would still be 20, however, having a bunch of extras added to the craft could cause it to not look as realistic, which may in turn cause you to lose points for "realistic Nova-C recreation". So that is something to consider. - No speed limit restrictions for the lander or Falcon 9. Stick the landing and don't break anything! (Landing sideways, or breaking parts wouldn't be considered a "safe landing", but other than that we're not being too nitpicky here) - We know there will likely be some clipping for aesthetics and we're ok with that for those that are trying to get the exact look, however if we see excessive clipping or find that a bunch of extra fuel tanks were clipped inside, that would result in a deduction of realism points. - Custom flags are allowed. The post has already been updated to state that as well.
  15. "gravity assist around Kerbin" has been updated to direct throw TLI. No cheats are allowed. We definitely do not expect players to match everything exactly. We understand things still have to function properly in game and that has been taken into consideration. We're just looking for players to get as close as they can.
  16. Thank you all for your questions and feedback. We're working on updating the challenge post to fix issues and reduce confusion. So far the following changes have been made. : - The wireframe zip file has been removed and individual wireframe images have been added. - Clarified what music is and is not allowed - Clarified "no mods" statement - Updated "gravity assist around Kerbin" to "direct throw TLI to get to the Mün"
  17. The contest is open to legal residents of the fifty united states and the District of Columbia only. The previous inclusion of Canada in the rules was a typo which was removed prior to the contest going live, however it appears an issue on our website with Cloudfare prevented the page from purging and updating. We are correcting this now via a manual purge. Our apologies for the confusion caused. Regarding music: - KSP in-game music is ok to use - Any music created by the player themselves that they own full rights to is ok to use - Any cover songs (created by the player or others) can not be used - Any licensed or "copyright free" songs can not be used
  18. For millennia we have stared in awe towards the sky and wondered about the nature and the mysteries of the celestial objects we are able to see at night. Besides the sun, no other object has sparked more fascination in us than the Moon, inspiring countless myths and legends across cultures and nations. In 1966, the Luna 9 spacecraft became the first spacecraft to successfully land on it, and only 3 years later, aboard Apollo 11, humans stepped on lunar soil for the first time, a feat that would not be repeated after Apollo 17 in 1972. For many years, we shifted our attention towards other parts of the solar system, but in the past decade, interest in revisiting our only natural satellite has reignited. Attracted by its natural resources and as a possible hub for interplanetary travel, the Moon has become once more the focus of various space agencies and commercial companies in a reinvigorated modern space race. As one of nine contractor companies selected by NASA in November 2018 to submit bids for the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, Intuitive Machines will launch its first out of three lunar landers, the IM-1 Nova-C lander, in summer 2022 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. Nova-C will be the first U.S. vehicle to softly land on the lunar surface since 1972. The lander features the VR900 engine, which uses methane and liquid oxygen and produces 4,000N of thrust, as well as advanced autonomous landing and hazard detection technologies. Capable of carrying 130kg of cargo, the IM-1 Nova-C lander will land on the Moon within 1 degree of 25 N latitude, 50 W longitude, in Vallis Schroteri in Oceanus Procellarum, in a chosen 200-meter landing site, and will ferry numerous experiments to explore and test technologies to process natural resources of the Moon. As such, it will become the first commercial company to bring NASA and commercial payloads to the lunar surface. To celebrate this milestone, we have partnered with Intuitive Machines for an exciting KSP challenge, where you'll have the opportunity to win an invitation to join their team in their brand new and modern Mission Control Center in Houston, TX, for the real IM-1 Nova-C moon landing! So, what is this challenge about? Simple, build a Nova-C lander and recreate the IM-1 mission as close as you can! The closest you get to the real thing, the better. To successfully complete this challenge, you’ll need to: Build a Nova-C analogue and load it with scientific experiments. Launch it aboard a Falcon 9-like rocket. Decouple the lander and perform a direct throw TLI to get to the Mün. Perform a soft landing in the Canyons North of the Farside Crater as close to the actual landing site as possible. Perform some experiments. Post a video* showcasing your successful mission on this thread or on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the hashtags #NovaCChallenge and #Contest. (Remember to show the coordinates of the location where you have landed). *Videos should not contain any music that you do not personally own. (KSP in-game music is ok, just no adding in extra music unless it's something that you created and own the rights to. Licensed music, cover songs, "copyright free" music, etc. is not allowed.) Scoring details: Up to 30 Points for a realistic Nova-C recreation. (appearance, size, and mass all matter) 20 Points for decoupling and performing a direct throw TLI to get to the Mün. Up to 40 Points for landing safely at the right location. 2 Points for each experiment you bring with you and perform. (Maximum of 20 points) 20 Additional points if you perform a vertical takeoff, cruise, and landing to another location of the Mün after you have arrived at your first destination. 30 Additional points if you safely land the Falcon 9-like rocket on Kerbin. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a panel of judges. Mods are NOT allowed. Cheats are NOT allowed. This challenge is intended to be completed in Stock KSP. This means players can not utilize DLC or any other add-ons to complete the challenge. Add-ons are classified as any original or derivative work intended to expand another work by adding or replacing files. (Including, but not limited to: informational mods, visual mods, autopilot mods, and utility mods) We are allowing the use of custom flags only. Note: Please make sure to maintain a copy of your saved game as you may be asked to submit it for further review. You have until March 23rd, 2022, to complete the challenge. The winner will be announced on March 31st, 2022. One grand prize winner will win a trip to Houston, TX to join the Intuitive Machines team in mission control for the real Nova-C moon landing. The winner will also get a tour of the Intuitive Machine spacecraft production facility while they’re there! Airfare and a 2-night, 3-day stay at Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake for the winner are included. Good luck! OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE FIFTY UNITED STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE. CONTEST BEGINS AT 9:00 AM PT ON MARCH 1, 2022, AND ENDS AT 11:59 PM PT ON MARCH 23, 2022. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED SUBJECT TO THE OFFICIAL RULES LOCATED AT http://bit.ly/kspnovacchallengerules Wireframe images: Additional Nova-C images/ size specs:
  19. We definitely will as soon as we have more detailed information to share. We do not currently have any further details to share at this time.
  20. Hello all! We haven't forgotten about 1.11/1.12 content for console, we just don't have any new information to share at this time. The team is working on it, and as soon as we have console update release date info that we can share, we'll make sure to update you!
  21. I have no direct influence over the hiring process. Sorry! Best of luck to all applicants though!
  22. Hello console Kerbonauts! Since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Kerbal Space Program - Enhanced Edition have mouse and keyboard support, some of you have been reaching out to us to ask for a control layout. You'll find the current mouse and keyboard control layout below! Known bugs: Page 1 Arrow keys don't always work in every menu F5: functional, but system error when pressed twice quickly F10: functional, but system error when pressed twice quickly Escape: can enter, but can't exit Pause Menu Page 4 Caps Lock: these toggle correctly, but precision controls are not functioning properly Page 5 Translation controls are shown as currently functioning, but many are opposite to correct PC controls Page 6 Translate A/D/Shift/Ctrl are shown as currently functioning, but are opposite to correct PC controls Page 9 F: can't select a part in Rotate Mode Functionality note: You will be able to utilize mouse and keyboard functionality as long as you plug in your mouse and keyboard prior to starting the title. If the mouse and keyboard are plugged in or unplugged while the title is running, they will not work again until the system is restarted.
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