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  1. The TWR of the Saturn V was 1.59, if numbers from Wikipedia are correct.
  2. Same thing happened to me on Gilly after planting a flag in that impact crater with the objective.
  3. Is there any symbolic meaning for the vertical lines behind 3 of the planets?
  4. Maybe it has something to do with mission time versus actual time. Since what time it is in the simulation is very important to this game, could it be confused and think it's in a different time frame? This could be a consequence of multiplayer maybe needing to have different frames of reference for what time it is and where planet SOIs would be at that given time. When this happened to my duna-ike mission, re-docking my lander after the duna ascent caused the mission timer to reset and give me some kind of "vessel launched" pop-up. Re-setting the timer would make the game think it's on the wrong side of the kerbolar system when I tried to burn back to Kerbin.
  5. I thought I was able to prevent the warping of the orbit by manually deactivating the engine, but now I can't reproduce the bug. Maybe it's because I restarted. It seems to be luck of the draw if you experience this particular bug every time you load the game. Hope it is reproduceable enough for them to learn from it and address it. Looking forward to patch 2!
  6. It's nuts, trying to burn back to kerbin resulted in going further out into the kerbolar system instead of toward the center. I knew something was wrong when my maneuver node was on the dark side of Duna instead of on the sunny side. An encounter with Kerbin instantly morphed into going out past Dres's orbit.
  7. I undock my lander, apply retrograde thrust to initiate landing, time warp a bit, and before I even enter the Duna atmosphere I get a warning message about the mothership being on a collision course with the ground. Its AP is really high and the PE is not visible, almost like it has been thrusting radial out. The delta V of the mothership has not changed, so the engine did not somehow burn. It always happens in vessel view but never (so far) while in map view. It does not matter which docking port is used to initiate undocking.
  8. I was able to get to 100,000x warp by having my entire orbit be above 570km. Kind of annoying to have to do that, though!
  9. I don't think its a 2-engineer problem, the green checkmark appears whenever I'm controlling a craft with an engineer, including while on EVA. This looks like it's a known bug, hopefully 1.12 will fix it. Alt-F12 saved the day!
  10. I have a contract to attach a Z-400 battery to a satellite while having an engineer on board my craft. I grabbed the satellite with the grabber jr. on my spaceplane, sent my engineer to EVA and attached the battery to the craft. The engineer fired his laser at it, and nothing else happened. Did not get the credit for attaching the part to the satellite. Engineer got back into the spaceplane, still nothing, let go of the satellite with the grabber, still no credit. Same thing happens even if I attach the battery without grabbing the satellite first. Am I doing something wrong? Here's a link to the image: https://imgur.com/a/NeCjcU7
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