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  1. at last we will reveal ourselves

  2. heyyyyyyyyyy



    I don't have a gun

    because germany has (thankfully) strict gun laws

    so not pew pew

    cat was here

    now gone

    she came because of mountain dew package sound

    now I will play nertea save ksp

    and make a mars (duna) communications orbiter

    also I will do [CLASSIFIED]

    and maybe also [CLASSIFIED] for [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] 

    it's related with [CLASSIFIED]

    and now I will drink mountain dew because I like dew

    DEW IT

  3. Hello everyone. I have made many challenges over my time here on the Kerbal Space Program forums. I am going to be redoing and improving my challenges. I will be gathering them in one thread so I can keep track of them. 

  4. it feels so good when you finally eat after like 12 hours

    2001 Mars Odyssey is epic

  5. I changed my profile picture. Is it better or worse? 

  6. I was watching Hazard-ish's videos and I get 10 advertisments in a row about buy SimpleRockets. Then I watch my own videos and I get adds about SimpleRockets. I'm not sure what to do. But I know I'm not going to buy SimpleRockets though. 

  7. warning, Long text:




  8. warning, Long text:




    1. JB182


      how did u even add that thing like | and _

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  10. Did you know my video, Robotic Laythe Exploration was supposed to come out last week? 

  11. New profile pic. I like the Kirk one, but I just want to try something new for a change. 

  12. Quote


    Bridegroom, dear to my heart,
    Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,
    Lion, dear to my heart,
    Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet.


    For some reason this is the oldest quote in the world. I think its from 10000BC. It from Babylon, I think. 

  13. I've got no more likes, today was a good day. :valgrin:

  14. Try this: 


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