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  1. I'm excited for KSP2 because it's the closest experience I'll ever have to visit another planet, to mine asteroids, to see the starlight dawn over an alien horizon
  2. Who's cutting onions in here? I almost don't want this train to stop. Last minute release delay anyone? I'll fly a starship across the universe divine, and when I reach the other side, I'll find a place to build a KSC with you guys if I can
  3. I think the results of this poll will be skewed towards higher-end PCs, compared to what we see from Steam surveys - If I remember correctly only like 30% of Steam users would meet the minimum requirements. If we look to the next 5 years though, these requirements won't be as demanding, and I expect optimisation throughout the EA period. It's just a shame so many players are excluded at this stage.
  4. Upon closer inspection it appears to be made of loafers.. blocky yes.
  5. Some things I hadn't known, or forgotten about: Ice falling off fuel tanks during launch Countdown to launch (skippable) Axial tilt of celestial bodies (nice) Kerbals are not afraid to break the law (nukes in space breaking partial test ban treaty of 1963) Spring 2020 release date (sorry it's funny to include irrelevant bullet points to me)
  6. My favourite planet's looking goood, thic, solid, tight. Can't wait to introduce myself
  7. I can now see why these Mk2 pieces exist, they're optimally placed within wing structures: This aircraft design would have been SO fiddly in KSP1, I'm really excited to make some wacky designs!
  8. Waiting for KSP2 has almost become some kind of religion for me, I don't know how I'll cope with the challenges of life without having this to look forward to
  9. I want to see some floaty things at this point, there's a dock in some of the videos we've seen of the KSC. It would be great to have boat parts confirmed.
  10. That's depressing, the source I've been following without question has been shaving time off https://howlongagogo.com/date/2023/february/24
  11. 666 hours to go... Not going to Ma.. Duna on my first trip that's for sure, you guys can check it out and let me know
  12. Just gonna leave this here. Thank you for the video @ShadowZone
  13. For 3+ years I've been appreciating real life sunsets and looking forward to getting to a nice vantage point on Kerbin or Laythe and watching an orange coloured sky with pink clouds during sunset... It's not asking much for a triple A game to include sunset/sunrise lighting in my opinion. The more I see the more my expectations are being tempered (diplomatic language).
  14. Entropian has just uploaded a video tribute to KSP1, possibly the last for that game. It's a masterpiece. I can only hope KSP2 will one day capture this level of awe and majesty as we explore the stars..
  15. To be fair the original KSP devs had a strong intention to add more details regarding the precursor species into the game but never got round to it for whatever reason. Their homeworld was transported somehow to the FAR outer edge of the Kerbol system and their cities froze, but before they went extinct they left monoliths to seed intelligent life... And we got Kerbals. I guessed it was a celestial map but now I'm joining the bandwagon of it depicting Kerbol's system, and that the final reveal will be the location of the precursor homeworld.
  16. Those lights, to me, look like a lot like depictions of solar systems.. Also my interpretation of the famous pixel image decoded from the sound at the end of these episodes has always pointed towards 12 (if I remember correctly) star systems being in KSP2.
  17. That's interesting, but to be honest I'd prefer a tidally locked planet to a large impact scar.. either way I'm excited for more unique places to explore
  18. I more or less stopped playing KSP1 three years ago when we learned KSP2 was in development. Once I knew the sequel was on the way it felt somewhat pointless to play KSP1. I have briefly flown some planes around KSC for fun every 6-12 months but that's it really. Reading content about KSP2 has taken over my 'fix' for space / Kerbal stuff. Bear in mind this mindset developed with the anticipation that we'd be getting the game... earlier than now. I also have this problem with Kenshi, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, GTA etc. I know the sequels are coming so lose motivation to play something which will relatively soon be obsolete. I've been thinking about KSP2 every day since announcement. It will be the closest thing I'll get to visiting another planet or star system.
  19. I don't want to be that guy but 5 seconds into the video we see the Kerbal's head bobbing through the cockpit glass The contrails look amazing, the KSC looks vast and interesting, I can't wait to try this manoeuvre with progressively larger and larger planes until..
  20. They also released promotional material which showed Duna with ice caps on the equator, and said they did it for cinematic purposes. I'd say an eye-ball planet is strong enough evidence that Puff is tidally locked, and that any 'discrepancies' will be fixed
  21. If the multiplayer is expansive as I'm starting to believe, then this might happen organically, online at least
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