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  1. quick question, for the test pilot mission 1, do we just have to have one shuttle design tested in the atmosphere? Does that design have to be used on other missions? also, can this be in ksp 1 or 2?
  2. Based on my experience, only biome-specific experiments will get interrupted when flying over a new biome. This seems intentional as it means that you can't do the same experiment at very high altitudes, but instead, you have to be flying over the same biome long enough for the experiment to complete. I would assume the developers reasoning behind this is that they wanted to make collecting science more gameplay-centric, and forcing you to stay over one biome to collect science would be one way to do that.t
  3. I am greatly enjoying 0.2, but when do you think colonies will be added? My estimation would be end of summer next year based off how long it took them to release 0.2
  4. Update:I have found 4 planes,and 3 rockets with various payloads.I’m the process of restoring and testing these craft
  5. Good luck, I promise I will not ask when chapter 56 is coming
  6. Yea My hope is that people who had downloaded his craft could post them here as a sort of community repository for raptor9 craft I will have to check, but I think I have one or two of his planes in my downloads folder somewhere
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