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  1. I think galaxies unbound is your best bet. It has a ton of star systems but if I’m not mistaken tarsis-1 is the Trappist-1 analogue. You can only play with that star system if you disable the others in a simple config file (like a settings menu, info is in the installation instructions
  2. Time for the 10m heat shield? I mean it’s that or MOAR radiators.
  3. Can confirm that this works… this is amazing! thanks for this!
  4. Exactly what I did since I was too lazy to do a complete reinstall of GPP… might do that later though It still looks pretty sweet too so hats off to the devs.
  5. Can also report this in 1.10-1.11 happening to me. I just zoom back in with scroll wheel but it is an annoyance.
  6. Ok this is an old post but I’m currently having the exact same problem. Reinstalled scatterer and still wonky. I see the contents of the GPP_scatterer folder look the same as the contents of the scatterer folder except one has configs for stock and the other for GPP. Do I need to replace the scatterer folder with the contents from the GPP one? Also in logs this line is spammed: [EXC 11:25:12.238] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectscatterer.SunFlare.updateProperties () (at <36bf44bca099450cb9f22f4b65b82426>:0)scatterer.SunflareCameraHook.OnPreRender () (at <36bf44bca099450cb9f22f4b65b82426>:0)UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) I can send the full logs but this seems to be the issue I haven’t reinstalled GPP and have a lot of mods, but no other visuals except for EVE
  7. Also you can put MOAR antennas on your probes to increase the range (its not linear though, don’t know the equation but after like 6 antennas the range boost becomes quite small and worthless)
  8. For the nose cone just wait till 70km, point retrograde (use reaction wheels and batteries for control) and make sure that 1. your nose cone is on the very top of your ship with the pointy end up 2 the decoupler directly underneath it (also rotate it the other way so the arrow is facing the probe so the decoupler will stick to the nose cone and not your ship) and have the force set as high as possible what should happen is the nose cone and decoupler will fly off at the speed of light in the opposite direction of your path of travel. Also if you are wobbling in a vacuum turn on advanced part tweakables in settings and open the PAW of wobbly parts and auto strut them to root part. For mun fly by I wrote down some info in the spoiler (in case you want to figure it out alone) Oh just saw this… I find early game the thumper to be your best friend fighting part count, used as a booster I find 2 stage rockets to be quite feasible to get to orbit (reliant and t-400 bottom burning with thumpers to increase twr above 1.2 at booster separation , terrier at the top) thumper, nose cone and decoupler are three parts that give a lot of dv.
  9. I would try to only put fins on the bottom (4x symmetry) with a swivel engine (for the gimbal) and have the first stage have enough dv to get out of the atmosphere (so you only need to put fins on the bottom, fins on the entire ship will complicate things). This is what has worked for me anyways, but the fairings really do help with the aerodynamics as bare probe cores cause a ton of drag and thus flipping. Also for piloting try to lock or keep as close to prograde as possible or your rocket will flip usually when you stray more than 10 degrees away from prograde. Finally, slapping a nose cone to the top of the probe can work as a makeshift fairing and you can decouple it once in space. Some more veteran players here can probably give you more specific/better info but this is just what i have found that worked for me.
  10. Maybe a poll would help record the info? I for one started on console and then switched to computer.
  11. I would definitely pay to see any return from JNSQ EVE or RP-1/RSS Venus
  12. Landing on and returning from eve is considered one of the hardest things in the game to do (other than landing on Jool and returning, and a moho round trip ). You have to send a craft with enough dv to orbit kerbin and then some to eve, enter it through the atmosphere (very difficult without 10m heat shields ) land it, send it back up and have it rendezvous with an orbiter, (u could attempt to refuel on gilly but that’s advanced) and have the orbiter return home. I’ve never done it either (I just started a different save where I’m ditching JNSQ career grind and just going to try to land on all the planets and such), but my suggestions would be to do a duna landing and maybe even a laythe/ Tylo landing to A) unlock the full tech tree and B) get practice with interplanetary trips before you go into hardcore mode. Also check kerbalX for crafts that are eve return capable just to see some examples. Best of luck!
  13. I had a high part count launcher rip itself to pieces because i forgot to auto strut so all is well.
  14. What is that plane though Most kerbal thing I’ve seen in a while.
  15. Eve and scatter are still very much great for visuals. I don’t use visual packs but people seem to like Astronomers visual pack or spectra, but don’t remember if they add city lights (they probably do though). If you like building space stations then there is a part mod called space station parts extended (or expanded I forgot) which I use and the parts look really good. For quality of life I might be missing some but Kerbal engineer redux, xscience (and similar mods) helps you keep track of science experiments, and there are some mods with fruit abbreviations that do various things (they are called fruit goose’s fruit pack or something). Everyone debates this but I wouldn’t use mechjeb at the start at least for rendezvous because the game does have a tutorial mission for it that I found to be very helpful and it’s much more satisfying doing it yourself. I also use restock to reskin the stock parts to make them a bit more uniform.
  16. Maybe they will release it around the same time that they usually release show and tells (which is noon ET)
  17. I have no idea, but I would shut that thing off before it becomes sentient .
  18. Today was a day of a unmanned minmus orbit, a Kerbin scansat satellite (K-SS 1), and a mun scan satellite (M-SS 1). The munar satellite retrieved some juicy information about a good basin near the equator to land in as well as SCIENCE!!!
  19. Yeah, it also doesn’t understand that Kerbol is another star (not a planet), and will ask you to visit that when you have like terrier tech. I don’t know of a way things like that can be fixed, just turn off rep hits for declining contracts and cycle through till you get a usable one.
  20. Ok I’m quoting an ancient post, but this is how I use them, boosters up to 10-20 km and Rhino engine the rest of the way... I find that to be a really efficient way to build a launcher. I usually light the engine it get it off the pad but I throttle it down depending on how many boosters I’m using.
  21. Sounds like a problem with that mod. Just either install an up to date version of that mod (if there is one). Or delete it for a newer mod that does the same thing (there is like career evolution which I think is similar, and another one that I think is up to date. I have never played with that mod but I guess it’s just not up to date.
  22. Suicide burns!!! ~3x rescale on beyond Home makes the third moon ash have a orbital velocity of 1600 m/s, which makes suicide burns essential for any fuel conservative landing, but my god it’s hard to time a 40 sec burn so that you hit the ground at the very end. Either smash into the ground at 200 m/s or stopping 2km above the ground wasting all your return fuel to gravity losses. I eventually (with the help of betterburntime) got it down (quick saves!!!)
  23. Personally, (I used to play on console but switched to my old laptop instead (mods) which runs it okay) I think KSP 2 should only be released on the next gen consoles (at least at first anyways) unless they can somehow make it work on Xbox 1/ PS4. As far as KSP 1 on console, I agree that they can just support it as long as it’s profitable since it is definitely a great option to have for those without a computer.
  24. I like using graphical mods (KSP doesn’t need graphics that are great, but it does add some nice eye candy), Restock, anything Nertea makes, and anything 2.5x (JNSQ or other planet packs rescaled).
  25. Was this accidental or the result of years of calculations and precise thrusts??? . Either way that’s pretty sweet, now get it to where the game has no clue which is Ap and Pe and it just flickers like crazy.
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