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  1. The KSP movie is on hold rn, I'm rn in a music phase. So please wait for a while.
  2. I HAVE'NT RECORDED YET! I keep procrastinating school made me procrastinate, thanks school :\
  3. hello, yesterday the filming was interrupted by a smell that annoyed me. it will be delayed to 8/30/21 stay tuned for more updates
  4. wait... it posted to here. how did it post in here? oh, this was an accident, I pressed Start New Topic thinking it will to post a new post on my account. it didn't. it posted here instead i should have done it on my post. :\
  5. I'm making a ksp movie! soon it will be done!
  6. this is one of the mods I can't live with out. rating 10/10
  7. this mod helped me a lot with designing space stations. glad you made this mod.
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