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  1. dam I got big KSP youtubers and modders talking in my thread
  2. This is a follow up on my post suggesting a mod turning KSP into a horror game. In that post I linked some videos from the youtube analogue horror series; Gemini Home Entertainment in the first video linked a space probe similar to Voyager called Crusader 5 visits the planets Jupiter Saturn and Neptune and as it passes it each planet it encounters strange objects such as moons sighted once and never seen again and moons of Jupiter and Uranus that don't even exist. I'm not gonna spoil the final planet encountered go watch the video yourself and go watch the entire series because it is a great series and its still going. Anyway I don't know how to mod but I thought somebody could take the planets and moons from GHE and "kerbalize" them. it would be compatible with OPM obviously because there are moons of Saturn and Uranus. They could be situated on the outer edges of their planetary systems maybe in elliptical inclined orbits just to make them more creepy. The final planet would make strange things happen to your game, this creepy planet has its own moons you could land on. Maybe add a custom moon not from any of the videos just for fun maybe another creepy moon for Neptune. Thanks.
  3. Well I guess i'll add another planned mission to the list of things I wanna do in KSP 2
  4. So there is that big gas giant planet with rings in KSP 2 and I thought it would be great challenge for there to be ring particles if you get close to the rings and you can hit them and it would destroy your ship or maybe if you slowed down enough you could grab one of them with the claw arm and literally steal a piece of the rings. there would be different size ring pieces depending on the thickness of the ring area they are in and some of the rings are different colors so the ring particles would correspond with the color of the ring they are located in. Thanks for reading my suggestion!
  5. Didymos' moon is getting all the attention because the goal is to ram into it but everyone forgot about its parent which is counted as a planet in KSP so why not send some landers and Kerbals over there? Challenge is to go to asteroid Didymos and set up a base/colony on it maybe when your done deorbit the moon and watch the world end from your base. Have fun
  6. I have never modded before I've had some big ideas but I wanna star small theres a great channel called Electronic Gems that has some really good music I think could fit into KSP and they aren't copyright so I'm good but how do I start?
  7. If you guys like analog horror there is a youtube channel called Gemini Home Entertainment. In one the videos called "Our solar system" it seems like a normal documentary until there is this creepy planet called "The Iris" and it is "alive." The video also says Neptune has been "Mutated." There is another video called "crusader probe mission" the space probe is called "Crusader 5" and it looks like a Voyager probe again it flies by Jupiter and photographs the moons until it reaches Saturn and shows a moon called "Chiron" irl in the 1860s astronomers claimed to have spotted a moon of Saturn and called it Chiron and never saw it again. The space probe skips flying by Uranus and Neptune flyby goes normal until it sends back creepy photographs of moons of the gas giants that never existed being warped together and an asteroid that looks like flesh and then there is the planet "Iris" and if flies inside the planet and it appears to be a living organism. I thought wow this would be a great KSP mod make a fun space simulator into a creepy analogue horror game. Basically it could be in RSS or in OPM and it would be past Neidon/Neptune and creepy things would happen to your spacecraft when you approach the planet and you can visit those strange moons. Maybe also add the moon Chiron to Sarnus/Saturn as a bonus. If somebody develops this mod I would be happy to reenact the Crusader 5 mission. Thank you. Crusader 5 video link: Forgot to include our solar system video
  8. I've done some joke missions where I put some really offensive flags on the mun it was really funny but I ain't gonna post it bc I'll get banned.
  9. OPM feels like a required addition to KSP 2. Same for Galaxies Unbound and Minor Planets Expansion.
  10. Jeb is stuck in LKO on a rocket I let my little brother make (not a good idea)
  11. There simple objective: Go to the sun and go as close as you can without any part on your craft being destroyed. Screenshot your closest approach to the sun without blowing up and post it here. Send a probe close to the sun = Grilling expert Send a Kerbal close to the sun = Bacon Expert Send a SPACE STATION close to the sun = Cooking enthusiast (only counts as space station if it has docking ports) Return to Kerbin after doing any of the previously stated = Grilling Master (Must not return the space station to Kerbin must send a crew to station and then return the crew)
  12. Tested a Laythe lander. Pitched out of control on launch test. Killed myself
  13. So I have sent crews to Jool 2 times. 1 for a simple orbit and flybys of the moons and a second one to land on Vall. Both were launched on a single rocket but now I'm setting my sights on Laythe and I've been having a really hard time designing a rocket that isn't too heavy and I won't have enough Delta V to transfer back to Kerbin. So I'm asking if it is more realistic and easy to assemble a spacecraft in orbit but I am worried because of my Kraken encounters while building space stations and it's gonna be 10 times worse when I'm trying to move a large wobbly craft across very big distances.
  14. Actually I just thought of it. Earth has ice ages because of its axial tilt and kerbin has 0 axial tilt. So it would be impossible for Kerbin to have an ice age because of its tilt but maybe Kerbin is just in a period where it is upright and the influence of Jool will pull it back into a tilted position and start an ice age. A topic talking about the influence of Jool on the other planets would be pretty interesting.
  15. I'm wondering what people imagine Kerbin would have looked like in an ice age and what its continents may have looked like in the past.
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