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  1. Then just remove that part module I noticed the problem with the crew capacity showing up in the editor, but my first attempt at fixing it didn't work so I didn't look into it because I wanted to bring the new version out.
  2. Add "ModuleKrCrewCompartment" to make a part a crew compartment (this does work with every part that has crew capacity). Making hatches is a bit more complicated, since the hatch module (ModuleKrHatch) does overwrite the crew capacity of the part, so it works best with special parts. It whould probably be best to add Kerbpaint support to the hatches, it doesn't look that hard.
  3. If you don't have my plugin, they just act like any other part with crew capacity. Kerbals won't actually be inside the hull but in that tiny hatch thing instead... Just avoid PETK finding out. If you have my plugin, kerbals who enter a hatch will be inside the hull instead (Check the crew capacity of your hull pieces in the editor and hope that that stupid Lack guy didn't forget a part module). To start an EVA, either right-click a hatch and choose "Start EVA" (this will take a Kerbal from the first crew compartment found on the vessel), or right-click a hatch, choose "Activate hatch" (should really be something like "Set as active hatch" or so), then right-click a crew compartment and choose "Start EVA" from it's context menu. Eeeh, I hope this wasn't too confusing... This does only work with parts using special part modules BTW, but if you want to use other parts with this system, check out existing part configs or read the documentation I have in my thread (see that EVA parachutes link in my sig).
  4. I just updated my plugin for .23 so that the hatch thing works again. Have fun!
  5. I just updated my plugin, you can now show the colour picker in the editor by using tweakables. I also improved the preset system a bit (moved the "delete preset" button to the other 2 ones and made "rename preset" only show up when a preset is selected).
  6. Update... 0.7.2 - .23 Bugfixes (Dec 30 2013) *Fixed EVA spawn in the ejection and hatch/crew compartment modules (thx to Aatch for this!) *The colour picker window can now be shown using tweakables *Improved delete and rename preset buttons in the colour picker window >I forgot how to land this Sorry for ignoring you, somehow I didn't see your posts. >Aatch Thank you very much, especially for the SpawnCrew() thing.
  7. Yes, the plugin is a separate DL, because it is used in multiple mods (I can remember around 5 right now).
  8. In the editor, you can mouseover the light and press the "lights on" key. In flight, you use the part context menu, it will have an option called "Show colour picker"... or something like that... heck I coded it and I don't remember it exactly, fail.
  9. Yeah, but windows only opens zip files like a folder (well it doesn't really, there are some annoying differences), while 7-zip can open every sort of archive and even some file types that aren't true archives (like java files or CD images). I personally use the built-in windows zip support for zip files, and 7-zip for all other archive types.
  10. 10/10 can't even tell if afraid or rofl'ing... Though because it's Jeb he likely is happy as he only freaks out from explosions very close to him IIRC. Edit: It probably was a loading time thing or sth like that but I swear my avatar was winking right after I send my post... It really looked like that but I made it myself so there is no hidden GIF or anything there... Creepy.
  11. I've heard the title, but that's it. The user below me has watched Mirai Nikki.
  12. Seriously, never even having heard of NGE... The user below me watched Angel Beats!
  13. Yes, but I don't remember there being a : in the name YOU §$!%)§"&(#*&%&§ The person below me thinks I should calm down.
  14. You can destroy Nokias with it now lol. I wasn't touching anything, and since air is not solid it likely only turned the few molecules around my hand into diamond... so yeah, some diamond powder, meh.
  15. Annnouncement? Yes, must've missed it... The user below me can tell me what vexx is talking about.
  16. No, was at school when you posted. The user below me doesn't know how he ended up in here.
  17. No automatic deployment (yet), but you can press jump and use (should be space + f if you didn't remap any keys) to deploy parachutes on every Kerbal.
  18. I don't see a reason for mod incompatibility unless you have multiple VanguardTechnologies.dll's, like I said above. If you remove any outdated ones then all mods should work fine. (Protip: If you have Hooligan Lab's launchpads/runways, you'll most likely find one in his folders )
  19. Well, if you have other mods there is another thing that could be the cause... Try searching your GameData folder for "VanguardTechnologies.dll". If you find more than one, delete all except the one you downloaded from me (the one in the VNG folder).
  20. You probably just downloaded the plugin but not the parachute mod itself.
  21. >Mysterious_MrQ It's always been that way... I wanted to change that with EVA parachutes 2, but I don't think that it will come anytime soon... >Nick27222 Does GameData/VNG/parachute/model.mu exist? (Case-sensitive).
  22. Ok that is weird, I have no idea why that could happen. If anyone finds more information about that issue please post it in here.
  23. Mind-control? Not really interested... Also why whould you attempt to control me instead of someone else? And how could I even choose to commit suicide while being controlled? The user below has an answer to these questions.
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