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  1. This makes me kinda ashamed for my low-quality ejection module model... By the way, which mod do you use for the telescope?
  2. Replaced download links with Dropbox ones for now, also added a controls section (the word "controls" was already there, but somehow not followed by any text, lol).
  3. Anywhere, and the .cs is just source code so you don't even need that. Just be aware that EVAparachutes.dll alone doesn't work, you still have to download the mod itself.
  4. Hmm, there is an exception being spammed around the time when you deploy, and googling it gives me Lazor, so try updating that mod. Maybe the EVA stuff from lazor errors out and prevents my part module from running.
  5. Ehm, because I derped up the file structure, sorry for that.
  6. Okay, you're missing Gamedata/VNG/parachute/model.mu, reinstall the parachute mod zip and you should have it.
  7. >Mrsupersonic8 The ejection module uses action groups, not Space+F. It's in the abort (backspace) action group by default. >bloxgate Sorry, but I'm not sure what could cause this, since you are both installing and using it right. Maybe it's a mod conflict, which other mods do you have installed?
  8. In that case, it's definitely not the model... Does the context menu say that the parachute is deployed even when it clearly isn't? Does the NullReferenceException right after the exists-check also show up?
  9. Something's wrong with your installation, more specifically, you're missing GameData/VNG/parachute/model.mu. Reinstalling the parachute mod (the plugin itself seems fine) should fix that issue.
  10. That's... weird. very weird. Does the log say anythingh when you (try to) deploy them?
  11. Nice, thank you^^

    I don' think too many people remember that mod... To be honest, I had forgotten about it too xD

  12. You must be below 100m to fully deploy with Space+F... Yeah, this is kinda idiotic and I didn't notice until now. But considering that you want to open low because parachuting takes , it's not that big of an issue.
  13. Put the ejection thingy in an action group, by default it's in the abort one, which activates with backspace (unless you remapped the key).
  14. Vanguard Technologies EVA Parachutes is working fine for me (latest release version). If you experience problems with parachutes not showing up, make sure you installed the latest version of the plugin and the parachute mod and that you did so correctly (make sure GameData\VNG\parachute\model.mu exists!).
  15. Are you placing the thing in a way that it blocks the hatch? If yes, that's your problem. >Boamere What does the log say about it? >montyben101 Umh... can you be a bit more specific about this? >Justin Kerbice Well, the module is not intended for loop animations. However, you can create a loop anim and then another one which animates the loop animation's parameters to make it start/stop. The only problem whould be that the rotated object's position whould not be kept during save/load cycles, but that shouldn't be much of an issue in most cases. Sorry that it took a bit long for me to reply, I was a mix of lazy, ill, and not at home.
  16. >Ruedii I'd be quite surprised if these mods (in particular ModuleManager, B9, FAR and MechJeb since I've used them myself) whould cause conflicts. If nothing works, try searchingyour Addons for dublicate VanguardTechnologies.dll's, especially if you have some HooliganLabs mods installed (second most common issue, after using it wrong). If that doesn't help, plz give a more accurate description ("does not work and I have other mods as well" is not that meaningful ) of what you did and what the logfile says about it. That usally makes it very easy to determine what's wrong.
  17. Yup. The person below me has over 1000 posts and under 100
  18. I know a tiny bit about it, not nearly enough for anything. The user below me does not know C++
  19. I know it has to be reworked I whould say something about "as soon as possible" here, but knowing how lazy I am... Hopefully I'll find time for all the complaints this weekend.
  20. We only have 16 states here in Germany... The user below me is on drugs.
  21. >Espresso The ejection module kinda contains that functionality >Virtualgenius I'll do that with the next update (whenever that is, sorry but I'm lazy as f...).
  22. The last one is optional (and attempting to download it seems to throw an error right now).
  23. RealChutes integration sounds interesting, gonna look into it. Scott Manley also just told me how many questions he gets about using this mod, so I'm gonna make that clearer as well.
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