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  1. Can someone tell me how to let the IR taregting camera lock(with the "IR" on the screen instead of the "NO IR")a further object ? Now I can only increase its zoom multiplier and the locking distance at which the display "NO IR" is displayed, but I hope that it will be able to guide SALH missiles at a distance of at least 20km.
  2. Hi there. Can someone tell me how to send the "solar thermal power mirror receiver" to the orbit without debugging or something? This bigass is 77 m× 27 m× 27 m in size! Almost bigger than the VAB!
  3. Hi there. It's an excellent mod. Will you back to finish it?
  4. There is a problem that the fairings are very fragile. It always breaks off when my rocket reaches a certain speed for gravity turning, and I still haven't found a way to reinforce it, even the KJR . So are there any ways to solve this ?
  5. Just try to build a heavy cargo plane to deliver and assemble a research station to the South Pole of kerbin!
  6. Sorry for interrupting. 20 hours ago when I tried to download this mod using CKAN, it reported a 503 error (The server did not send anything). I also tried the spacedock and it said the page was unvailable. So I left this comment. Two hours I downloaded the mod successfully but I forgot to delete it. It seems to be a mysterious website crash but who cares? Sorry again for interrupting.
  7. At that time instead of facing this problem, I also got some serious errors that could easily crash my game. So I re-download the game and install the mods I need one by one using CKAN. Now I'm using the newest version of BDA+ so it seems that you DO need to check the version and clean up your Gamedata folder. By the way, it sounds like the torpedos can only be activated and guided by the sonar pod.
  8. I'm always trying to create armored vehicles or tanks that exist in the real world in the game,like M1A2, T90, ZTZ99A, LAV-AD and so on. In order to achieve functions such as optical lock and mouse pointing shooting, I added BDA mod and some BDA expansion packs such as FoxDefense and KBF to the game.Then I got a question: Despite the primary weapons like tank gun, many armored vehicles also have secondary weapons like the coax and the weapon station on its turrent. Unlike reality, in the game I always can't attach the parts I need to the turrent parts. Even though some mods allow me to attach parts on turret parts, it won't rotate with the turret. So I want to ask if there is a solution or is there any weapon mods of KSP1 that allow you to attach parts directly to the turret and make them rotate with the turret? Damn it. Looks like I have quite a lot grammatical errors
  9. 作者你好! 1.我在检查本地化文本时发现有大量没有出现在部件列表和游戏里的部件描述,请问你将来有添加它们的计划吗? 2.我在你的部件的基础上修改.cfg文件创造了一种新的导弹,但无论我如何修改,它的名字都被改成了一个神秘的“红箭-7反坦克导弹”,出了什么问题? 3.模组中的LAD-X布撒器似乎完全无法使用(没有被BDA+的武器管理器识别) Hello author! 1. When I checked the localization text, I found that there are a lot of parts descriptions that point to the parts which do not appear in the parts list and game, do you have any plans to add them in the future? 2. I modified the .cfg to create a new missile, but no matter how I modified it, its name was changed to a mysterious "Red Arrow-7 anti-tank missile", what went wrong? 3. The LAD-X spreader in the module seems to be completely unusable (not recognized by BDA+'s weapon manager)
  10. I have the same question and it disappeared after I reloaded my mods and restarted the game. Maybe a weird bug.
  11. First of all I want to apologize because I'm just a green hand for KSP (I've just play it for 1 year). If I just say something offensive, please forgive me . Then, I want to know what happend to the user"SpannerMonkey" and the mods he made. I've heard a lot about the mods made by him, like the SM Armory、SM Marine、FSV and so on. They were really cool. But I can't find any way to get them, they were just missing from the github/spacedock/CKAN. I heard that the auther deleted them thoroughly and would never be back. Meanwhile the auther"SpannerMonkey" had not been online since 2021. Can someone in the know tell me what happened?
  12. Is there a way to make the parts mounted on the turret rotate with the turret? Or is it a bug?
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