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  1. Hey, sorry if this is a question you get a lot, but is there any sort of workaround for Mac users to install it? I used to be able to run Parallax 1, I'd take that gladly.
  2. Launched a boilerplate MEM on an Aegis I. I modified the launch tower, milkstool, and replaced the two mastodons with nine of the 1.25 meter engines whose name escapes me.
  3. An Aegis I rocket with a Columbia Block I capsule on top is rolled out to Launchpad 39A at the ASC.
  4. The crew of Antares VIII, the final mission of the Antares program, become the loneliest kerbals in history, as they reach their apogee of 4000 kilometers from Kerbin. The capsule is docked to the Calypso Docking Target, which boosted them to this altitude.
  5. "The nation was blessed to have Agary serve in our space program..." State funeral for Agary Kerman, who died in a botched bailout after a heatshield failure on Antares VI. The mission commander, Jedediah, can be seen paying his respects at the front. I've renamed the KSC to the Agary Space Center after this.
  6. Did some stuff for my equivalent of the Gemini program, Antares. Lifting off atop a Hermes-Calypso. And back down again.
  7. Just found this pic as well. A Hermes-Calypso (Atlas-Centaur/Atlas-Agena) lifts off carrying Prospector-1, an early Munar orbiter.
  8. Started a new save, trying to play in a "restockalike but realistic" style. Don't have any pictures of my Mercury-Redstone equivalent, but here's Val riding a Hermes (not-Atlas) booster on Polaris 4. And back down again. Since taking these pics, I've done some of my Gemini equivalent, so pics of that later today. Might make this a thread.
  9. Continued my Kerbin Orbit Rendezvous Munar program and took this hard screenshot: An Odysseus V rocket prepares to launch the Columbia 2 mission's Munar Injection Stage. In the background, a second Odysseus V carrying the mission's Athena capsule is visible.
  10. Thanks! How do you get the helmet? I've tried every accessory, every suit, even combinations of inventory items. No joy.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, what mod adds the helmet that the kerbal on the far left is wearing?
  12. KSP2 probably isn't getting cancelled, and I thought these forums were unofficial?
  13. An Update Hey! Been a while. So basically, in my infinite wisdom, I accidentally deleted the save file I was using for this, so I have to rebuild all the crafts yippee. The next update will be on the way soon. On a better note, I’m pleased to announce that with the purging of all false and fraudulent votes closing of the polls, the lander has been selected! *Drumroll* It’s a tie! Because of this, I’ll break the tie. Therefore, the winner is… The Kerbal Landing System! No picture because I wrote this on my phone That’s all for this post, see you next time!
  14. (The polls will not close due to widespread voter fraud causing the illegal VICUNA to appear to win) Unfortunately, I'm too busy for the next while to announce the winner of the lander contract, but I'll get to it in no time!
  15. (please god someone vote for the Kerbal Landing System, refueling VICUNA is like atoning for my sins)
  16. Also, the poll closes on Sunday and if it's still a tie I'm choosing, so if you don't want the Kerbal Landing System you better vote!
  17. K-HAB/Horizon SM-1 (Yes I did promise to post this on Wednesday shut up) And we're back! The mission architecture for this program involves a Gateway-like station, which I've named Horizon Station. I decided to launch this and achieve Initial Operating Capacity before any landings. Without further ado. With the Krakatoa V Heavy Cargo Launch Vehicle not yet ready, the K-HAB was launched on a Kolossus-122 definitely not a Titan IV Solids burn out and separate at about 40-50 kilometers. The upper stage pushes it into parking orbit, shortly before beginning the TMI burn. A few days later, the K-HAB arrived in a low Munar orbit. So, the K-HAB is essentially a mini space station on its own. It can technically support Munar landings, but that's for later. Now that the K-HAB's in position, the next step is installing the APB (Avionics and Propulsion Block). (Bonus development photos!) Jeb & Co. take the prototype Munar Terrain Vehicle for a little Sunday drive. (The rear half/trailer is detachable) (Sorry that this chapter is short and a little dry, I kind of rushed it because I didn't get it out on Wednesday.) See you next time.
  18. I’ll probably go with checkered white, it looks similar to Krakatoa 1. Thanks guys.
  19. A query for you all: For The Big Boy™ (Krakatoa 5), should I paint it black and white, Saturn-style, or should I use bare, SLS-style orange foam? Reply with your opinion.
  20. While we await the results of the Totally Free and Democratic Poll™ with bated breath, it's time to talk about the crew vehicle. I didn't want to go with a typical capsule, and I wanted to do something with the Hitchhiker, so I decided to make this interesting cylindrical design. I've named it "Hyperion", and it's capable of transporting four kerbals to the Mun and beyond. You'll notice just at first glance the similarities between it and the Kerbal Landing System. Now, I originally had plans for a monolithic liquid fuel rocket to launch this sucker, but it looked really bad and boring, so I instead decided to go for... Death Corndog: Requiem Four Kickbacks strapped together to form what is no doubt the most terrifying and unsafe launch vehicle in history. It has the working title of Krakatoa 1, and I would not want to be alone in a room with it. Also I was too lazy to bind the abort tower on the first launch so good luck! So, once I had finished this heinous affront to god safe and reliable launch vehicle, Death Corndog Krakatoa 1 took to the skies with a Hyperion on top to put them both through their paces. Herakles 1: Hyperion/Krakatoa 1 Unmanned Orbital Flight Test Miraculously, the launch vehicle performed perfectly, and Hyperion ended up in a nice stable orbit. After verifying that everything was fine, the spacecraft began boosting into a highly elliptical orbit, almost out to the Mun, to test reentry from that distance. A few hours later, the spacecraft underwent its trial by fire, and totally passed with flying colors. The author made a boo-boo and aerobraked way too low so the crew module burned up No pictures were taken of the splashdown, but the craft was recovered safely off the coast of the Western Crater. An image of Hyperion during reentry. Note the complete lack of a crew module due to it being metal rain over half the continent the unusual shapes formed by the airflow. That's all for today, see you next time!
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