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  1. this is an interesting mod, but for some reason it does not work on my version of ksp 1.12.5. it gives a fatal error. here is my gamedata
  2. Thank you. Putting this huge powder tank into orbit was a really difficult task. The first launch of Betelgeuse-Volcano was an exact replica of the first starship flight. It took me about 12 launches to find and fix problems. Most of the problems were due to the shift in the center of mass, but with the help of additional fuel tanks installed opposite the shuttle, I managed to get rid of the problems of shifting the center of mass. There was also a problem that the main tank ran out of fuel faster than the boosters. But when I solved all the problems, I was able to share these breathtaking screenshots with you
  3. thank you. I use super-heavy rockets to launch multiple models at the same time without docking. They are already connected together. this allows you to reduce the number of details (but that still doesn't rule out some problems)
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