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  1. Acceleration over time would slow down, right? Lasers get less powerful the further they are away. Or only in atmospheres (cos of diffraction, refraction, ect).
  2. Based of Wikipedia OFT-1 Milestones Passed 7/21 Passed 3/21 Semi-Passed OFT-2 Milestones 11/22 Passed (The new one is Water Deluge) 1/22 Partial For OFT-3, There is probably a good chance that all systems will work. Their main problem seems to be fuel leaks, and after 3 OFT they will probably have all under control. After all, these flights are to gather data, the Milestones are just bonus points
  3. So do I, might even land on my birthday (late december). Or a Christmas Miracle. Have the authorities paused SX's ability to launch or can they go again as soon as they can.
  4. I appreciate the increases in FPS May it continue and bring prosperity to KSP 2
  5. I don't think this has been done yet, so I might as well. A List of all sciencey-looking instruments in KSP 2 so far (Credit: Matt Lowne ). Names are not confirmed, so I'll name them by either their look or action. Science Jr - Appears to be flatter (See 7:39 for more) Mystery Goo Robotic Surface Sampler Science Lab, With a Plant Experiment Bay. Whether this is integrated or modular remains to be seen Camera (8:25) Magnetometer with a whole bunch of other antennae (8:52) Also at 8:52, a Diving Bell?? Unsure of purpose Radiation Survey Experiment (8:54) At 9:02, we see a funny-looking nose cone and an XS bay sort of thing. Could possibly be a thermometer/barometer made to look cooler, or something else entirely. Also a SM grey box. Completely confused about the purpose.
  6. How has this thread gone from AI to whether very knives are swords??? Anyway i don't fear AI because I don't think it will ever get the opportunity to take over the world, but maybe become sort of conscious in the next 5-8 years if the current level of spending remains the same
  7. Thats part of a senior students job description
  8. The Subnautica theme starts playing... It did look like it was disintegrating though, at 0:09 there is some dirt coming of the island by the looks of it
  9. How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler anybody?
  10. That sounds like insider knowledge... I know nothing about stocks, don't quote me on that
  11. My Mother just got taken to hospital, after developing a rather curious rash. She had been sick with flu/cold-like symptoms for 4 days, so slightly longer than usual in my family, but when I returned from my evening run, she had a massive red/purple patch on her back. It looked like internal skin bleeding (If a such thing exists), and so my Father whisked her off to the hospital. Nurses haven't seen anything like it, 1 doctor has a hunch that it is Thrombocytopenia. Getting a chest x-ray pretty soon, probably just to check for any mysterious growths to rule them out. It's like 10:30 at night right now, so I won't hear anything for another 8 hours. Will update if news comes through
  12. So like ATAPTCRHESHSAMFSGATM-VT tank rounds for an M1A2 SEPv4
  13. Floor 4283 A humanoid, peanut-shaped concrete statue in the corner.
  14. I guess it's not much in light of recent events of this thread, but 3 days short of our 1 year anniversary, my girlfriend and I broke up. It wasn't cold or anything, and we've agreed to keep speaking (we're high school students, Y12, don't judge), but it just hurts. We never really had much time to see each other outside of school, and so it seems it was due to this and her deciding that she wasn't really ready for a relationship apparently.
  15. For our school camp, 7 of my mates brought these exact dino costumes for the dance night Imagine the faces of the teachers when 7 out of control students come running down the hallway making nosies It was amazing. Well welcome back. And what is it that you remember?
  16. My deepest condolences I have not lost any of my immediate family members, so I can not imagine the amount of grief you are suffering under, but I can imagine that saying a lot would be a gross understatement.
  17. I have this graph y= 20 sin (t) t = 1/sqrt(x) Over time it increases the period of the graph. However, as x approaches 0, the period exponentially gets smaller, becoming a fat blob on desmos. The question is, how do I move it along the x-axis so that the denser blob is in the negatives? EDIT: Not even 5 mins, I figure it out. You shift the square root so it CAN equal a negative (something like sqrt(x)+10. Its like moving any graph... Cant believe I didn't think of this earlier
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