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  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! is there a confirmed release date for this update?
  2. I found it a bit annoying and not very useful
  3. I find it hard to believe that 1000 people could fit in one starship!
  4. I ended up doing a wave rider and got over 5000 metres per second! Below are some screenshots of the craft and it's speed
  5. Thanks. That will help me a lot next time
  6. Are there any improvements I could do to this to make it better?
  7. And does anyone know if there is a possible launch date for sn20?
  8. Ok. It would be cool if they could make a spacex museum and put all successful prototypes in there for the public to see
  9. I have one more question: Does the return capsule have to land or can I save weight by having no parachute and using the kerbal’s personal ones?
  10. And can you use the insane thrust Kal controller cheat?
  11. Are you allowed to eject? I am planning on sacrificing the aircraft to save the kerbal
  12. I have that mod but it would be nice knowing that clouds were a part of the stock game so that I didn’t have to worry about mods glitching or not working
  13. Would it just seem lazy if I went to the mun or should I try to go further? Also can you do multiple small rocket launches then dock them together in orbit to give the delta v for Duna? I will definitely participate in this though
  14. This was very interesting to read and watch and I would love to see more like this
  15. Are you allowed to use better time warp to speed up the mission and do you get extra points if you do more science? Please answer I really need to know
  16. I love the look of this but from orbit it just looks the same really also please can you do an update with clouds?
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