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  1. -My brother Hmm, 7/10 \'cause I had a space shuttle in another forum for a long time but it could be bigger... For the next post MINE IS SELFMADE!!!!1111one111 Edit: Agree to next post, was drawn on a old piece of paper in school, then I made a photo \'cause our scanner does not really work, then nooby colored in with Gimp (could also be done in Paint)
  2. Is your electricity plugin going to replace Cerphei\'s? Because someone made extracting and rotating panels but the plugin does not allow other part types to use electricity (see last page of Cerphei\'s thread). Maybe that person could help you.
  3. The funny thing is that these panels where the only thing of Spektr that was reused after the accident
  4. I wrote a longer post but either my sis or my brother pulled out all the Ethernet cables of our router. Also, she needs my help with her physics presentation and he needs my laptop. Why do people love failing that much?
  5. One battery and two panels per engine are enough... Made a craft that only uses ion engines so I could get everywhere with only one stage 8) but I\'m too stupid to find the attachment function in this forum so no screenshot for you (I already clicked 'Attachments and other options' but I can\'t see anything helpful in there...)
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