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  1. the f***? Edit: Ah, grandfather paradox... don't really feel like testing that out. The user below me wants to ban me for using the f-word.
  2. LOL I DIDN'T The user below me is already dead.
  3. *Checks phone* Nope, no dead end yet. The user below me got the reference.
  4. No, your grammar is worse (No offense) The user below me doesn't speak German.
  5. Just placing the DLL from inside that folder anywhere in GameData should make it work.
  7. Phone without battery... just have to find a new battery, download every social network's app and start flaming about dying
  8. You didn't include a statement about me, so I won't include one about the next user, deal with it.
  9. Not really... The user below will type his post without using a normal keyboard.
  10. Yeah, Germany. The user below me didn't know I am the only person to ever mention Shakugan no Shana on this forum, and that I did so in this thread.
  11. Somewhat, yeah. The user below me thinks you must be bored to check out forum games.
  12. Sorry about yesterday, failed to zip up correctly, downloads did still contain .7.0 instead of .7.1... Fixed now, plz redownload.
  13. Know what? I forgot to include the new DLL and just updated the source *facepalm*... Reuploading now.
  14. Yeah... The user below me isn't.
  15. Well I spent my weekend on Shakugan no Shana 2nd + S + the film so... The user below me likes anime as well.
  16. No... bugs can be hilarious, and bots are quite nice when used for something else than spamming or multiplayer cheating (remember that all search engines run on bots that click random links). The user below me has griefed in Minecraft.
  17. >SirJodelstein No it wasn't I fixed this last week already, but forgot to release.
  18. Yeah, I googled that sort of stuff right now (some test rated me between INTP and INFP btw) The person below doesn't *exactly* *love* school.
  19. I enabled the GUI in the editor because it lets you save the colours in the .craft file - so if you for example have aircraft lights, you could set them to the right colour once instead of doing it every time you launch the plane. I just released an update where I changed it from the right mouse button to the light action group key (should be U by default), so no more annoying popups when just moving the camera. You can get it from the usual place.
  20. >Bouncingbunny Not 100% sure yet... I don't even know when it will come, I think I wanted to make it for half a year now but I still didn't find the motivation to do so. For all those complaining about the light GUI in the editor, I just released an update that opens the window with the light action group key instead of right mouse button.
  21. Shouldn't there be a new part module for landing legs with suspension? That way you whouldn't have to mess with the wheel at all. Edit: Found it's setup (found here).
  22. Does that one ship open it's top so that the Kerbals can play work inside? That's so Lego
  23. Just don't drop diamond bombs on Japan... My pen tablet's pen.
  24. False... though not too much. The user below me likes electronic music.
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