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  1. Well, since we have KIS now, the module wouldn't have to interfere with the parachute at all (unless it somehow breaks KIS), because that could be handled through the inventory system. The ejection itself was very crude, I think I just applied a force to the Kerbal's rigidbody. I had done some basic work to direct this force upwards (AKA playing with the vectors until it fits), but depending on the pod, it could really go anywhere (I've never seen it applied downwards though, which was the important part). I think I would now try to handle this via a PartModule applied to the Kerbal, this could also be used for other purposes, like giving the ejection seat a burn time, visual or sound effects, and to work around the issue of the missing context menu (although this could be better handled by a second part module on the parachute itself). It's past midnight here so I will go to bed for now.
  2. Okay, it seems like what I'm trying to do doesn't work at all. Sorry for bothering you. There may still be ways to solve this using a custom part module... I could help with coding an ejection system, if you want.
  3. The thing about Vanguard was a joke since I am responsible for that whole mess in the first place, look at the Username Sorry for that, I tend to be careless with my humour. I'm still unsure why that fix didn't work, I thought "stowed" would mean "ready to deploy", so I don't quite understand the error. There is at least one thing I can try changing though, so I'll just do that now.
  4. ths mod sucks pls change it to be like vanguard was
  5. That is some really old test stuff I somehow never removed. You can just ignore it. I don't even remember what I needed it for
  6. You can go ahead with your own version, I'm unlikely to update this anytime soon.
  7. Please set the mod as compatible w/ 1.0 on KerbalStuff so that CKAN will recognise it as compatible.
  8. This mod is compatible with every KSP version from 0.23 to 1.0 Edit: Updated thread title, removed the (Dec 30) since it referred to December 30 in freaking 2013. How this mod still works is a miracle even to me.
  9. You open the parachute(s) manually, either through the context menu (for the current kerbal only) orby pressing jump and use (for all kerbals in physics range).
  10. What do you mean with "new module design"? It's still working fine for me, in fact it saved Jebediah twice just an hour or two ago.
  11. >Veraster Likely unrelated to this mod. Interestingly, the crash appears in the contract system... Can you run KSP x64 stock? And stock + this but no other mods?
  12. >Meltafire Not sure what exactly is wrong there, but I don't see any errors related to my mod, so it may indeed be ATM, or just the win x64 being bugged.
  13. I'm also using DRE and FAR and the part never detaches for me... Anyway, just write a ModuleManager config that adds the ejection part module (you can get it from the ejection module's part.cfg, just change the max number of ejects to -1 to prevent explosions) to all command pods.
  14. I have no idea, can you reproduce the bug and then send me your logfile?
  15. Nodes are not hardcoded, if you unlock the parts, you should be able to fully use them. Check the log when you try to deploy parachutes, and if you use the Space+F shortcut, try holding it down for a second or so, the game tends to not accept your input anymore if you just briefly press both keys as you'd normally do (this behaviour started to appear in .23 or .23.5).
  16. Looks very nice, but the download link links to the wrong file.
  17. To quote the post I wrote 20 hours ago right above yours,
  18. >Javster Lack's Luster Labs (though it's optional for that), ASET deployable light globe, ASET colour-changing lights, and a few other ones I think. >theattackcorgi First, the "no target" messages are unrelated to this mod and appear in the stock game as well if you left-click fast enough. Did you install both the plugin and the parts? Can you check if GameData\VNG\parachute\model.mu exists?
  19. Thanks for the reply, though I already found Cacteye a few hours ago and now I'm playing with it (just accidentally made space for a better processor). Sure, the think has allowed you to go this far without killing anyone, but I still hope that I can get rid of this model soon... EVA parachutes will probably be integrated into RealChutes
  20. It's a dll not a cfg and it doesn't matter where you put it.
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